It’s Hard To Blog When You Can’t Find Your Slippers

“It’s easier to put on slippers than to carpet the whole world.” ~ Al Franken


The mornings have suddenly turned cold here at the farm.
I’m meditating with a heavy prayer shawl around me for my 4am starts, and choosing to stay sitting up in bed so I can remain cosy.

Normally when my meditation is finished I’d pop out of bed, put my dressing gown and slippers on, go make a cup of tea and sit down at the kitchen table to write in my journal and then blog.

The early morning floorboards are too cold for bare feet. I need my slippers in the cooler months. But do you think I could find them today? I usually leave them under the bed. How odd that they are gone.

I’ve been searching everywhere for my slippers!
I eventually discovered one, tucked under the desk on the front veranda. Only one though.

Rufous the very good dog found the second slipper. He was obviously minding it for me so it wouldn’t run off again.

Good boy, Rufous!


Meanwhile, in Dog Land…

Rufous: Hahaha, this slipper is delicious!

Rufous: Why are they calling my name? I am innocent. Well, I will act like I am innocent.

Rufous: Oops… Would you believe I found it here on the couch? Is it yours? 

Sorry, Mum. It’s only just a bit chewed. And soggy. But it’s still good.



13 thoughts on “It’s Hard To Blog When You Can’t Find Your Slippers

  1. What soulful eyes. How lovely he has come into your lives just when you need him. Who cares about slippers anyway?

  2. Thank you Nicole for sharing….reading about your experience ‘down under’ about the cooling mornings and ‘cold floor boards under foot’, really brought a smile to my face, because it reminded me how we all share this world. And as one side of our Earth Mother falls asleep the other side wakes up to a new day….and as one hemisphere cools and prepares for winter slumber the other hemisphere is busy preparing for new growth and a rebirth. What a magical journey we all share, from differing, but connected experience. I have been enjoying a return to the Light and warmth here in northern Canada. What a miracle it is to be able to sleep with the window open for the first time after months ( and months) of a Canadian winter. And what a riotous joyful sound flowed into my darkened bedroom…the wistful sound of coyotes calling to each other under the stars, the sound of frogs happy to return to the world after a long winters sleep deep beneath the frozen earth, the cry of a fox calling for love…and my favorite…the lonely but loving ‘hoot’ of an owl somewhere in the dark distance. The joy of rebirth and renewal being rejoiced by all living things after a long slumber. As your mornings cool and your world prepares for it’s ancient cycle of rest and repose know that somewhere, far away, but as close as your beating heart, we are waking up to warming mornings and the joy and miracle of rebirth. Thanks as always Nicole, you ROCK!

  3. Looks like a new pair of slippers must go on the list. Having your scent close is comforting to him. You must have needed to stay in bed this morning for some reason. 🙂 Thanks for sharing those precious photos.

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