Vulnerability and Connection – Monday Oracle 23 May 2022


I have always believed that women hold this world together with their
love, passion, inspiration, hard work, vision and willingness to help
others. Yet, increased responsibility in both our personal and professional
lives – to become “superwomen” – is taking a devastating toll on
our health and happiness.
Simin Hashemizadeh


Hello, Lovelies!

This Quarter I am using The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne for my weekly oracle readings.

Our card to guide us for the week ahead is QUEEN OF CUPS. It’s a week for opening up to your own vulnerabilities, and for bravely making connection – with your own heart, and with other people. A stunning week for emotional healing and support.


This week QUEEN OF CUPS encourages us to be vulnerable, even if the thought of that is terrifying.

There is a tender place in all of us – a place that is good and honest and true. It’s the essence of who you are – a complex and unique combination of personality, talents, ideas and beliefs, knowingness, life experiences and wisdom. It’s the person you often keep locked away, for fear of being judged, rejected, humiliated, laughed at or abandoned. You hide in plain sight.

Most of us do it. We learn not to say the thing we believe, when it goes against others in our family or workplace. We learn to hide our spiritual practices and intuitive abilities, or our love of art, or the way we dance in the dark house when no-one is watching, or the other many things that make us who we are. We do our best to keep ourselves safe, to keep our jobs safe or our position within a relationship safe. We fly under the radar and those parts of us we fear to express become lost, or buried, or well hidden, sometimes even from ourselves.

Instead of living from that tender place, most of us live from efficiency.

We know the right thing to say or wear. The right way to be. We dial down our individuality and do our best to ‘fit in’, to please or at least to not cause offence. It’s not all deliberate. Who ever enjoys being bullied or laughed at, or worse? It’s a safety thing, because all of us have a need to be loved and accepted, and to belong.

Even more, we keep telling ourselves and others that we are okay. That we are coping. Even as it feels as if our legs may go from underneath us.

QUEEN OF CUPS message is simple:
It’s time to be yourself. It’s time to show your face. It’s time to live with courage, from a place of vulnerability, open-hearted to the world. It’s time to let others in to that tender-hearted place, to accept help and support, and to stop trying to be all things to all people always. It’s time to be loved, as you have loved. It’s time to heal connections and make new ones. Let the Universe open your heart this week.

My Top Tip For The Week Ahead: Trust that your intuition will guide you in how to show up in the days ahead. Maybe you need to create a blog post, video, podcast or an email that shares a little more of yourself. Perhaps it’s time to have that hard conversation, to pick up the phone and call a friend, see a counsellor, or admit to yourself how you really feel. And if you’re called to it, how can you be that friend for someone else?

Stuck with knowing how to help yourself, or what to do next? Maybe you need a session with me to bring some extra clarity and direction. Details here

Crystals to support you this week – Fluorite, Mookaite, Bronzite, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Unakite


Finally the weather has begun to turn cool here at the treehouse.

It’s still raining like no-one’s business, but the nights are crisp instead of hot and humid, and the days are starting later and ending sooner.

So, of course, my thoughts have turned to soup.

No, I don’t mean that my brain is muddled. I mean that I have been thinking about, making and eating a lot of soup. I love soup. It’s a great way to use up leftovers, and things in the fridge that are getting a little long in the tooth. Soups are cheap, easy to make, and they feed you for days – which I appreciate right now, when I have a desk full of creative projects, lots of client sessions, and ongoing support of some loved ones who need extra care right now. Also, with the rising cost of living, soup is an economical meal!

I also love that I can make soup and freeze it, and suddenly I have instant meals for myself and Ben, or to give to others.

I’ll share a few recipes over the coming weeks. so stay tuned.

I’ve also started a new gentle exercise and stretch routine, which I keep laughing at because it IS gentle, but gee am I feeling it!

Remember, this is a big heart-centred week, so use these energies to nurture and support yourself, and to bring yourself closer to others. Connection is so important.

I’m glad you are part of my community. Thanks for sharing the journey with me!
Love, hugs and comfort in a bowl (of soup!), Nicole xx
PS – If you have any great soup recipes I’d love to know them 😊




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