3 Ways To Use Water For Emotional Clearing This Week

Water is the Driving Force of All Nature.

Leonardo da Vinci

Hi, Lovelies.

Whenever we do big energetic and emotional work, our body uses water to help that process. So, if water helps, why not ensure you’re mindfully choosing to use water to assist with your healing, clearing and integration.

Here are my favourite 3 ways to use water to facilitate energetic shift.

#1 – Drink it! Our bodies are over 60% water. Staying hydrated helps our cells let go of whatever they have been holding onto energetically. As you drink your water visualise it entering every cell like a wave, rinsing it clean and then carrying the energetic debris with the cell’s waste down to your kidneys so it can be passed in your urine. (Weird intuitive life fact – pay attention to the smell of your urine while you are doing conscious clearing work. Does it smell sharp, electrical, musty? Knowing this will help you recognise the smell in the future if you are going through energetic clearing and healing again.)

#2 – Bathe in it! If you’re lucky enough to live near a stream, river or the ocean, go and get wet! It’s enough to stand barefoot in the water, but even better if you can fully immerse yourself or spend a little time in the water, allowing yourself to relax and be held by the water as it rinses your body and energetic field clean. Wild water (water in nature) also holds the energies of the earth, sky, sun, moon and stars, and will naturally help to recalibrate you and realign your energy field. You can also have a shower, or take a soak in a tub and visualise the water cleansing your body and energetic field. A handful of epsom salts (magnesium) in your bath will further help with cleansing and the integration of new energies.

#3 – Sleep with it beside you! Take a bowl or glass of water (it doesn’t have to be enormous) and make sure the vessel is made of glass or china – no plastic or metal please. Inside the bowl or glass add any or all of the following crystals – hematite, carnelian, clear quartz. Before you go to bed place your hands above the bowl of water with the crystals and pour white light into the bowl. Say out loud ‘ My name is X (say your name). I intend that all my unwanted energies and emotions find their way to this bowl as I sleep, allowing me to integrate new and better energies. Make it so. Blessed be.’ Go to sleep. When you wake up in the morning pour the water out onto the ground, so that you return all energies to the earth. Leave the crystals in the sunshine for the day, or in a potplant for a day or two to cleanse and re-energise them.

Holding you in my daily prayers and meditations,

Much love, Nicole xx

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