Managing Cold Emotions – Some Sokli Wisdom


If you’re cold inside sip nice warm tea.

It’s important to look after your emotions.

~ Sokli

Hey, Lovelies.

Many of you will know Sokli, my wonderful fairy friend. She is small and wise, and I am confident that she is one of the reasons I am still alive.

Yesterday I was chatting with her, and I mentioned that I was feeling very tired. A little nauseous too.

Oh yes, she said. You have cold emotions stuck inside you.

Cold emotions? I’d never hear of cold emotions, so I asked her to explain.

She giggled, and then she said something that amazed me, but that also made perfect sense.

Shock is a cold emotion, Nicole. It sits inside you and makes everything slow down and get stiff and sore. Worry and anxiety and fear – they are cold emotions too. So is loneliness and depression. So your tummy slows down and instead of being a nice warm soup of chewed-up foods that your body can drink up easily and get the good absorption all the foods stay cold and not nice and they can’t nourish you. When you get cold on the inside it makes you feel sad and your brain doesn’t work as good, and your liver doesn’t work properly and your hormones don’t work properly and your sleep gets all messed up too. Too cold! You’re too cold, Nicole!

I asked Sokli what I could do to fix it.

Drink a warm drink, she told me. Not coffee and not milky things. Just sip nice warm things like ginger tea and licorice tea and cinnamon flavours and miso soups and broths and soups all lovely inside you. Even warm water is good. No cold foods and no cold drinks and no raw things because all that is too cold. Little bits of cooked warm food is better. And sip, sip, sip warm drinks. Also, have some rest. Lots of quiet sitting time, and some good stretching and move around time. And have some sunshine. Make your feet warm. Stop all the hotness going out of the top of your head in the night-time. And do things that make you laugh and be happy. Hugs are good too, when you have cold emotions making you too cold on the inside.

I did what she suggested, and I looked after my cold emotions stuck inside me. I put my slippers on (yes, it’s summer here but she was right, my feet were freezing), and sipped warm drinks, and made small meals of warm cooked foods, and got some extra hugs and sunshine. I slept with a lightweight beanie on my head. It helped. I’ll keep following her suggestions.
I hope her advice might help you too.
Love, hugs, and magical healing tea, Nicole xx


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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10 thoughts on “Managing Cold Emotions – Some Sokli Wisdom

  1. Has Sokli maybe a hint what to do with “rusty” emotions? I mean emotions you felt long time ago, have settled somewhere in the body and are now like rust on a machine and hinder the engine going properly.

  2. Sokli’s advice is what is needed! A warm Spring thaw (here in the Northern hemisphere) sounds perfect. Thank you for sharing the pearls of wisdom. Bless xx.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing this! It really resonates. I will follow Sokli’s suggestions. Sending you a big hug and hope you’re feeling better . Fairy friends are the best 💗

  4. Can you ask your wonderful fairy friend how I can find a fairy friend for me to talk to? I would love a friend. She is so smart and lovely. I just dont know how to find one or how to chat with a fairy?

  5. Yes that loving advice from Sokli explains a lot to me and helps tremendously. Thank you Sokli and thank you Nicole🫖🍵🍯🌼

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