Sitting At My Desk Working Out Some Dates

Suddenly, you don’t feel so alone. All your friends are right there in the room with you.

~ Madeleine, aged 8, on online learning during the pandemic

Hey, Lovelies!

Right now I’m sitting at my desk working out some dates.

Next year, 2024, is my sabbatical year. I’m taking time out to write, to do lots of travel, and to finally slow down. But also, to create more courses and materials. And of course, I’ll still be there for my Inner Circle! This had been my plan for 2020, but then the pandemic hit, and it’s been 4 years since Ben and I took a vacation, and 6 years since we had a real break. So, 2024 is where it’s at!

What’s that got to do with you?


Before I head off on a month-long holiday in mid January I’m going to be running two bonus webinars for my Inner Circle members to help set them up for the energies of 2024. They will happen some time between December and early January. That’s the bit I am still figuring out. But I have decided to make these webinars potentially available to you too.

The first event will be a Colour And Cuppa Webinar. Do you remember those from the Pandemic during the height of lockdown? I’ll be using our Journeymaker’s Manifesting Mandalas Colouring Book 2024, and leading you through a 90 minute colouring, energy work and manifesting session, where we’ll also do a group guided meditation. You’ll be able to join free if you have purchased one of my colouring books. The energy in these groups is always awesome.

The second event will be a Goals and Creative Projects Webinar, based on my Journeymaker’s Planner 2024. I’ll be talking about the energies of 2024 and how to make the most of them. It’s such a fabulous year for big life goals and creative projects, and I’ll show you how to plan for and action these things using your Planner so that they are fun, rather than overwhelming. We’ll be using many of the principles of my Goal Magic course on this webinar too.

The Planner and Colouring Book are both available through my Etsy Store, or if you’re an Inner Circle member through our special private ordering form (cos membership comes with many extra perks).

Stay tuned and I will update you just as soon as I have finalised these dates with my team.

I’m so excited to bring these events to you. And I’m excited about the energies of 2024. After a rough few years, next year is expansive, creative and filled with opportunity, Hooray!
Love, hugs and a flurry of early-morning creativity, Nicole xx

PS – the details for getting your Planner and/or colouring book are:

The hard copy of The Journeymaker’s Planner 2024 is available on Amazon Australia and Amazon USA and it is now  available through Etsy too. The digital Planner copy is also available via Etsy. The colouring book is available through Etsy and also comes with a free course (that’s separate to the webinar!) If you buy through Etsy it is me who wraps and packs your order, and I always include a little love letter and a small surprise, because who doesn’t need love and surprises.

Here’s what one of our community said about receiving her Etsy package from me:
Dear Nicole thank you so very much! I love everything about my parcel and I’m chewing on a caramel with my gifts arrayed around me feeling like I just won the lottery. Thank you for your gift of making people feel loved and very cherished. My heart is full. So much love and thanks to you and your incredible team. Ann xx

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