Yep, Nup, it’s still not working!

“I think that little by little I’ll be able to solve my problems and survive.” 
~ Frida Kahlo

I remember last time I got a new computer. I held off upgrading for months because I hated the thought that I’d have to change operating systems and lose time while everything transferred and the kinks got ironed out. When I finally bit the bullet and got it done, even though I’d been excited to get a new faster computer, I hated the new one. It was different to the old one. Stuff bugged me about it. It was like a too-tight pair of new shoes that pinch harder with every step even though they had looked very nice and felt okay before you walked anywhere in them. Then one day, suddenly we figured each other out and it was all sunshine, unicorns and rainbows.

I can see how once this new laptop has been wrestled into working order I’ll love it just fine.

But still right now I feel like taking to it with a hammer. (Perhaps that’s just me being cranky because of Lyme treatment, or possibly it’s just because THIS TECH IS DRIVING ME CRAZY!!!) We had to strip it right back and start over again. And the fan is still noisy and it’s still overheating but we can’t tell if it’s a fault until all my installation is done.

Meanwhile, it is amazing what you can get done with a smartphone.

Keep your fingers crossed for me that this time tomorrow I’ll be waking up to the beginning of a much improved relationship with all this flash new machinery. Who knew so much of your life could be caught up in one small piece of hardware?

Much love, Nicole xx

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4 thoughts on “Yep, Nup, it’s still not working!

  1. Hi Nicole, I have a new phone on my desk waiting for my love and attention – and am avoiding it. I have starting thinking of them (my IT) more in terms of relationships. If your new eager puppy had an accident on the floor and chewed your slippers, you’d say ‘Oh well, we’re learning.’ The new puppy will earn all the things your loyal old dog learned, and more. Because its smarter. But that little box of electrons and energy is just trying to figure you out too. I know this won’t help your connectivity issues, but it might stop you from drowning your new electronic puppy in the farm dam. Pity you can’t get your old laptop to teach the new one all its old tricks. One day, just not today. Good luck.

  2. I’ve had to change computers when I was still working; there’s definitely a learning curve involved, even if you just change software, which also happened more than once. And I’ve gone through three laptops since my last full-sized computer bit the dust. If you’re having overheating problems already, try getting a little platform to put the computer on so it gets some ventiliation. I’m into the fifth year with my present laptop and all is going well for now. I highly recommend the HP models as being sturdier than the rest of the crowd. It has been a workhorse for me. Good luck with your new hardware, Nicole.

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