Easy Fried Plantains Recipe

‘Plantains? Cook ’em up and you can’t go wrong. We’ll tell you how. They go with everything, love.’

Neville Singh

Hello, Lovelies,

You’ll probably know that one of my favourite places on a Friday is the Mullumbimby Farmers Markets, and it was here that I was first convinced to give Plantains a go, thanks to Neville Singh and his wife, who have an amazing variety of bananas at their market stall.

Plantains are a big starchy kind of cooking banana, and when they’re green they are great in curries. But when the plantains get really ripe and the skins are spotted with black they can be fried up to eat as a dessert or as a side to go with just about anything.

In a ripe plantain the sugars caramelise when you fry them, creating a crispy-edged, mouth-wateringly good bite of banana-y goodness.

I cooked this batch up to go with some Tandoori chicken and potatoes, and a coleslaw. It was heavenly. I hope you can track some down and try them out. They’re fantastic!

Oh, and if you’re not in the mood for savoury, serve your fried plantains with some good vanilla ice-cream. I’ll leave the decision up to you!

Much love, Nicole xx


  • ripe plantains (there should be brown spots on the skin – the more the better!)
  • ground cinnamon
  • oil or ghee for frying


Prepare a plate with some kitchen towel for youf fried up plantains as they come off the pan.

Heat your oil or ghee in a heavy bottomed fry pan over high heat. Make sure there is enough fat to properly cover the base of the pan.

While the oil is heating remove the plantain skins and cut them into rounds about an inch to an inch and a half thick.

When the oil is hot carefully lay in your slices of plantain, but don’t crowd the pan – if you have a lot to fry do it in batches.

Sprinkle a little cinnamon over the top.

Fry for about three minutes either side or until fragrant and golden brown.

Place on towel to drain any excess fat.


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4 thoughts on “Easy Fried Plantains Recipe

  1. Sautéed plantains is a staple food here in Costa Rica. We cut them lengthwise. We turn green plantains into patacones, which is on the savory side.

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