A Reminder About The Energies of 2018

“Things which matter most must never be at the mercy of things which matter least.” 
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

I was talking to one of my students yesterday, who told me she was giving up on a project. ‘I’ve pushed and pushed and pushed’ she said, ‘and it’s going nowhere. I’m killing myself for this project, and I’d rather be home digging in the garden or looking after my kids. I’ll wait for the next idea, but right now I’m too tired to even think.’

After which she told me that she felt like a failure.

I reminded her that her actions were absolutely aligned with 2018’s energies, and that she was making the right choice. I thought you might need a reminder about these energies too.

The Sun is our guiding card for 2018. It’s a heart-centred year. A year for connection and inclusion. It’s a fine year for all forms of creativity, fertility and innovation. A great year for healing old hurts, mending fences and rebuilding relationships. It’s also a year where you’ll clearly see where to walk away and put your energies to situations and relationships that are more suitable for you, and where to end situations and relationships that are no longer working.

The Sun shows us that this year we’re supported to spend time in acts of creativity and innovation. Ideas will flow. Things will come together. Making money, making art, connecting in love, original ideas and projects – all of these things will become easier – but we can’t push to make them happen. Better to get the framework down or explore the ideas this year, better to get things set up so 2019 won’t be a standing start. This isn’t a year for making huge forward progress in business – it’s a year for opening and closing doors, for innovating and exploring, for healing and for recovery.

2018 is also a year for socialising, for celebrating and for connecting with family and friends. Relationships – with yourself, with others, with your work – that’s what matters this year.

The energies of 2018 are strong and flow to us as vitality, vision and enthusiasm. We will gravitate towards teamwork, mutual decisions and being part of something bigger. There will be an urge within us to heal rifts and to co-operate in solving problems. It’s also a fabulous year for physical and emotional healing.

If there are problems to address or healing to be done this will take priority over everything else. Go back and read that again. In fact, let me repeat it: If there are problems to address or healing to be done this will take priority over everything else. 

This is a year for groundwork, repair and restoration, for beginnings and foundations. In 2018 we’re encouraged to live with a bigger vision for ourselves and the planet. This year supports all kinds of innovative and creative work, and is a time where many useful new ideas and projects will be birthed into the world.

The Sun’s energy is strongly aligned with our Solar Plexus Chakra – our centre of Self. Our solar plexus is the beautiful bright yellow chakra that sits around the navel, and this chakra is all about our identity and sense of self, our individuality and self-sovereignty. It’s time to be more true to ourselves. We need to shine our Light in the world by being who we came here to be.

After years on a path of struggle and feeling alone in the world, 2018 opens out onto a kinder energy where we can finally begin to feel like we belong or create a world where we can. But we might have work to do here in knowing ourselves and finding our voice and direction.

Don’t waste your year on hard work and striving unless that is absolutely the thing that lights you up, and even then make sure there is ample time to smell the roses.

Most importantly, rest when you can. 2019 will be one of those years that rockets us along. So rest, repair, relax and get ready in 2018 – this is a quieter, more relationship-focused year for a reason. Don’t beat yourself up if your life has been more about people than ‘progress’. That’s what this year encompasses.

Biggest supportive hugs to you, Nicole ❤ xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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7 thoughts on “A Reminder About The Energies of 2018

  1. Solar Plexus energy speaks to me loud & clear…and especially the paragraph about the previous years being ones of struggle & how 2018 is about ‘creating & building’ the life we yearn for….plus connection and being really kind to ourselves…I LOVE U Nicole…XO

  2. Nic what (in one or two sentences) will 2019 energy be? I’m just wondering if some of the projects that we put on hold may be ripe for completion next year or is 2018 really about putting down stuff that isn’t viable at any time?

    1. Hey Kimmie – happy to give you a sneak peek at next year’s energies – 2019 – is a year for taking practical steps towards your goals. It’s a year of grounded energy with a touch of magic. A year for hard work and making major advancement on projects and dreams. A year for steady progress, opportunities for growth, and increased spiritual awareness. Look to create healthy habits and patterns of completion in 2019. Don’t spread yourself too thin by taking on too much or keeping your focus too wide. You’ll find you’ll have a need for spiritual support – meditation, mindfulness, devotion, prayer, ritual – to balance out the more hectic pace of life. So…. this year focus on getting your life positioned, your relationships positioned, your ideas organised, your creative work in progress, problems attended to and healing happening. Then when 2019 hits you’ll be well positioned to make the most of the opportunities for growth from Day 1. Hope that helps. Big love to you xx

    2. And yes, 2018 is a fabulous year for letting go, for ending things, for walking away. Get all that stuff completed or in train so that next year you can be all about progress forward in new directions or in the directions that matter most to you!

    3. Wow! So on point reading this nearing 2020… I am reading so much information about 2020 being kind of a breakthrough point, where the build up from previous years is coming to fruition. But from my feeling is seems as if there is much work to do in the coming years and not a shortening or lessening of this intense energies. I am kind of preparing for the wild ride to go on 🙂

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