Getting to the Heart of Things

There is a powerful journalling exercise that I use every so often. It is a very simple technique, but it never fails to give me clarity.  It also highlights areas of my life that aren’t working, shows me where my resentments and frustrations are, and uncovers my deepest dreams and desires.

It works best when you do this exercise for five continuous days (seven would be grand!).

You don’t need to write a lot – even a paragraph or two will do, but if you find yourself writing more that’s okay too.

All you have to do is sit down with a pen and paper and answer a simple question. Don’t over-think your answer. Let the words and emotions flow from you without judgement. Understand that you may uncover unexpected information, and that your answers will vary each day.  That’s okay.  And that’s also why you need to do this exercise over a whole week in order to get the most accurate picture of what’s really going on for you right now.

When you’re ready, there is the question I want you to answer.  Write these words at the top of your page, and put today’s date.  Then simply start writing…

Here’s your question:   What do I want?

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28 thoughts on “Getting to the Heart of Things

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Keep asking “What do I want?” It takes me through the layers…layers of being busy, layers of beliefs, layers of ego….as I continue to soften, soften, soften, and STAY. Stay with what is rising up. Stay with what is presenting itself. And then, a YES rises up…”This is it.” And i know it deeeeeep in my bones! So so love it!!! A deep bow of gratitude for your lovely journaling “how to’s”. Thank you thank you thank you. Love, Lisa

    1. oh and I love how you remind folks, including me, to do this for several days….not just a day or “one time” writing activity. Yes, time has a way of helping us/accompanying us sift through the layers! YES!

  2. What a powerful & simple way to become clear about what I want.. Onto my third day has been a surprise what ends up written on paper… Very Cool post. Thanks for sharingxx

    1. It’s crazy, I just did it again today, thinking I wouldn’t have much to write, and I wrote even more than yesterday, totally different stuff. I would never have guessed! At this rate I’ll have a lot to read at the end of the week.

  3. This is a really good exercise. I’ve done it for a while and when I first started writing this I noticed how stumped I was. I didn’t really know what I wanted and it’s taken time for me to get to the crux of it.

  4. Alright Nicole, I’ve got my journal out, ready to give this a try. I have been journaling every day for quite awhile now, but I think this exercise will prove interesting – I’m anxious to see what comes out 🙂

    1. I’m on day four now, and I can already see a shift from the first day to today. But I want to do it for a week and really follow it through, to see if things clear out any further – I’m having fun doing this!

  5. I think I’m going to do this. I’ve been writing a lot more lately and the results have been amazing. I haven’t really started to feel better about things but I at least know exactly what I’m feeling now! I have a tendency to push things down and out of my mind a lot. Trying to get out of the habit, so thank you for helping!

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