The Tea Party – A Post About Friendship


“Anne and her family lived alone on an island. She enjoyed having tea time with her friends the spiny lobster and baby hawk.”

~  National Geographic, August 1938


Today I’m attending an afternoon tea for one of my friends.

Perhaps you’re all thinking it shall be like this: glamorous well-frocked girls having the perfect time.

Image from
Image from

I’m sure the food will be beautiful, and the company heart-warming. We’re coming together to celebrate a  milestone for one of our group, and to show our love and support, as friends do.

I’m really looking forward to catching up with everyone.

But today I also want to paint an honest portrait of our small group, so that you can appreciate the nature of friendship. And I’m also writing this in support of another dear friend who is battling with being in a difficult place in life right now, and who wrote yesterday that she was finding it difficult coping with the eternal optimism, happy-happy magical unicorns and dreams-come-true posts that are filling her facebook feed.

Photographs and posts seldom capture the energy that sits behind the snapshot of an event. So let me fill you in on ours.

Image from Etsy
Image from Etsy

The star of our afternoon tea came home with a limp and a scratchy throat last night, and may still be in questionable health today.

One of our party was released from hospital yesterday after an unexpected stay, and another of our number has recently been diagnosed with a serious virus that has laid her low and greatly slowed her down.

One girlfriend is completely under the hammer with work and deadlines, and has been flattened by stress.

One girlfriend has just lost her father.

I’m still reeling from the sudden death of my friend’s daughter and that intense week of psychic experiences, followed by the passing of a good friend a week ago whose death provoked a social media onslaught of judgment, nastiness and ignorance. On top of lyme playing havoc with my sleep, and leaving me ragged.

Why am I sharing this?

You might not be able to know these things by simply looking at us.

We might not be able to know these things by simply looking at you.

I also know you’ll relate. Haven’t you pulled yourself together, or made a big effort, or put that happy face on and pushed through at one time or another, because of the people you love? And most times we were glad we did.


Most of us are struggling a little right now. Haven’t you noticed that it’s crazy-time? As well as being the full moon. It’s the space we’re in energetically. It’s havoc and chaos and sadness and slow-down and obstruction. It’s big emotional stuff, and relationship stuff, and we’re all sitting in that energy and most of us are affected by it.

Despite that, and despite our own battles, a group of us will come together today and drink bubbles and cups of tea, and eat cake and sandwiches and assorted tasties. Because we care for each other. We love each other. And that’s what love does.

That’s actually the most delicious, nourishing and restorative thing of all.

Wherever you are today, know that I’m sending you love and wishing you well.

Bless xx

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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18 thoughts on “The Tea Party – A Post About Friendship

  1. Hi Nicole,
    I recently found your wonderful blog. Thank you for such lovely pieces.

    This post is so perfect right now. Jerry, a friend of 40 years and proxy brother, died Thursday. His wife has been a friend for nearly 60 years. Four of us women, who have known and been friends with each other since we were 6, are meeting at the funeral in ND with thoughts, fears and pieces much as you highlighted in this blog. Hearts joining hearts in sadness as we’ve done in joy and other ups and downs for nearly 60 years.
    Blessings and Love,

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Yesterday, I was sitting in the metro and noticed a young man in the doorspace where people only stand because there are no seats. He had kneeled down so nobody sees him and was quietly crying, talking on the phone. So, I remembered the story you wrote about that young man you hugged and was crying because he had just lost his father. And I felt so touched by his silent tears that I did want to do something, even small to let him know it would all be all right in the end. Then I remembered having 3 small stones in my pocket and took them out. I chose the tiger-eye and when it was time for me to get out, I went to him (he had stopped crying and was standing by the time) and gave him the stone. And I blessed him mentally and still do today. You are such an inspiration, Nicole! I am sure the tea party was great!

  3. such a true post Nicole. It is just so intense the energies and feels like years with no let up on survival mode. Tea Parties with friends, a real treat. lots of love xo

  4. Enjoy your tea party get together! It is great to have friends around where you can be you and relate. No matter what goes on in your life. My partner is great at saying “everything is fine at other peoples relationships/family life.” “Why can things be so complicated in our life?” My response is always that you just don’t know, people don’t share everything. When things are not said it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Be caring, be loving, be supportive, stop being judgemental……. Thanks for this post again Nicole. Wise words as usual…. X

  5. Thanks for writing so honestly about you and your friends’ situations right now, Nicole. Too often we think everyone’s life is rosy compared to our own. Enjoy your tea party and the laughter and tears that may ensue from an afternoon of sharing, and bask in the comfort of your binding friendship. <3 :):):)

  6. Thanks for another great post. That’s what true friendship is all about – warts and all 🙂 Have a lovely relaxing weekend xxxx

  7. So True! Perfect example of ” a book being judge by it’s cover”! much Luv and strengthening & healing thoughts to you and your dear friends, Nicole. And everyone else going through these chaotic energy filled times! All the best to you all!

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