10 Ways To Be Kind to Yourself

Image from www.inhomelovingcare.com
Image from http://www.inhomelovingcare.com

“Kindness is the greatest wisdom.”  ~ Author Unknown

Mostly when we think of kindness, we think of how we can act towards others. But today I want to focus on another equally important type of kindness – that which we extend to ourselves.

The beginning of the year is an opportune time for setting up some positive habits to make our journey through life a little easier. Too often we forget ourselves in the hurry and bustle of the year, and many sensitive souls get so busy looking after others that they forget to look after themselves at all.

Why not yet 2013 be your year of aware self care?

Here are ten simple acts of kindness you can give as gifts to yourself:

1.  Eat well – a simple, nourishing home-cooked meal eaten slowly and with appreciation – to replenish your body and comfort your soul. If there’s no time for cooking, have some healthy take-out options already thought through so that you don’t succumb to junk. (Pictured below is my 5 Minute Cheesy Grilled Mushrooms)

mushroom and salad

2.  Say no when you’re too tired.  No-one can run on adrenalin forever.  Honour your feelings and your own needs. Listen to your heart. Let yourself rest.  Replenish those batteries.  * Good advice here:  Are you too nice?

Image from www.sleepsurvey.net.au
Image from http://www.sleepsurvey.net.au

3. Indulge in some self-maintenance.  Get your hair cut, have a massage, update your wardrobe or make that appointment with the doctor or dentist. For more info try 8 Ingredients for Better Health

Image from www.physiotherapyinperth.com.au
Image from http://www.physiotherapyinperth.com.au

4. Move your body! We were designed to move, and exercise is good for the body, mind and spirit. Choose an activity or sport that you enjoy, or simply go for a walk.

Image from www.yogaschoolofindia.com.au
Image from http://www.yogaschoolofindia.com.au

5.  Read a book.  Self-help, romance, educational, escapism, fantasy or non-fiction.  Reading is a wonderful way to take some time for yourself, to relax or to give yourself a mental stretching session.

Image from www.thedevilreadsout.blogspot.com.au
Image from http://www.thedevilreadsout.blogspot.com.au

6.  Make time for the things that you enjoy.  Indulge your hobbies, and connect with like-minded people who share your interests.

Image from www.stickyricecookingschool.com.au
Image from http://www.stickyricecookingschool.com.au

7.  Spend some real time with people (and creatures) you love!  Friends, family, pets – everyone who loves us and who makes us feel good about ourselves.  Social isolation is an insidious thing – facebook and texting can’t make up for that special energy of meeting up face to face for love, hugs, and laughs.

Image from www.thingswelove2.blogspot.com.au
Image from http://www.thingswelove2.blogspot.com.au

8.  Spend a little time dreaming…  Dreams aren’t just for kids.  Everybody needs a dream.  Try this great journalling activity: Writing Yourself into a Brighter Future

Image from google.com
Image from google.com

9.  Hang out in nature.  Spend the day or a week! Feel the sun at your back, the wind in your hair, the rain on your skin. Let nature fill you up and get you grounded again. Read more here: The Healing Power of Nature

Image from www.inspiredcamping.com
Image from http://www.inspiredcamping.com

10.  Ask for help.  Sometimes we just can’t do it on our own.  And sometimes we just don’t know what to do or where to start. On the days when we’re wrung out and hanging on by our fingernails, there will be someone out there who cares and is in a place where they can extend that guidance and support to you.  Asking for help is one of the greatest acts of kindness we can give ourselves. There’s more on this here: Sometimes your only job is to ask for help

Image from www.bigstock.com
Image from http://www.bigstock.com

You are worthy, beautiful, and you deserve love and kindness. Most of all, you need it from yourself.  They way we treat ourselves sets the tone in the wider Universe for how we expect to be treated. And our expectations have a way of manifesting…  Choose kindness!

Bless ♥ xx

Image from flickr
Image from flickr
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24 thoughts on “10 Ways To Be Kind to Yourself

  1. oh dear love, do you know how EVERY single client I EVER meet we talk about this? SELF COMPASSION!!! Yes! Thank you for your ideas (and the fun images that go along!). This might sound crazy, because a lot of folks would just assume I love being outside, and I do…but I often forget to really jsut BE in nature! I’m on a walk and wanting to exercise or doing yoga outside or running around w/ the kiddos. But the other day — going on a nature walk w/ the kiddos in the woods RIGHT BY OUR HOUSE, I was reminded of how I have to do this, for my soul, every week. Every few days. Love how you are encouraging self-compassion, self-care, nurturing ourselves. Love to you from across the world! Lisa http://www.barefootbarn.com

  2. Hi Nicole it’s just like the demo on the flights isn’t it?! “Fit your own mask before assisting others!” A great message for the Light Worker Team. Let’s cherish one heart at a time starting with our own. Many thanks and Love and big hugs Julia

  3. Thank you, again.
    If I can just hold onto life a little longer, I will definitely cherish your writings everyday.
    They bring tears to my eyes, but only because you make me want to live.

  4. Hi Nicole!

    Thanks so much for reminding me to be EXTRA kind to myself — 2013 will be all about getting my health back and pampering my body & soul. I’ve bookmarked your Cheesy Grilled Mushrooms recipe, have written down all the ingredients, and will try it out very soon… with a glass of red wine.

    Happy Magical New Year, my lovely friend.
    Bless you!!!

    Grateful Mudd 🙂

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