Win Our August Meditation Crystals!

“It is more important to go slow and gain the lessons you need along the journey then to rush the process and arrive at your destination empty.” 
~  Germany Kent

All this month I have been very busy meditating with two carefully chosen meditation stones – an Anchoring Stone and a Connection Stone. These pairs are also known as ‘Mother Earth Father Sky’ stones. The stones work together, and are both held as you meditate – one in each hand.

 As I meditate with these stones each day for the month of August I work with the intent that they will hold energies in a way that can be transferred to the user. As part of the month’s prize I will record a personal guided meditation to accompany the stones so that you can be sure how to use them.

Let me introduce the stones to you.

The first stone is petrified wood from Longreach. My maternal grandfather was born at Longreach, and it’s a very important place to me. It’s a place of wide open skies, sunshine, fresh air and that feeling of timelessness and ancient grounded energy. I found this crystal on one of my early morning walks. It is this month’s Anchoring Stone – anchoring stones help us to stay grounded, clear and calm, connecting into our bodies, and to the earth and nature.

Here’s where I found it, half buried in the dust, still cold from the night’s transit:

The energies and intention I am infusing into this Longreach Petrified Wood are that the holder moves from pain and fear to calm and acceptance of all that is. That the many layers of old thoughts, feelings and hurts fall away, leaving only love and wisdom. It is also a stone for calling in Guides and Ancestors to watch over you. It will reduce inflammation and promote circulation. It feels so comforting in my hand, and I know you’ll find it a comfort too.

The second stone is the Connection Stone, and it is a delicious rough Smoky Citrine Phantom Quartz that I found in the river bed behind our house. Connection stones connect us to Universal energy, as well as to Angels, Guides, Ancestors and our own wise soul energy.

This special crystal treasure holds energies of the volcanic cradle that is Byron Bay, and it will help you to shed old patterns and ways of being so that you can come into deeper alignment with your true self. It’s a stone of emotional healing and spiritual awakening.

The Smoky Citrine Phantom Quartz is protective and promotes joy. It’s also a stunning stone for connecting you to past life wisdom and to creative ideas that are waiting to be brought forth through you.

The energy of these two natural Australian stones is very strong and clear, and they compliment each other very well.

Instructions on how to win these stones:

Do one of any of the following;

  1. Write a comment on this post, explaining why you want to win these stones
  2. Post a comment on our facebook page, explaining why you want to win these stones
  3. Post a comment on your facebook page and tag us in (use @cauldronsandcupcakes and @nicolecody)
  4. Post a picture on Instagram with the hashtag #CandCAugustRocks and in your description explain why you want to win these stones
  5. Send us an email to explaining why you want to win these stones

This competition closes on September 4th at 8pm Brisbane time, and I’ll announce the winner on September 5th.

I’ll be giving away a set of stones every month between now and December, so there are plenty of chances for you to win.

Biggest love and hugs to all of you, Nicole   xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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17 thoughts on “Win Our August Meditation Crystals!

  1. Hi Nicole, thank you for the opportunity to be selected to receive these beautiful crystals also the guided meditation that comes with them. As I have been reminded so often lately that I need to sit be quiet and listen. I don’t allow myself the time to do that, I have had the reminders loud and clear lately that I need to. The petrified wood reminds me of my late father and being the quiet man he was I instantly felt drawn to it. My journey to gift myself the time to sit and go within is now here and I feel that your guided meditation with these beautiful crystals will help me along my way and I will achieve that state of meditation where my next chapter will begin. Thank you with much gratitude Mary

  2. Hi beautiful, thank you for your relentless sharing. For the past five months my life has been a roller coaster of emotions as I have been supporting my dying father in what seems a vicious circle of disease, hospitals and wellness. It has tested my love, my strength, my beliefs, my assumptions and my family in ways I never thought possible. This beautiful stones can provide a bridge to overcome that, which cannot be changed, and an anchor to that, which should not be changed. Much love to you xx

  3. Hi Nicole,
    I would like to put forward Julie from the blog jmgoyder to receive these meditation crystals , as I read your post that was my first thought. Having just lost her wonderful husband Anthony and touching so many lives through her blog I feel these crystals will be a huge gift of grounding and re finding the joy in Julie’s life again. <3
    With Much Love x

  4. I struggle Daily (for over 40 years) with Pain and inflammation. I am looking withIN beyond my physical disabilities ( facing a 5th joint replacement September 26) for answers. These two stones are Speaking to Me… I would Love to add them to my “toolbox” for my Spirit Guides assistance and to really get to my INNER “issues” to relieve my Pain.. some of it is “old stuff”.
    I believe Pain is always a message. Not only from the physical Body but also my Soul. I AM LISTENING!!

  5. The stones this month are so beautiful and spiritual and they speak to me deeply. I have been working through many issues in my life including health issues. And one of the hardest has been letting go of fear, doubt and worry as I try and move forward with my life. I retired because of health issues and am trying to figure out where to go now in my life.

    I have given away my personal power too many times in my life and this year I have been working on reclaiming it, my voice, my creativity and connecting to my true self…it has been a long journey of many lives as I am learning.

    It seems a transformation is coming for me as I work through my issues and I could use lots of guidance and help to finally let go and move into the life waiting for me.

  6. Beautiful stones. I would love to be able to hold these stones and use the meditations. Let’s face it. I need all the help I can get with making connections to my guides, ancients and ancestors. Things are improving slowly. Small breakthroughs.
    I would also like to reduce the inflammations I’m currently suffering with and improve my circulation especially my legs.
    Thank you for the chance.

  7. Hi Nicole I would dearly love to win these stones as their beautiful energies sound just what I long for in terms of support and guidance. Life has been a struggle particularly the last few years. Having these gorgeous stones to help break my patterns of fear and bring a sense of calm and spiritual connection would be a treasured gift

  8. Hello, Nicole:
    These stones have a wonderful energy and they are beautiful to look at. Thanks for the opportunity you are sharing.

  9. Hi Nicole…The stones are beautiful. I have always wanted to visit Australia…it seems so rich with greenery and overall beauty. These stones would be a constant reminder that I must get there someday.
    Hugs to you for giving us the opportunity of maybe winning a little piece of your beautiful country.

  10. Ooh boy am I drawn to those stones. They are calling to me. When I read about them the other day, I could hardly breathe. Longreach! Something happened to me there a few years ago when my husband and I took our four girls by car and caravan to Uluru. Something deeply happened to me there in the outback, but Longreach was where it really started. We had a gently leaking gas bottle which had prevented me from cooking for several nights. A man whom we did not know drove in from a long way out where he was working, to try to help us. He did not have what he needed in the back of his truck. He offered to come back early in the morning if he had the piece in his shed at home. He did not but his willingness to go so far out of his way, for people he did not know and would never see again, broke my and my husband’s heart open. And then it was filled by my country, Australia. Longreach, a place so far away from where we live our lives. People found that place, not by the roads which we travelled our family upon.Longreach, the birthplace of QANTAS, and the Australian aviation industry, of which my father is deeply a part. A jumbo jet parked beside that road upon which we travelled. It took my breath away!! I was humbled by that place Longreach. I yearn for it and the outback more deeply than I have allowed myself to realise. And joy…travelling like that is my kind of joy. So I thank those stones, even if this is all they are meant to do for me…to write some words about this place that took a piece of my heart and held on to it. Thank you Nicole. And good luck everybody!! xxSimone

  11. I resonate with the meaning and purpose of these stones. My hope if I am guides to be chosen is that they will help heal the hurt, pain and fear and encourage an emotional shift..bringing me to a place of joy and peace.

  12. Hi Nicole. Today a week ago, I fell and broke my right knee as well as damaged cartilage and ligaments. It was the knee that was still in recuperation from surgery 5 months previous. I am now moving with crutches but my left side is compromised because of a torn tendon in my right hip. I move with fear of falling again while recuperating. I have pain and inflammation on both sides of my body.
    My accident happened two weeks before my husband and I were to leave for a long awaited trip to Portugal and we had to cancel everything. It has been 14 years since we had a trip like this.
    It has been a difficult week physically and emotionally. I sure could use some joy in my life right now.
    Thank you for all your gifts of wisdom and guidance even though you struggle with physical limitations.
    ❤️ Jan

  13. Beautiful stones Nicole. I would love to be gifted them. Just looking at the photos I can feel the strength and weight of them in my hands and the comfort of being connected and anchored on earth whilst also feeling my guides wisdom and my own soul’s truth. Thank you for this opportunity. 💜

    Much love, Kylie 🙏🏻

  14. Good Morning Nicole.

    You can feel the gorgeous energy of these stones and their connection the earth and sky. Why would I like to win these – so I can feel connected to me and the world again. To assist me in bringing my gifts the world and stop allowing my emotions and fear to stop me. To keep me grounded as I bring my creations to the world and the strength to keep going.

    Have a gorgeous day Nicole. <3

    Much Love

    Jacq xx

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