Asking for a Sign

Eye of God – NASA’s image of the Helix Nebula

Have you ever wondered if there’s anyone listening? To your prayers, your meditations, your calls for help or inspiration…

Did you know that you can ask for a sign?

This is not a technique to be misused, but rather something to be done with serious intent – an action that calls for a response, an action that calls for something tangible that you will recognise when it appears in your world.

Here are some things that you can try:

Ask for your Guide to appear as an animal or some other living thing, some sort of motif that you will associate with them and with their presence.

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Ask to see a specific image or thing, as acknowledgement of a question, or in answer to it.  Perhaps you are driving and you ask to see a red Kombi van if the answer is yes.  Or you ask to see a particular type of bird or something else you’ll recognise as that sign…

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Ask, and then expect an answer.  Perhaps the answer will be a message on a  billboard, a line from a book, a voice on the radio, the words in a song.  The message will stand out for you somehow, and have a special meaning just for you.

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Angels are often associated with white feathers.  Guides are often associated with other coloured or patterned feathers.  I have found feathers during some of the most difficult times in my life, and have felt reassured by them showing up for me.

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When I sense my Great Aunt’s presence I smell roses.  When my Grandmother is near, I smell or even see gardenias.  A friend smells tobacco smoke when her father is with her.  Sometimes loved ones will create a breeze where there was none, stop or start a clock, or move something.  Whatever they do will make sense to you, based on your relationship with them.

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Sometimes God creates magnificent signs, for no reason other than to help us remember the love and miracles in our world…

Rainbow image by Ookami Kouu

And sometimes it’s well-meaning friends who help us know what’s in store for us on the road in life…

AP Photo – Image by Chris Nakashima_Brown

When the road ahead is uncertain, when you need to know you’re supported, when you are looking for answers – it’s okay to ask for a sign.  But do it once, and trust what you get!

♥ And here’s MY sign for you today (Okay, maybe there’s 3…):

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Image from candyprincess4 at
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36 thoughts on “Asking for a Sign

  1. So grateful for this post. I’ve been asking for signs for the past few months about a matter very close to my heart…and I’ve gotten one confirmation after the other, yet somehow I always manage to wonder if it’s all a coincidence and/or I’m losing my mind. Thank you for the reminder to trust.

  2. This is most interesting, I must try it. I like the feathers thing, I’ve never thought of finding feathers as meaning something, but when I see them they do attract my attention. I really like the idea of asking for a sign in the form of an animal, because such sightings lift the spirits even if you haven’t asked for them. Incidentally, I don’t mention this enough, but you write beautifully. I would like to read your fairy book when it’s out.

  3. When I see bluebirds, I am reminded of God’s love for me. I think of them as a special sign to me to trust Him, to be happy, to remember that everything will be okay.
    Bluebirds bring a particular mix of serenity and joy to me.
    This is a lovely post.

  4. I agree about the humor. I asked for a sign of an iris, years ago, as confirmation about a decision. I looked for flowers all day. That evening, the TV played in the background as I did something else. At one moment, I felt compelled to look up at the screen. There, filling the whole picture was an iris — of a blue eye! Not what I expected, but then I didn’t define my terms…..

    1. That’s it, isn’t it? Defining our terms… I love the unexpectedness of your confirmation. And the delightful way you connected with that message. I’m sure the Universe has a great sense of humour. 😀 Bless xx

  5. Thanks for another great post, and what a fun one. Signs are so delightful! I have a collection of white feathers that I would find, reassuring me when I was planning my move halfway across the country. And I am blessed with pennies and dimes in the most interesting of places – those in spirit do have a sense of humor 🙂

  6. thank you for speaking of this with lightheartedness and with a “of course you ask for a sign and receive it” heart. Reading this actually made me realize I had received a sign this week for something that has been perplexing me. Sometimes I don’t notice right away!!

  7. Loved this. I saw a white feather on my walk today. When I need confirmation the other day and cried to the heavens on my walk, a second later a song blasted out from the yard of a house (always no music on my walk, always) and it was the song I needed to hear. Exactly explained where I was at. 🙂 Hugs, Sam

  8. When I was 13 my cockatiel’s cage was knocked down and she escaped. I was devastated. I asked for a sign that she was ok. I specifically asked to see her feathers or her toys or the like. I found her feathers in the backyard some time after, and also part of her bell. I never really believed it at the time (convinced myself it was wishful thinking), but I know now that it was really her saying “I’m ok”. =) <3

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