Road Trip Treasures!

“You can either be a victim of the world or an adventurer in search of treasure. It all depends on how you view your life.” 
~  Paulo Coelho


Late last week Ben and I slipped away from the farm for a few days.

We took a simple road trip into country New South Wales. Just to be together. Just to be on our own.

It’s been a very full year. This time twelve months ago I was preparing for major surgery. And since then there have been family health dramas, constant concern and worry for Ben’s aging mum, and then my latest near-death experience, back in May.

We were more than ready for some processing time, and a little distance between us and our problems.

We were gone for two and a half days. Not long at all. But it felt like weeks.

Here’s the secret of how we stretched time:

  1. We put our phones away and didn’t check our emails, social media or other distractions except to have a quick glance after breakfast and before dinner in case there was an emergency.
  2. We allowed ourselves early nights and plenty of rest.
  3. We kept our days simple and chose easy over ambitious.
  4. We stayed in the moment, engaged with each other and our surroundings.
  5. We held hands, we talked and deeply listened, and we held eye contact with each other and anyone we spoke to.

Those simple choices gave us the gift of replenishment. And if they worked for us I know they’ll work for you.

It was a super trip. Here’s a few of my highlights:

This is Beth, standing in front of the beautiful silk and merino wool shawls and scarves that she makes. Beth reinvented herself as an artist when she turned fifty, after attending a TAFE course in felting. She totally inspired me, and she gives awesome hugs too. (And yes, Ben bought me a gorgeous pink and coral shawl for my birthday!)



On our first night away we went for dinner at a local bowling club that does an all-you-can-eat $16 Chinese buffet on Thursday nights. It was packed with locals, all soaking up the ambiance that only plastic tablecloths, gold-painted honour boards, decorations from last Christmas and a gigantic empty dance floor can give. The food was delicious!

Book stores. You know the ones that are filled to the rafters with rare and old editions, as well as the latest reads? I’d be lying if I told you I didn’t come home with anything. I’ve now got some excellent reference books to research my next project. And I may have come away with one or two eclectic ancient cookbooks as well…

Op shops, second-hand shops, and those lucky dip kind of places where you walk through the door into a glorious clutter of wares old and new. I found some beautifully made old tablecloth and napkin sets at totally bargain prices, as well as a few little plates and bowls for serving tasty treats in. Oh, and some cake forks and a set of Japanese made 1950’s cocktail forks. And a cake tin. All of which will be put to good use here at the farm.

This glorious sewing, quilting and fabric shop fired up my imagination, and we managed to buy a packet of needles. Just the thing for me to dig all the splinters out of Ben’s hands from when he was off chainsawing and hauling timber earlier in the week.

We also enjoyed a quiet pub meal for two, sitting in an ancient dining room beside a roaring log fire on a frosty night. The table was set with real linen and a candle, and as we ate our delicious food we realised that it was the first time we’d had a romantic dinner date in Australia for over ten years!!! (My fault – my health has been crap, and I’m always in bed so early that we usually favour a breakfast outing or an early cafe meal.)

Ben’s already planning our next adventure.

How about you? Do you have a road trip planned or can you recommend one? I’d love to hear about it.

Much love from your rested and refreshed friend, Nicole xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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8 thoughts on “Road Trip Treasures!

  1. So glad you got to get away it makes such a difference . I think you have inspired me to do the same. i go thrifting a lot it really relaxes my mind to find that perfect treasure it has personality and stories to go with each item.

  2. Smilin’ ear to phones off & social media limited is a sure way to reconnect, which allows magic to happen when your in the moment!

    I’ve just been away myself & discovered an amazing national park 10 mins drive from a friends house at the foothills of Brisbane City! Walking slowly, very slowly with my Mother along the bayside promenade also was magical & so precious for us both.

    Then I also cannot lie that I didn’t purchase a couple of clothing items from a fav Op shop to refashion for a proposed holiday later this year

    It’s been rejuvenating & enlightening on more levels than I imagined. Here’s to time off…XO

  3. Hi Nicole

    Tears of joy reading about your road trip. Simplicity and beauty at its finest. It brought back memories and the feelings of what it is like to take of and see where the road takes you.

    It has inspired me to do something with the kids in the Sept holidays – take off with no place in mind and see what adventures we have. Thank you.

    Much love and blessings Nicole xx

  4. Shane and I have both reached burn out point also. 11 weeks ago booked 6 nights in Hervey Bay (our previous home for 3 years) in a little accommodation house on the water front. Not flashy or with all the best of everything but simply a location that can’t be beat, great price and the dearest hosts. We’re going up to chill out, catch up with dear friends, visit the whales and play tourist in our old home town with coffees on the beach, beach walks and time to totally chill out and reconnect. Car being serviced today in readiness……4 weeks to go…but who’s counting. It will be great to meet up with ourselves again without all the distractions that the everyday brings!

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