The Thirty Second Power Pause

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“As human beings, our greatness lies not so much in being able to remake the world – that is the myth of the atomic age – as in being able to remake ourselves.”
~ Mahatma Gandhi

“Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change”
~ Gino Norris


Can thirty seconds really make a difference?


Resoundingly, yes.

I’d like to share a simple technique I call the ‘Thirty Second Power Pause’. The name pretty much sums it up. You pause for thirty seconds, and those thirty seconds are powerful. 🙂

Think of the negative self-talk or the limiting feelings and beliefs to which we often subject ourselves. It only takes a second (literally) to scream ‘Fool!’ at yourself, just five seconds to hold the picture in our head of a worst-case scenario, twenty seconds to run an elaborate mental home-movie of us crashing and burning at something where we’d actually prefer to succeed and to feel that horror, doubt, fear or pain in our bodies. Such a short amount of time and yet we can do incredibly limiting and damaging things to ourselves in those few seconds.

So, in that context, thirty seconds is a luxury of time.

Let me show you how to use those seconds wisely and well. It might feel odd at first, and take a few goes to really get the hang of, but at only thirty seconds out of your busy day, you have time to master this simple technique.

Close your eyes and breathe in and then out, relaxing your body. Calm yourself, and centre yourself. This only takes six to ten seconds.

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Now affirm supportive words, saying them to yourself with conviction – I can do this – or whatever other words work for you. Hold a positive image in your head, or a colour that feels encouraging and supportive. If you like you can also affirm something like this: I choose______ .(health, love, kindness, abundance are all good examples)

Allow yourself to move to a more positive emotional space. You might feel optimistic, reminded, back on track, determined, hopeful, encouraged, excited, clear. Go with what works for you. Feel that emotion in your body.

Now take one more calming and empowering breath, in and out. Open your eyes. You’ve just rebooted your internal programming.

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That’s how to do a Thirty Second Power Pause.

Use as often as needed throughout your day.

Every day.

I promise that these thirty-second mindful pauses can change your life in positive ways.

Expect miracles.

Lots of love, Nicole xx

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  1. WOW! how incredibly powerful & AWESOME !! Again! lol Thanks Nicole! And once more…..perfect timing! It always amazes me how in-tune you are! I know it shouldn’t after reading your posts now, for just over a year, but it does!!! Lol ! You have yourself a great day! Namaste! 🙂

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