Losses and Gains

Train yourself to let go of everything you fear to lose.


Hey, Lovelies.

I went back to my regular yoga practice yesterday.

I have a routine I do every morning, using an app to which I subscribe.

Lots of floor based work to help my lower back, lots of stretching and flow poses.

It’s something I’ve done for years.

After nearly two months I was expecting to be a little rusty.

But I wasn’t. Not even close.

I was MILES from where I have been with my last practice.

Everything is tight. Sore. Seized up.

I couldn’t successfully hold a single posture the way I had been doing before my latest health hiccup.

And my balance is off.

Today, instead of trying that same routine again I found an easier one.

One that is advertised as ‘Seniors Yoga for Beginners’.

I managed to coax my stiff, sore body into some simple poses.

I did a lot of breath work.
And then I lay on my mat and practiced some gratitude and some positive visualisation of my future ability to move my body.

Flexibility isn’t just about fitness.

It’s about being able to adapt your thinking too.

What is, is. No point fighting it. Adapt. Adapt.

I’ll keep listening to my body, and working with it to help it heal.
Where can you be more flexible today?

Lots of love, Nicole xx

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7 thoughts on “Losses and Gains

  1. That´s why we say we “practice” yoga. I love vinyasa yoga but on stressful days I prefer yin yoga to get rid of the tension in body and soul.

  2. aaaah, tech. Second time attempting to post 🤦‍♀️ Obviously I rambled too much last time 😆

    I understand all too well and am still in that space myself, even this long after my surgery, it’s a long road back. I am so grateful for my EP who reminds me just because I can doesn’t mean I should (being hyper mobile is not the gift many think it is).

    I am glad you have found another program that suits where your body is now which allows your brain to see that you can do the thing – but gently and with kindness towards your body.

    We’ll get there – both with understanding the need for kindness towards our bodies and being in a space/body that we can and will adapt and thrive with.

  3. Aw geeeez, I totally get you on that return. Even knowing I wasn’t particularly fit before my sideways detour of surgery last year (now also with explanation of why said fitness kept spiralling down no matter what I had done) it’s been a long, long, loooooooooooooooong road back to doing anything I thought I used to find “easy”. Add on keeping being hyper mobile/flexible meaning just because I can bend/stretch that way I shouldn’t for long or often…..it’s been a thing. Getting our brains to be kind towards our battered bodies is a whole thing (and I admit in open here I am still quite sucky at it but way better than I have been in past decades).

    Glad you found a new program to assist your body from its big (and very much needed and ongoing need for) rest. xoxo

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