The Girl who sees Angels

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“For it is written: He will command his angels concerning you, to guard you carefully.”

~ Luke 4:10

*Note: Names have been changed to protect the identity of those involved

I received an email from a young friend yesterday.  It was a simple note, and this is what it said;

Dear Nicole,

I can still see Angels.  Is there something wrong with me or can you help me? Thank you very much.


I have known Kirsten since she was a baby. Her parents separated when she was six.  David, Kirsten’s father, had suffered from mental illness and alcohol addiction for many years, and her parents were living apart, but still had close contact.

Two years ago, when Kirsten was eight, I supported her family through a very tough time.  David disappeared and no-one could contact him.  His family feared the worst. And their worst fears came true.

Emma, Kirsten’s mum, asked me to sit with her one Friday morning while she broke the news of their father’s death to her young children.  And it was there that I witnessed something extraordinary as I sat with the family in their grief.

Emma was struggling to keep her emotions in check as she sat with her three small girls. She had not yet begun to say anything.  She’d just gathered them together on the lounge.  Kirsten, the oldest, became very calm and placed her hand on her mother’s arm.

“It’s okay, Mumma,” she said.  “Daddy was taken home by his Angels because he wasn’t happy here and he couldn’t get better. Now he can be happy again, and they will take care of him, and he can take care of us.”

What Kirsten said surprised us both.

“How do you know that?” Emma asked her.

“Because first there was one Angel, and then there was two, and then last week there were so many when Dad took us to McDonalds.  They just sat with him, even though he was grumpy and sad the whole time. Then one came and visited me on Tuesday night, and told me Dad had to go home.” (Tuesday was the night this man took his own life, but Emma did not find out until Thursday morning when the police contacted her.)

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Kirsten cried for a moment, and then pulled herself together, hugging her mum and siblings.  Then she said, “Everyone has a time to go, and Daddy was finished here. I will miss him heaps, but I can still love him and he can still love me, and if he is happy now then it’s actually okay, even though that makes us all really sad.”

Kirsten doesn’t come from a family with spiritual beliefs.  If anything, she’s had a faithless upbringing.  Life for her and her family has simply been hard. But she spoke to us with deep conviction. She was absolutely sure of what she’d seen.

Now Kirsten’s ten.  And she’s still seeing Angels. She doesn’t talk about it much, because she worries people will think she’s strange and they won’t believe her.

I understand what that’s like – to know things and to see things that others can’t experience in the same way as you.  So we skyped last night, Kirsten and I, and she finally had a space to talk freely about what she sees and how this affects her.

It was important to me that she felt okay about being sensitive, and about having psychic gifts. I believe her, and I believe in what she’s experiencing. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with her at all.  She’s simply a sensitive soul, with a gift for clear Sight. She sees Angels often. Kirsten told me there are more of them in places like hospitals, and with people who are ‘alone in a lonely way’ as she so beautifully explained it. They come and go, but they are always aware of us, and of how we are feeling. They are filled with kindness and with love for us.  When we need them, they are there, whether we realise it or not.

I find her visions very comforting.  Don’t you?

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20 thoughts on “The Girl who sees Angels

  1. Thank you Nicole for this…I was loosing my faith and in alot of emotional pain that last few months. My life finally started to turn for the better better. Being a single mother that was major milestone for me. However, my father and my childrens only true “father figure” is suffering in the hospital. He is such a good man and helped me tremendously and the doctors have given him a poor prognosis.It is hard to watch him suffer but I still pray for his spirit guides, god and angels to be by his side so I thank you very much for this comforting reminder. I know this pain and our bodies are only temporary and I have felt heaven in my dreams and its pure joy and love that caresses you so lovely that you want to be there. It may be my dads time soon though it will hurt tremendously. He deserves his heaven!!!

  2. I’ve found that parents don’t understand their sensitive kids unless they are sensitive too. That makes it hard for the children to learn how to understand, cope with, and eventually hone their skills and talents so that they may use and control them. Thanks for helping Kristen in a way her mom can’t. I assume you are helping Emma to parent such a child so that Kristen can accept her gift. Parents can undermine their children so easily when they don’t understand what’s going on. I’m glad you’re there o help the whole family.

  3. Nicole, Thank you for sharing this story. This little child has a gift of blessings in so many ways. I do not see but sense and only was aware of this so strongly into my 4th decade. I reflect and know I sensed always but was not aware of what it meant. Let her know there are many many of us who are gifted with these senses to help ourselves, our friends and families and others who cross our paths. I have a strong connection with angelic energy and messages as well as that of unicorns and crystal energies. I guess we all feel odd at first but I am very very happy to be odd as these companions are such a gift to help in this times. Let your little friend know she is indeed special and to relax into herself. She will give us all great meaning. Live and blessings. Jocelyn xxo

    1. I think all of us feel odd at times, and like we don’t fit in, and it’s one of my most abiding missions – to help people know that we have more in common than we realise,and that psychic sensitivity is as natural as other talents and gifts.
      Big hugs and love to you, Jocelyn xx

  4. hello Nicole I am so glad you wrote this blog today as it has gone some way in restoring my faith in that which is greater than ourselves. Lately my spiritual beliefs have been severely challenged watching my mother suffer in her old age. The more I prayed for her wellbeing the more pain seemed to come crashing down on her and I have been very angry at this perceived abandonment by “GOD” not only of my mother but of all people,children and animals that suffer so badly. Our awesomely beautiful world can also be cruel. I guess we just have to suck it up and get on with this journey wherever it takes us but there is comfort in knowing that there will be an Angel waiting at the station for us when we finally arrive isn’t there?


    PS I have also seen an Angel during a cranio sacral therapy class in which I was participating, fully awake and aware I might add but must have been in that liminal space between lives. I found myself wounded and dying at the age of 19 in the trenches of northern France in WW1 and standing at my feet was a huge Angel, not white but greyish in colour as if sullied by the grime, mud and the utter despair of that place. He reached out to take me but I resisted not wanting to die until I felt my hand grabbed very firmly by him and I was heaved over to “the other side” by his tremendous strength.

    1. Thank you for sharing this with us, Elena. I feel for you and what you are going through with your mum. Life can indeed be very hard sometimes, but it is still a precious gift, and I too find comfort in knowing that we are watched over, even as we make decisions and live the unfolding story of our free will.
      Much love to you,
      and I’ll include you and your Mum in my daily healing meditations.
      Nicole xx

  5. makes me sad this is considered strange and feared in our community rather than a beautiful gift to share with others – i’m so glad kirsten can connect with you and feel less alone! sx

  6. I too feel comforted Nicole :))
    I found this to be a very powerful post. What a gift this young girl has, and it is wonderful that she has you as support.
    Big love and hugs to you both! xo

  7. I do feel very comforted. The last few days have been rough for me. Over the last two years I have been hearing a low vibration noise. We live near a train-coupling yard and I thought that maybe it was the train engines that were running 24/7. But now I am wondering if it is the cell phone tower and that I have just become very sensitive to different frequencies. I hear it inside of my home but when I go outside I don’t hear it. I have trouble being in my home and since I work from home sometimes I feel so crazy I can’t stand it. I have to have music on during most of the day just to tolerate the noise. I don’t know what to do about this. I know this doesn’t pertain to angels other than me asking for their help in this matter. I try praying about it. My husband can’t hear what I hear… I am not sure he believes me. Has anyone out there every heard of this or had similar experiences? I have the black tourmaline crystals all around me but there aren’t seeming to help. Any ideas anyone? I would be open to suggestions. Love, Pamela

    1. Hi Pamela,
      I too hear unusual things. I can always hear electrical items humming even when they are ‘turned off’, but electricity is still meeting them. I have always heard high pitches that others don’t hear.
      I have been frustrated in the last several years as I feel that I hear these unusual things, but then I have moments where I struggle to decipher the words people are speaking to me. Aaargh! It can be annoying.
      I feel like you have very sensitive hearing like me and you are hearing things others can’t. Try not too worry, I don’t think there is anything wrong with you. Have patience with yourself if you can.
      Big hugs to you 🙂

    2. Sounds like you could be very sensitive, some folk hear the sounds of the earth,others can tell where earthquakes will happen by the sounds they hear. Because of earth changes and other things many of us are experiencing new phenomena around us. All one needs to do is be in ones heart and send love, first to Gaia the eart; then to father sun- behind our sun – the centre of the universe. Feel their love return to you into your heart and mingle there. Send your love out to everyone and everything. Love is the highest vibration, perfect love casts out fear. There is nothing to be afraid of, everything is perfect. You can think of yourself as being like one of the canaries the miners took with them into the mines to test for poison gas if you like!!! BUT you not gong to die and this is a gift. Just send love LOVE is all you need.x

    3. I had the same thing happen to me in January. I kept hearing this humming frequency noise and my husband couldn’t hear it. It went on for about a week. I’m not sure what it was. It was constant the whole week.

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