I Took A Mental Health Day


The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea.

~ Karen Blixen

Hey, Lovelies.

I did something unusual on Thursday. I took a day off. A ‘mental health’ day, to be precise.

We’ve had a bit of a tough time recently behind the scenes here at the Treehouse, and on Thursday morning the sun was shining, it was the most glorious day, so over a 6am cuppa Ben and I decided that we needed salt water time.

I packed lots of water, drinks, and picnic snacks. Ben organised leads,  a water bowl and dog snacks. We took towels and hats and sunscreen, then we drove down to the Maroochy River and  hired a boat .

Off we went, intent on exploring up river, and on the lookout for sandy beaches and swimming spots.

Ben found us a few sand bars for the dogs to get out and stretch their legs, and we saw an abundance of wildlife in the nature reserve areas – leaping fish and prawns, stingrays, swans, ducks, herons and cranes, a sea eagle and a wedgetail eagle, a small black snake swimming across the river, and plenty of pelicans. Most importantly, all of that good salt air and sunshine blew away the cobwebs, and we slept deeply for the first time in months on Thursday night. I didn’t wake up until after 6am, and missed my morning meditation and blog writing for Friday, but I knew you wouldn’t mind.

I’ll post a few pics and videos below of our wonderful day.

I do hope you look after yourself and take mental health days when you need them too. A little fresh air and space, or some extra sleep, can make the world of difference to our coping skills.

Much love, Tupperware containers of snacks, a thermos of tea, and crazy dog smiles, Nicole xx




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6 thoughts on “I Took A Mental Health Day

  1. Great idea!!! Out exploring new places where you live!! Love how the dogs enjoyed it too. I miss my tinny days exploring the Noosa River when we lived on a houseboat for 3years.What a great experience that was. Now living on an island off Redland bay and exploring the areas of both the mainland and other islands.

  2. A great example for the rest of us. Thank you for re-reminding us that we are in control and can choose our course. We are doing a new path. Keep well ❤️💗

  3. Well deserved the both of you, oh and the puppies who have no doubt been giving lots of doggie support during the hard days and nights.
    Take care one and all. It is getting intense out there.

  4. My husband and I took advantage is a sunny 5° C afternoon to go for a drive to look
    for tundra swans.making their way north from U,S,A. to our Canadian tundra..We found a very large field with probably 400 of these large swans.Parking,we rolled down our windows to listen to them and to watch more and more flocks of 2 to15 fly and glide down to join the others.Their white bodies were spectacularly beautiful againt the pure blue sky.and my heart was filled with joy..Truly a badly needed break for both of us.By the way,round trip for these swans is 12,000 km. Barbara

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