Super New Moon Ritual – April 7, 2016

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“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”
~ Anaïs Nin


It’s a New Moon! And not only that, it’s a supermoon, where the moon is at its closest position to earth during its natural orbit.

This is the New Moon in Aries, also known as the Infant’s Moon. All new moons encourage fresh starts and new beginnings, but this New Moon in Aries also challenges us to be brave enough to create beginnings in areas where we have long been paralysed by fear.

There is an energy of shift and clarity in the air. We are beginning to understand that it’s now or never. If we don’t take steps to do or embrace or become the thing that is calling to us, life will pass us by and we will end up holding only regret in our hands.

No-one is going to make us. We rise from dust and go back to dust and anything else that happens is mostly going to be from our own making. Which is a scary amount of responsibility, because it means we need to take action. (Even allowing for synchronicity and miracles!)

The current moon is encouraging us to be bold, and to make a start with something that truly calls to us.

Don’t worry. If you are so bogged down by life that you have lost your inner sense of direction the Aries New Moon will gently open you to ideas and possibilities better in harmony with your authentic self.

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Simple New Moon Ritual

Everything is created first in the zero-point field, that place of potent emptiness that resides as the spaces between the fabric of existence.  The New Moon is potently linked to this space of possibility, where our thoughts and intents begin to shape matter itself into our new reality.

I’ve created a simple guided meditation and a ritual to help anchor your intentions using the transformational forces of the moon as she moves from this place of darkness back into light. It’s symbolic of the journey we take from nothingness to thought-form and finally to manifested reality. It will help with manifesting opportunity and abundance.

What you’ll need:

  • Paper and pen
  • A glass of water
  • Two small tumbled crystals of your choice
  • A shiny coin (you can use a couple if you like!)


The first part of the New Moon ritual can be done at any time during the day, or you may choose to do this just before the ceremony.  Sit in reflection, and then write down what you want to have, create or do, especially those things where you have previously been blocked by fear or insecurity.

Words that can be useful to help strengthen that state of creating or manifesting include the action words: claim, invoke, manifest, intend, believe, draw to me, welcome into my life, create, become, do, transform, embrace, love, adore, cherish, make, construct, transform.

Be as broad or specific as feels right for you.

Here are some examples:

  • I welcome to me new opportunities in the workplace.  I find employment that best utilises my talents and that pays me handsomely for my efforts.
  • I draw to me a new and loving relationship – a soul mate to love and to cherish, a union for our Highest Good.
  • I embrace my ability as a writer, and I now create published novels that inspire and delight.
  • I love these positive changes and new ideas that are returning me to full health.  I attract to me the best people, products and knowledge to transform me in joyful and lasting ways.
  • I transform my relationship into one of closeness, intimacy and trust.
  • I am ready to embrace my life purpose as a healer with my own business, helping people to understand and embrace healthy eating, and food as medicine.  I will earn at least $2000 per week, and work hours that allow me to be with my children before and after school.  I will create multiple streams of income from seminars, e-books and speaking engagements as well as face-to-face appointments.

When you have finished expressing what you wish to create keep your list handy – ready for the second part of this ceremony.

On April 7 (tonight, for most of us!) step into the night.  Ensure that you have your list, your crystals and glass of water and your shiny coin/coins.  Allow yourself to become calm and centered.

Ideally set aside a minimum of fifteen minutes, but for those of you who enjoy meditation and reflection allow up to one hour.

If the weather permits, do this healing ceremony outside, once the moon has risen. Do not consume alcohol or recreational drugs prior to this process. If the weather or your situation doesn’t permit working outside, you can work beside a window that allows you to see the moon and feel her energy. Even if it is raining or the sky is obscured by cloud, know that the moon’s energy will still reach you.

Image by Bruno Dayan
Image by Bruno Dayan

Place your glass of water where it can absorb the energy of the moon. And put your crystals and coins where you can access them easily.  Sit or stand quietly and raise your hands above your head.  Draw the energy of the moon down around you like a dark and comforting cape, wrapping it around your body.  Then allow the energy of possibility to fill you up, feeling your body becoming relaxed and peaceful.  Say:

I am grateful for everything.

Let these words really resonate within you.  Stand or sit in communion with the Moon, letting her energy fill you with grace and healing.  Allow yourself to honour your emotions, and know that whatever you feel is necessary right now.

When you are ready hold up a crystal in each hand.  Allow yourself to become filled with hope and anticipation. Say:

I open myself to the potential within me. That which I have written I now desire to be made manifest in my life. I recognise that I am a force for Good in this world and that it is my natural energy to create, to enhance and to multiply.  I claim all of my hopes and desires, made real. I claim abundance of all Good Things.

Now stand or sit in meditation, feeling the energy of the moon, the cosmos and the Universe pouring into your body and magnifying in each of the crystals.  Draw your hands down to your chest and hold them in front of your heart, cradling your stones.

Visualise your list of intentions being absorbed into the fabric of the Universe, as a set of instructions for your life.  Open yourself to any visions, words, ideas or messages that come to you.  You may wish to journal these later so that you don’t forget them.

To conclude your ceremony place your crystals on the ground beside you, lift your arms up to the moon again, and then draw her energy down into your heart, finishing by drawing your hands together, as if in prayer, in line with your heart.  Bow your head, and say

Thank you for these rich Blessings.


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If you feel moved to say anything else, you may do so now. Trust in yourself and in your own intuitive abilities.

When you are ready to choose one crystal as a personal Abundance Stone. You can carry this in your pocket, put it beside your bed, or hold it in meditation.

Place the other stone with the shiny coin/coins and say

I now manifest abundance in my life.  Money and opportunity comes to me with ease and flow. My wealth is multiplied from many directions and in many ways.

Leave the crystal with your money in a bowl or on top of a windowsill to charge up for a full twenty-four hours.  Then you can put the stone with a bowl full of change to energise more of your money, and place the charged up coin/s in your wallet, bank account or savings jar to attract more money to it.

Finally, take your glass of water.  Say

I honour the change that is now coming to pass in my life. I welcome this new energy of flow and abundance.  

Then drink the glass of water.

You may want to sit or lie quietly now to integrate this new energy.

Bless ♥ xx


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12 thoughts on “Super New Moon Ritual – April 7, 2016

  1. With life’s responsibilities and adventures, I did not see this post until today. Can this ceremony still be performed within a few days of the moons new rising?

  2. Tiptoeing around the garden at 10pm so as not to spook the neighbours or set my dog off, I was mindful of a quote from the movie the Life of Brian – “Wise men? Well what are you doing creeping around a cow shed at two o’clock in the morning? That doesn’t sound very wise to me!”
    But seriously, thankyou Nicole for this wonderful ritual.

  3. The word “brave” has been with me this week-motivating me in a very real, genuine way…but it’s feeling like an important one that I’ll take with me far beyond now. Feeling this shift immensely. Thank you for this, Nicole! <3

  4. Just another wonderful meditation to add to my collection …you are wonderful . Love the passage and flow of your words .

  5. So looking forward to doing this tonight Nicole. You are helping me with a very difficult journey and offering a source of safety peace and calm. Thank you

  6. I have forgot what I was going to say, because had to rush out and get the clothes off the line as it has started to rain. Anyway I was here I liked the post as I generally do and I am glad I came over for a visit even if at the moment I cannot remember what I wanted to say in way of comment but I can assure you it was more interesting then this dribble

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