The Unexpected Phone Call

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I’m in Brisbane this week doing psychic readings. I don’t normally take phone calls on my office phone – I let them go to message bank and my wonderful PA, Nicky, deals with them.  But today, as I was sitting at my desk the phone rang, and I picked it up without thinking.

“Hello,” I said automatically, “this is Nicole.”

There was a moment of silence on the line and then someone cleared their throat. “Um, Nicole, could you come downstairs a minute?”

I hadn’t heard the doorbell ring. The dogs hadn’t barked. But I went downstairs anyway and opened the old stained-glass door.

A young man stood there. His mate sat in a car out on the street, the motor running.

“I’m Pete,” he said.

But I knew that already, although we’ve never met.

Both our eyes filled with tears. He is older now, but I recognised him from photos I’d been shown some years ago. We moved towards each other and embraced.

Pete. The son of one of my clients. Judy lives in Melbourne, but she has come to many of my courses, and I’ve know her for years. As mothers do, she’d shown me photographs of her family in some of our consultations.

About six years ago I was eating dinner one night when I got a blinding headache.  I excused myself from the table, and went and sat in the lounge-room, closing my eyes against the glare of the lights. In the darkness a wave of nausea and panic came over me. Huge emotional pain. These aren’t my emotions, I thought to myself.

I felt a familiar feeling that I often get when I am channeling. It’s a feeling of disconnect from me, and connection into something else. My heart began to pound, and the nausea and panic increased. In my mind’s eye I peered down at a pair of hands, (the perspective making it look like they were mine) knotting together a length of rope to make a noose. I felt myself begin to hyperventilate as I deeply connected into the mind of a troubled youth.

Oh my god, I thought. He’s going to kill himself.

Somehow I knew that it was real. As his eyes looked up I saw a noticeboard above a student desk. A photo of a pretty young girl was pinned in the middle, and I knew that this was the reason for this young man’s actions.  His eyes came to rest on a photo tacked in one corner amidst all the other papers. A family photo.  And in that photo I recognised Judy, her husband and children.  In that instant I knew. I was in Pete’s bedroom.  I was in Pete’s mind.

I raced upstairs to the office and yanked open the filing cabinet, desperately searching for Judy’s details, spilling papers everywhere. Then I ran to the phone and called her home number.

She was so surprised to hear from me.  She told me to wait because she was about to take a basket of folding upstairs, and then she could talk to me from the study where we could have a bit of privacy.

Trying to keep my voice steady, I asked her to put the washing basket down and go up to Pete’s room.

“Why?” she asked.

“Just go. Please…”  I urged.

What happened next was awful. Judy kept making small talk as she walked upstairs and then dropped the phone and I heard her screaming. Her husband came running. “Hold his legs,” he yelled. “I’ll cut him down.” As the scene played out I was watching it as if I was floating in a corner of the room. I heard his sister screaming. Then I heard Judy’s husband tell her to call an ambulance.  The phone went dead…

I didn’t know what to do. I burst into tears, and told my concerned husband what had happened. Good man that he is, he gave me a hug, made me a cup of tea and put me to bed.

I didn’t hear from Judy until a few days later. Pete was going to be okay, although he would remain in hospital for many weeks, and under the care of a skilled therapist much longer. My call had saved his life.

And here he was today, six years later, standing on my doorstep.

After the longest, most soulful hug, he pulled away. “Thank you,” he said, gazing into my eyes. “I’m a  teacher now,” he added as he turned to leave. “And I’m getting married in September.”

I couldn’t speak, I was so choked up. I nodded instead. And in an instant he was back in the car, and away down the street.

Living as a psychic is sometimes hard. I cannot turn off from what I am, or from this flow of information, and often it impacts my life in ways I don’t enjoy and can’t control.

But to hold this young man in my arms today, to feel the life-force in him, to know his gratitude for a second chance…    that makes it all worthwhile. ♥

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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96 thoughts on “The Unexpected Phone Call

  1. Wow, Nicole. It’s amazing how in tune with yourself and the world you are. And how generous you are with your gift. How you know what to do and how you do it, is humbling. How lucky we all are to have you in this world. thank you for being a life saver and inspiration. How wonderful to have that gratitude come back. Your writing is inspiration at the best of times… this is beyond that. thank you for doing the work that you do. You’re the only person I’ve ever met that actually embodies the sentence “she has a calling”. Thank you for sharing you incredible life with us. Sending you gratitude and love xoxoxoxo

  2. Inspiring for so many who are suffering to not give up, thank you for sharing. Personally close to home for me, your words moved me to tears xx

  3. ✨The more I know about you the more I love and am so inspired by you! ( u roc my world😊) Makes me so much want to help people.. I can’t wait to be out there doing my stuff (fulltime) hopefully sooner than later.. YOU are the most special lady there is!!

  4. Love this post, i feel gratitude towards your being for taking up such a responsibility in life. Even though you have to face the ups and downs of what you are doing, that moment of gratitude makes it all worthwhile.. I feel the same joy of sharing during group meditation sessions.. I especially feel the gratitude of people extend to myself when they connect deeply with themselves in the meditation classes..Thanks for sharing once again, your sharings are like a mirror, they help us to see ourselves….

  5. A beautiful and touching story about the human bond, we have even to people we’ve never met. Thanks for sharing.

    Last week we experienced a suicide in our neighborhood. A college student (19-years of age), jumped from a dormitory roof. Now, I ride the bus everyday with students and I wonder what type of impact I can make on their lives, something I say, or do, that could save a life without my knowledge. In your case, you had a more direct connection, but how many of us impact lives for good or ill each day of our lives? This is a huge responsibility of course, but human.

    1. I’m sorry to hear about that student. Life can be so hard. My only advice is to practice kindness. You never know who needs that warm smile, that nod of understanding, the touch of a hand or a few reassuring words…

  6. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story. You’re right, you could have done nothing….but I suspect that you would have felt other ‘encouragement’ to make the phone call. As you have said, having a gift includes the responsibilty that comes with it. Someone told me once if you don’t use your gift you will lose it. I don’t know if that is the case (I haven’t tested that theory, nor do I ever want to). I’m just glad you were there for this young man and his family.

  7. Oh my goodness…I just don’t know what to say after reading this…but I can tell you how this story made me feel…It made me cry, both tears of despair and tears of love and joy. Also from pretty much the start of this story I had goosebumps all over and also this strange feeling that I experience, sometimes quite often, of this beautiful, prickly feeling (almost kind of like pins and needles – kind of) which always starts at the top of my head and sometimes radiates down my body. It makes me feel IMMENSELY happy and incredibly warm and safe (I hate when it goes away, it never lasts long enough!) To me it’s just the best and most beautiful feeling in the world. Hopefully it’s not a brain tumour!! lol I’m guessing I am just a bit different. All sorts of things seem to trigger it and your story was one of them! Thank you so much for sharing this Nicole, you are incredibly special <3 Xx

    1. I just re- read this. Sorry if it sounds like I was being cold and inconsiderate. I didn’t mean it to sound like I had derived joy from this painful sorry, only from the amazingness of it! It was just beautifully written and I knew it would have a happy ending from the way you began the story. I only wanted to say that the pure miracle of this story made me feel amazing. I just wanted to clear that up! 🙂 xx

  8. God Nicole,

    I found this really amazing, emotional and confronting. Just tapping into the experience you had is really full on. I think it’s partially because when I’ve known of deaths that have occurred say even in the news I’ve sometimes been able to see visions of what’s occurred or at least more so what the person felt and picking up their spirit if they are still around, it’s a feeling I don’t particularly enjoy.

    I just think your a legend for being so precise with stepping into this guy and saving his life. Nice that’s he’s happy with his life now and found the gratitude to reward you with a loving hug you deserved.

    Your willingness to openly share love comfortably is an important lesson for me so thank you Nicole

    1. Living from love is wonderful, even with the risk (and eventuality) of pain. I highly recommend it. If you can stay out of fear and just be open, Lachlan, more of this intuitive ability within you will begin to open up. Nothing to be afraid of. Bless xx

    2. Yes good advice Nicole. I did have a giggle as I read this, the words, with the risk and eventuality of pain, I highly recommend it!! LOL As much as I understand the message in this, your a funny woman. Cheers

  9. Wow! Nicole thanks so much for sharing such an amazing heartfelt story. I cried bucket loads and had chills of wonderfulness (made up word) when you opened the front door. The gratitude, the hope, the love came back to you because you listened and made that phone call giving this young man a second chance.

    I really can’t express how much this story has touched my heart. Blessing beautiful soul ♥

  10. This is the most amazing and wonderful story. Not just because you saved this man’s life, but because your writing is perfection.

    It must be REALLY difficult to have these psychic connections. My gosh … i can’t believe you are sane living with, erm, TMI in some ways.

    If you could save lives all the time, it would be worth it, but how does it affect your health I wonder. GEESH!

  11. Nicole – you are such a treasure! That whole experience when it occurred initially would have been incredibly distressing, shocking and an absolute spin-out. Think how much that gorgeous young guy is now going to contribute to people and his community by being someone who has gone through that experience and dark time and is now working in the field of teaching where he can offer so much. I imagine he will be helping those he works with in subtle ways to see hope in situations that could appear really dark because he has been there. Loving your work!! xxxxx

  12. Oh… such an unbelievable story, it touched me so much… How strong your connection with that situation, and, in the midst of all, Pete’s hope to live that i felt in the “unconscious call” to you that evening and finally, after he got back to his life force, his eagerness to hug you and to recognise alla that has been and all that IS. I’m so impressed by all that and so gratefull you shared this beautiful story, thank you!
    I’m just here in your blog since a few days and getting familiar more and more with you and your life: an incredible gift, i’m honored to be with you Nicole, and your words from your recordings are still so full of meaning and aliveness!!! Love, Elena

    1. I can’t imagine what it must have been like. You must have felt like you were in a movie or something similar where you have to literally run to save someone’s life.

      The outcome definitely made me smile though. I think it’s so great that you got the chance to see him and hear how his life had changed.

  13. Nicole-I loved your beautiful story and I am so happy you shared it. From one psychic to another I wanted to address what you said at the end about not being able to control the flow of information. I totally agree being psychic can be really hard. I continue to work on learning to control when I receive information–I set the intention in keeping it in the space of a reading. I do feel like it’s improving for me and I have a lot more energy. On the other hand-you would not have gotten this important message you discussed in your story had you been closed. As always, you have me thinking about many issues. I am grateful to you and the light you share with the world. -Julie

    1. Julie, while I have become really proficient at boundaries re my psychic work, there are still many times when I am still unable to stop or disconnect from this flow, and I realise that in those times it is always for a reason. We need to share our psychic experiences with others so that it lights the way for them to follow, and reassures them that their own experiences are common and natural. Much love to you, sister Lightworker xx ♥ xx

  14. Ok, now I have found the tissues, blown my nose and settled down a bit, I want to thank you for sharing this beautiful story and saving the soul of who I sense is a beautiful young man, who, by your loving intervention will get to fulfill a very special destiny in this life. May God and his Angles always hold you tenderly and protectively while you do this special work here on earth. xxoo

  15. Wow….just Wow!I didn’t knew you are a psychic?It’s good to know a real one!But now i am not worried at all, if i am in trouble maybe God will send you to help me (angel) 🙂 Take care of yourself, because you are precious, you can sense and approach those hidden from our eyes…
    It gives immense joy to hear about a life still breathing and going on in life!

  16. As difficult as it must be at these times to have this gift I hope you and your gift continue to be nurtured. I think our world is a much brighter and deeper place when gifts like yours are treasured and valued, particularly by those whose lives have been touched by it. I was so relieved that there was a happy ending, our young people are so vulnerable at times.

    1. We each have our dark moments, don’t we? And that’s why I think it is so important to be sensitive and energetically aware and to reach out, even if doing so risks something in ourselves. Sometimes we need to be reminded that life is precious and that like the weather, emotional storms pass and the skies will eventually become bright again. Much love to you xx

  17. what an amazing story! the miracles of your life – love, flow, blessings and tears, we share them with you! thanks for your stories, they are magical! good on your for taking your gift so seriously as to listen, act and feel!! hugs sx

    1. this is what it will be like in our society all the time once we are all connected to source and tuned in with higher consciousness!! how amazing will that time be! sx

  18. A beautiful story Nicole – we are all so blessed to have you in our lives. We are all connected and through that you saved a beautiful soul. thank you for sharing. I love the power of the hug, particularly heart to heart. Thank you and love to you xxx

  19. This is a wonderful ending to what could have been very tragic. If for no other reason, maybe this is why you have these gifts. ?? It is hard for me, Nicole, to read of stories like these though as I have experienced loss similar to this young man’s attempt twice–my mother, and more recently my brother–yet in this instance, what could have been, was diverted. No one knows but you how your heart must have been full to overflowing when you saw this young man on your doorstep. Leaving ourselves open can be painful, and yes exhausting. I don’t know, but realizing how your blessings help others in so many diverse ways has got to be affirmation of your life’s calling, on so many levels, I’m thinking…{hugs}

    1. Jeannie, I’m so sorry for your losses. It is always hard for those left behind… I hope my story didn’t cause you too much pain.

      Yes, knowing that I can be a force for good in people’s lives, that I can somehow act as a conduit for Spirit and for love, compassion and understanding, makes it worth the difficulties that come with this gift. And it IS a gift. One that humbles me every day.

      Much love to you

  20. I too was moved to tears both by the wonder of spirit and the pure connections of love illustrated by this beautiful story you shared with us all.

    Given the sheer strength of your faith you chose not to ignore what you felt but took the decision to follow through, and thank God you did. How wonderful that this young man has gone on to live a fulfilling life and I am sure his experience will touch many souls throughout his lifetime.

    Doesn’t this show how amazingly fortunate some of us are to know that the material world is only a very small part of our true reality and that love really is the bond that binds us all.

    Bless you x

    1. At times, I must confess, it has been hard to act on what I have seen or felt, in case I was wrong, in case I upset others or embarrassed myself. But as I have gotten older, and seen more and more of the as yet unexplainable mysteries of the Universe, I now trust that if I am shown things, I am shown them for a reason.
      Thanks for you understanding. It means the world to me. ♥♥♥

  21. I was moved to tears by this. Nicole, you have a beautiful way of expressing yourself. Thank you for sharing this story. There are silent angels who walk among us and you are one of them.
    Heather (a.k.a. heatherfromthegrove)

  22. thank god for your gift nicole, what a moment for you both that was, brought tears to my eyes and shivers to my soul….so much love in you and the gift you share…blessed was he to have you as a guardian in that moment linked by the love of his mother…keep shining and seeing

    1. Thanks Rhonda. It felt good to share this one – and to have something good come from such a difficult day all those years ago. It gave me such a sense of closure and hope at the same time. Much love to you xx

    2. Don’t ever doubt that the ripple effects of your teachings are touching the lives of countless people you’ll never meet, and will through generations. I am increasingly coaching and seeing the changes people can make in their lives and the lives of others. Lots still to learn but have had a taste and loving it. So excited for June! Have a wonderful day xx

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