Why You Need to Stop Talking And Start Doing!

Image from Rosco Bandana

Image from Rosco Bandana

“They blossomed, they did not talk about blossoming.” 
Dejan StojanovicThe Sun Watches the Sun


I’m guilty of it. I’m sure you’ve been guilty of it too.

We have an idea. For a book. For a business. For a holiday. For a themed party. For something that excites us so much that we just have to talk about it.

We talk, and talk and talk. We are in love with this idea. We preen it and shine it up, and caress it with our words.

Beautiful Idea by Fadli Agung Ismail

Beautiful Idea by Fadli Agung Ismail

Which creates a problem. After a while, to keep talking about a creative idea dilutes the power of that thing.

Eventually it collapses in on itself, and returns to nothingness.


If you took the smallest action to bring your idea into being, life would be breathed into it.

Image from Ripley's

Image from Ripley’s


If you took another action there would be bones.

Image from Jaime Jo Fischer

Image from Jaime Jo Fisher


Another action – heartbeat.

Image from Averia

Image from Averia


More action – wings.

Image from deviantART by Chan

Image from deviantART by Chan


And so it would go until your beautiful idea would fly, and become the thing that was once only thought.

You were given this inspiration for a reason – so that YOU can birth your beautiful idea into being, and share it with the world.

You can do this!


There has been enough talk.

Image from Can Stock Photo Inc, Bellevue

Image from Can Stock Photo Inc, Bellevue

14 thoughts on “Why You Need to Stop Talking And Start Doing!

  1. perfect! reminds me of james clear’s blog on the difference between motion and action – today is the day! tnx sx

  2. Yes…. needed that gentle slap to get the paintbrushes back out…. leaving the house chores and Startin’ the Art! THANKS!

  3. Thank you Nicole. This is exactly what I am going through right now. Yesterday I took the smallest of steps. I’m being brave and I’m quietly excited xox

  4. Aha…. so you have incredible timing Nicole…. it feels like you’ve been gently looking over my shoulder and whispering…. fly…. go on… you can fly. So now you’ve helped me move with the air currents and I’m at the precipice and about to ……..fly! Wish me well…. x

  5. Can I just say Hazel… every day you can do chores ,FOR WHAT ????, they are all back the next day so you can do them all over again . When creativity calls you must answer. Have you not heard the wonderful song by George Harrison ‘Whilst my Guitar Gently Weeps ‘ says it all .
    Thank you Nicole you are a wonderful prodder .

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