September Stones – last call for entries!

“When you leave a beautiful place, you carry it with you wherever you go.” ~ Alexandra Stoddard


Hi Lovelies,

Reblogging this as the last call for entries on the September Stones!

Love lots,
Nicole and Cauldrons and Cupcakes Team


Every day in September I am meditating with these two stones.

The stones are intended to be held, one in each hand, as you sit in meditation. I’ll be giving these stones away, as well as recording a personalised guided meditation for the winner!

 As I hold these stones in my hand each day for the month of September I meditate with the intent that they will hold energies in a way that can be transferred to the user.

The first stone is Morion, from the wild West Coast of Tasmania. It is this month’s Anchoring Stone and its energies help us to stay grounded, clear and calm, connecting into our bodies, and to the earth and nature.

Morion is a very dark form of Smoky Quartz – the crystal is so dark that it is almost black. It helps us to feel safe in ourselves, safe in our bodies, emotionally stable and deeply grounded. It pulls our scattered energy back to us, helping us to become strong and clear.

My intention is that this stone will help you to clear deep-seated grief and sadness, allowing your heart to open and heal. It’s a powerful stone for connecting with the energies of the earth, trees, stars and the moon. It promotes intuition, imagination and story-telling ability.


The second stone is the Connection Stone, and this one is a Ruby in Fuchsite. Connection stones connect us to Universal energy, as well as to Angels, Guides, Ancestors and our own wise soul energy.

This stone feels like a magical garden or a lake full of waterlillies. Just holding it is reassuring and it quickly centers you into your heart.

My intention in my meditation with this stone is that it provides a restful energy in your life that promotes emotional contentment, inner peace and heart connection. It’s a stone for love, happiness and knowing what you want in the world.

Isn’t it lovely!

When you hold these stones in your own meditation it will help to take you to a happy place – one that is restful, restorative and that will help you connect into personal clarity and inner harmony and peace.

We all need more time in our happy place, and these meditation stones will take you there!

What’s your happy place? Is it a real place, or a place you go to in your head? Do you have more than one? What happens to you when you are in that place? Let us know for a chance to win these stones!

Instructions on how to win these stones:

Do one of any of the following;

  1. Write a comment on this post telling us what your happy place is
  2. Post a comment on our facebook page, telling us what your happy place is or posting an image of that place
  3. Post a comment or image about your happy place on your facebook page and tag us in (use @cauldronsandcupcakes and @nicolecody)
  4. Post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #CandChappyplace 
  5. Send us an email to telling us about your happy place

This competition closes on September 30th at 8 pm Brisbane time, and I’ll announce the winner on October 3.

I’ll be giving away a set of stones every month between now and December, so there are plenty of chances for you to win.

Biggest love and hugs to all of you, Nicole   xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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12 thoughts on “September Stones – last call for entries!

  1. My happy place is quiet solo time in nature. Those moments of feeling truely connected to the space and the magic around me. Here I feel blessed to be a part of this whole thing – or rather earth thing!
    I hear a noise in the bush and I smile, there is so much life and natural beauty around me and it’s just perfect 💚💚

  2. Gosh what’s my Happy Place? Well I reckon my Happy Place is inside me <3 That's where I feel it… that's where I come alive, feel Love tingle all my cells, feel so incredibly grateful that I'm alive to appreciate and witness it all. It's those feelings that bring tears to my eyes… bring my hands together at my heart and bow my head… to the sacredness that fills all space.

    Of course my happy moments ~ ecstatic really is a word more descriptive ~ is when I'm held in the bosom of our Sacred Mother Earth. It's when I feast on her beauty, when her Love fills me to absolute overflowing. It's where I see and feel love shine off everything. Mother Earth is so kind and giving… she supports and nourishes me.

    It's when I'm a part of the natural world… my extended family. My bird friends… so many; the frogs and bees and wallabies and the ever playful whales and dolphins. Truly I almost weep with joy. Life is truly the most amazing miracle. Our devoted friends and house mates…our cats and dogs… the seasonal visits from the Ibis, just love their mighty whoosh sound as they take off from the ground. And of course the majestic Eagle… reminding us of our own true power. So many, too many to mention here. But they welcome me into their families, I feel a part of them all… deep in my being.

    It's the beauty I see all around me… so much, too much to list, or ever comprehend. The love I see shine from peoples eyes, their kindness and their care. Their smiles that light up their face.

    I'm in love with Life… I am. I see beauty all around me. I feel so incredibly grateful for everything that's been given to me.

    It's my special moments by the ocean, soft sand massaging my feet and toes, giving my leg muscles a good work out. The negative ions that refresh my lungs, the sparkle that dances on the foaming waves… the golden Sun shining his radiance. The cool refresh of submerging into those sacred waters…. our now forgotten but long ago origins.

    There's so much beauty, so much love. When in my happy place my Heart sings, my cells rejoice, I get so excited and feel so grateful.. that I get to witness and be a part of this magick. . And I know, deep down inside me, without a skerrick of a doubt… that EVERYTHING is LOVE.

    Of course the magnificent sky… twinkling stars and far away planets. The galaxies of billions… on and on and on and on it goes… Life surely is a miracle.

    And of course those sacred moments with my family and loved ones… blessings unimaginable. My special Happy Place is my feeling of gratitude…. it seems to make them grow and expand… Thanks Nicole

    <3 <3 <3

  3. My happy place…well, I would be lost without the sea by my side. Funny how life works. When you are a child, you say what you want to do when you grow up…when I was 21 I “took a job on a boat until I figured out what I wanted to do when I grew up” almost 30 years later, I am at the still working that same job. On the water. I just moved this last month from a magnificent home on the beach. I lived there for 10 years. It was a blessing that I will always feel was literally handed to me by my angels. Realistically, I should of never been able to afford such a home. I handed over the keys yesterday….so, my happy place is by the sea…such comfort in the waves…as well the comfort of solitude, in a special home that I have created with intention. Oh , and anywhere in nature. I love trees. I also like to be anywhere where crows and owls reside. I don’t always get to encounter owls, but crows….very much in my daily life. Love to watch them. So there you go. Some of my happy places ❤️

  4. My happy place is that time very early in the morning, just as the sun is making its way from the other side of the world and peeping up over the horizon. The air is clean and fresh, the birds are awakening and there is no one around except for me and three very excited dogs sniffing all the brand new smells of the day!

  5. My happy place is on stage… sharing my stories, connecting with my intuition and helping others to find their voice. I’ve never seen a Morion crystal but it is really speaking to me. 😀 And connecting to my ancestral stories now that my beloved mum has joined them will be a powerful healing process for me.

  6. My happy place is with my grandchildren. I’m sure I have come to heal my family line and these beautiful stones with their grounding and connecting energies would help heal me so I can pass on wisdom more effectively to my family. Like a ripple in a pond that spreads farther and farther xxx

  7. Hi Nicole, I have a few happy places, one of them is my kitchen table with my tea pot and special cups. I love sharing this space with my niece Ally, we drink tea listen to her (teenage) music chat about life then we read our tea leaves and create magic looking into the cup and seeing pictures, shapes and symbols in the leaves. It’s a lovely place to be and connect. thanks again for this blog I really enjoy it. Fi x

  8. My happy place is the time I spent in Oman. It is a beautiful country and I just have a huge smile when I think about it. I loved the al fresco camping under the stars either up in the jebel (mountains) or down by the sea on one of the many deserted beaches.
    It also reminds me of wonderful man I knew and the fun times we had together.
    That is my happy place.
    Thank you for giving your crystals. I would love the connection stone as I still have trouble re connecting with my guides
    Thank you

  9. My happy place is under an oak tree, beside the sea or near moving water. At the moment its in my head from memories of being in those places. When I am in that space, I can just let go of the stresses, burdens and worries and just be. Its a place of profound contentment and a place where I recharge and rejuvenate my soul. Its really hard to put into words how my happy place truly makes me feel but it leaves my soul singing.

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