I Had Hoped To Write A Blog Post Earlier But…


“One single word – like EMERGENCY, or love – can revise a whole night. A whole life.”
― Alena Graedon

*names and places have been changed to protect the identities of those involved, and permission granted to share this story

Hey, Lovelies.
It has been a funny few days. A student of mine who has become a good friend (let’s call her *Susan) contacted me earlier this week to pass on a cryptic message she had received. We have occasionally connected and worked in tandem on certain issues around police work I have done. Susan sent me this:

Hi Nic, just putting this out there as I get a feeling you might know who this person is.

Step into someone else during a dream two nights ago and it is not leaving me. Young woman blonde hair, she has just moved into a share house and may be a exchange student in a foreign country. The other housemates have been welcoming but she feels that something is going on. Strangely they have to walk through her bedroom to use the bathroom.

She is not speaking up about her concerns as she has no physical evidence. My feelings are she is in danger and needs to get out.

Thanks for reading, hope you’re feeling better. xxx

As I read Susan’s message and got to the part about other people having to walk though her bedroom to get to the bathroom I got a very strong picture in my head of the house, the city, and knew exactly who the young woman was. She’s the daughter of *Deb, one of my Australian clients. *Amy received a scholarship to complete her Masters at an Italian university. When her mum had told me I was enthusiastic about her daughter’s study opportunity, but at the same time I felt uneasy and had reservations and I couldn’t say why. I’d simply said that Amy would need to have her wits about her, and to use discernment in the same way that she did at home.

Suddenly with this new information I could see what was happening. The house was unsafe. Amy was not in direct danger but was unsafe. She had to get out of the house straight away, but also not make any kind of fuss about it.

I reached out to Deb, passed on Susan’s message anonymously and my own, and managed to speak with Amy via skype a few hours later. Her scholarship had come in the form of a lump sum of money.  Instead of staying in university housing she’d decided to save money by staying in share accommodation that she’d found via a notice in a local cafe. It was a three-story villa, divided into many rooms, with lots of people staying there, and she was in one of the top-floor rooms. The man who owned the building had made a big deal of her coming to stay, but she had been uneasy since she had been there, and yes, other women on her floor did in fact walk through her studio room, which was quite large, to access the bathroom. Her bed was behind a screened area, so she had some kind of privacy. My reaching out to her confirmed her inner suspicions and she decided to get out.

The next day Amy was able to speak to people on campus, and accepted student accommodation. She quietly moved out of the villa that same day.

Amy and I have connected several times since, and I have been speaking with her mum Deb too. I reached out and let Susan know what was happening. I knew Amy was safe now, but I still had concerns. This thing was niggling at me, based on the second message Susan sent me about all of this:

Thanks Nic, the horrible sinking feeling is starting to leave me. I’m so glad they are taking action, as this would have been life changing. Thank you for the Anonymous message I feel more comfortable with that.

If you feel this is appropriate could you please pass on the following.

It would be a good idea if she journals the events in a journal and then put it away in a safe place, it may be useful in years to come, ie there may be an inquiry into one of these people. No matter how trivial it might seem, it may help in the future.

There has been a gentleman with me today, I would say a father/grandfather figure. He is a man of the land and I would describe him as a woodsman/forest man (that silly little tongue twister of how much can a woodchuck chuck was going around and around in my head) He was angry and swearing a lot, as nobody messes with his little angel. Know that he will always look out for her.

She has good gut instinct and this is a great lesson for her about listening to her feelings, she doesn’t need physical evidence. Know that she will have a fantastic and safe time now, maybe even a little romance. She’s got this, just keep listening to her gut instincts.

I knew there was more that needed to be done. And so that was what stopped me from blogging this week. I’ve been busy on an international mission.
I’ll fill you in on the rest tomorrow. There’s much more to tell.
Hugs, love, and lots of yawns, because it has been a BIG week, Nicole xx


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