No Trouble Here!

2015-04-23 09.53.06

“Whether you’re being good, or you’re up to no good, try not to look guilty.”
~ Jarod Kintz


They look so sweet and innocent, don’t they? Bucket-Head Bert and Cafe Dog Harry…

But looks can be deceiving.


Could these two dogs possibly be responsible for:

a) the raiding of the kitchen bin

b) the destruction of lounge scatter cushions, whose stuffing was strewn throughout the house

c) the complete annihilation of a box of tissues in the bedroom


Surely not, based on this comforting picture of two brothers sitting quietly on the couch.

Some other random dogs must have broken in off the street, wrecked the joint and then left while we were out.

That’s the only possible scenario I can think of.

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11 thoughts on “No Trouble Here!

    1. I think you totally diagnosed the problem correctly. They are bored, Mama! I am glad the babies will be home to romp on their farm. Doggies can have such a subtle way of communicating! lol. <3

  1. I came home one afternon to find my heeler covered in stuffing and saw a big hole in the middle of the bed….OOOOO IT WASN’T ME SHE GROANED IT WAS BROTHER BANDIT. Aren’t they fun there is always a suprise right around the corner. They look so cute there I do think a couple of wild dogs or racoons did the damage it could not have been these two angels.

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