How To Clear The Energy of Secondhand Clothes

Ethical fashion is the recognition that there are human beings behind the clothes that we wear.

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Hey, Lovelies!

Have you ever bought secondhand clothes, shoes or accessories? Did you wonder if these items might hold unwanted energies?

One of our community sent me a question yesterday, and suggested I might answer it via my blog if it felt right. This is what she asked me:

A beautiful friend of mine who is dating a great older fellow gave me some clothes (for myself and my daughter) from his late wife. I sound superstitious, but is it ok for her to wear? My daughter doesn’t know, but feels like it has bad vibes. She does like a few things and they were so generous there is literally nearly 100+ pieces. Am I best to donate them instead? I understand if you are too busy to answer. Happy for you to use this question in one of your blogs as it may be a question that comes up for people?

Here are a couple of things to keep in mind when you are thinking about whether secondhand and vintage clothing (or other items) are right for you:

  1. Intention matters. If you choose to believe that buying or receiving used clothing is a positive, sustainable, ethical and fun thing to to then you are automatically transferring these thoughts as energies to the clothes you find. Likewise, if you feel superstitious or uncomfortable about the energies of secondhand clothing you’ll manifest some of that discomfort into the clothes you find. Start by watching your thoughts and internal dialogue and biases. This is going to go a long way towards helping you know if bringing pre-loved outfits into your home is right for you. (Tip – it’s entirely possible to choose new thoughts if your unconscious ones don’t serve you.)
  2. Severing Ownership Disconnects Energies. When people offer their items for sale, or donate them to charity, or give them to you as a gift, they are disconnecting themselves energetically from those items. If someone dies, and another person offers these items then the person offering them is disconnecting that energy. Of course, if you have fond memories of the person to whom that item belonged, your own positive thoughts and memories of them will help to keep that item infused with the feeling of their energy or of your love for them, or their love for you.
  3. It’s possible to cleanse any energies from an item, simply and easily. Choose what you love, wash it or have it dry-cleaned and hang it in the sunshine or fresh air. Know that the washing process cleanses old energies. If you wanted you could also use sound – eg a Tibetan bowl or bell or toning, or you could use smoke from incense or a herb bundle such as sage- to cleanse the clothes too (still wash them – obviously!). Be careful with using smoke around clothes though, as embers can easily fall and burn holes in delicate fabrics. Safety and common sense must prevail.

Choosing and wearing secondhand clothes is a great move towards making fashion more ethical and sustainable. It’s easier on your finances too.

We never truly own ANYTHING. We simply have use of it for a while. Remembering that can also help us to make better choices, and to feel more comfortable about recycling, re-using and repurposing fashion, furniture and other things we need – big or small.

These tips work for new clothes too. Everything absorbs energy, and clothes will have been influenced by the people who made the fabric, sewed the garments, packed, handled, displayed or wore them. Simply washing any clothes BEFORE you wear them helps to cleanse them, ready for their life with you.

Much love, Nicole xx

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5 thoughts on “How To Clear The Energy of Secondhand Clothes

  1. Love this, I’m a huge supporter of recycled or clothing given with love wearing most of my clothing has a story and I have felt loved and supported when wearing items that others have gifted me. When i have been nervous or had to attend something i was not looking forward to I have worn items from my family and friends to help me feel supported and it really made a difference, At a friends funeral service and her previous birthdays we all dressed in her amazing recycled , collected clothing and accessories and it was so lovely to feel her energy and vibe.

  2. Fabulous post, thank you. I especially liked you bringing to our intention the energy with ‘new’ clothes. If anyone is interested there is a most enlightening documentary called ‘The True cost of Fashion’. And YAY to sunshine, natural gentle washing cleaners and our intentions to reuse, recycle & mend. Happy days XOXO

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