Too Busy? Relax!

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The time to relax is when you don’t have time for it.  ~ Attributed to both Jim Goodwin and Sydney J. Harris

We’re coming into a weekend, and I have a mile long list of things that still need to get done.

So, I should be doing them. Right?

Well, actually…  No!

I’m tired. It’s been a crazy week. Truth be told I’m about as sharp as a beach ball right now. So instead of stressing about all that work, I’m going to take the day off. Maybe I’ll get a massage.  Maybe I’ll go the movies.  Maybe I’ll curl up with a book.

But one thing’s for sure, I’m giving myself a mini-vacation; a mental health break if you will. Having once been the Queen of Burnout I recognise that when life is this busy, I need to take a break so I don’t end up broken.

The work will wait.  And when I come back I’ll be refreshed and my approach will be entirely different. There’s a great power in relaxation, a power to heal, to restore, to calm and renew.

When you are way too busy to take the time to relax, that’s always when you need to relax the most! Even if it’s just a few minutes of breathing while you’re seated at your desk at work.


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27 thoughts on “Too Busy? Relax!

  1. I agree with you 100%! You need to recharge your batteries, especially when you have a million things that all need attention at once. If you don’t take the time to take it slow, it will be taken from you and usually in not nice ways (sickness, fatigue, burn-out).

    I hope that you have a wonderful, wonderful weekend!

    1. Well my weekend has started off well. A sleep-in and a healthy breakfast, and I’m meeting girlfriends at a favourite teahouse for lunch followed by an afternoon of writing. A little work tomorrow, and then acupuncture and yum cha with my sister and more writing time. Heavenly!!!

      Wishing you a fabulous New York kinda weekend. Only 280 more sleeps until I get to enjoy a New York kinda weekend for myself. Yay 😀 xx

    2. Sounds like a great start to the weekend!

      280 more nights? Time goes by so fast! We’ll be chomping on pretzel croissants before we know it 🙂 Very much looking forward to it!

    3. *Gasp* Now everyone knows I’m counting down sleeps until pretzel croissants. Is that very uncool? Yeah, I’m sure that’s very uncool.

      But who cares, Daisy? New York! Daisy! Pretzel Croissants!!!

  2. Sometimes I just have to get away from my computer, desk, and office. I love weekends with nice weather because hubby and I hop on the motorcycle and take off for parts unknown. It’s such a nice break of sitting at a desk.

  3. Do you remember that little one minute meditation you included in a previous post? I did a search for it but I couldn’t find the post. I benefitted from it and I showed it to my dad, and he’s been doing it every now and then when he feels he needs to take a short time out. He’s 83 and still learning new tricks! 🙂 It’s amazing what a difference even one minute out of your hectic schedule can make, if you use it wisely.

    1. Oh yeah – I do that often. Often! It counteracts the mentalness and unpredictability that seems to be a hallmark of my life. How cool is it that your Dad is still learning new tricks. I heart that! ♥

  4. I’m hearing ya! Enjoy your time out relaxing.. & thanks to your words of magic, It has reminded me to do the same.. I am completely over Being busy.. It’s time to just to Be for a while. Thanks❤

  5. Can I just say that I love you and I am so glad that I found you! Every post, every word is so very perfect! Thank you for everything you do and all of your reminders and meditations and all of your wisdom and everything else that you do to help all of us! You are simply marvelous! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thank you so much, Linnae. When I was younger, and my life was very hard, all I wanted was to find a place where I could be uplifted and feel supported and guided. Now I’m in a good space, well loved and nurtured, it gives me great satisfaction to be able to do my small part towards providing that energy of support for others. Bless xx

  6. Take all the time you need.. Your so precious, and hard to come by in this world. Here’s hoping your day is so full of relaxation, you might even get Bored!! xxoo

  7. Enjoy your well deserved mini holiday….what a beautiful sunny day for it…thanks for reminding us that we really do need to smell the roses while digging the soil as well..big hugs…X

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