Massive Excitement!

Woo-hoo!!!!!! Bar – B – Que!!!!!!!
~ Ben and the dogs

Hey, Lovelies!
We had a text message at 5.00am. (Aussie tradies – gotta love ’em. Obviously the surf was crap today…) Could the cabinetmaker come round this morning? Any time from 6.30am? Or maybe even earlier?
He wants to do the final fit of the barbeque, and possibly the stove.

Of course we said YES.

Now, we are doing our best not to get excited.

Because maybe the barbeque won’t be ready for grilling today.
Maybe the new stove won’t be completed either.
But maybe it will.
Already Ben and the pupsters are drooling at the thought of a fully functional barbeque.
Already I am excited about the fact that a barbeque means easy dinners, and minimal cleanup.

And now my post is written I am off to clean down the benches and new stove, because there may have been an unscheduled fry-up last night, and this morning my new stovetop is seriously fat-splattered and in need of some cleaning.
Ben told me he wiped it already, but all I see is greasy smear. Yes, a barbeque is most urgently needed.
Keep your fingers crossed for me.
Love, and a liberal dose of anticipation, Nicole xx

PS – I already have a backup plan for dinner tonight. Ben can cook because I have a HUGE day of client readings and a member ‘Ask Me Anything’ webinar. That means takeaway Chinese from our fave little place. Call me psychic, but I think that will end up being our game plan…

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