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“First set a strong and clear inner voice and then do all that you want to achieve and the door will be opened.” ~ Amit Ray


Hello Lovelies,

I am going on a long-overdue vacation in the middle of this month for two weeks. I’ll be in the middle of the ocean, far from internet, phone or any kind of work. (Well that’s the plan but plans can go astray). 

Anyway, before I go I’ve decided to create a journal challenge for you – one we can all work on that can help us to grow, connect and refill our well. I’ll schedule the posts for the days I’ll be away. And I’d love for this challenge to best support your needs right now.

So my question to you is this:

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Whichever topic gets the most votes is the one I will create for you. Looking forward to your answers!

Much love,  Nicole ❤   xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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17 thoughts on “Tell Me What You Want!

  1. Hi Nicole
    IMO the self care option that you have listed is first priority. If we are in better health and mindset, then the other three project options will be more effective. Many of us don’t realise the extent that we put others first and constantly neglect ourselves, so please spell it out for us 😉 .

    Have fun on the cruise. Xxx

  2. enjoy Nic and I assume Ben enjoy xxxx For me now that my thryoid is gone gone gone and starting to get some mojo back, I am ready to start my private practice that now includes hypnotherapy. Much love to you both and the four legged animals xxxx

  3. Hi Nicole, I suggest that you leave Ben behind, that way you’ll never be in trouble for doing stuff that you’re not supposed to, and then again you bound to be told on by Sokli. If possible I would like on Oracle challenge with an Intuitive angle to it (just to be difficult), As usual can’t make a decision on one thing ). Hope you have a quite time. Take Care Chris

    1. Sally, it humbles me and leaves me grateful to be able to serve and support our community. Thanks for sharing the journey with me <3 xx

  4. Have fun cruising! I always found being surrounded by water a comforting thing… whether it was as calm as a crystal still lake or moving like a roller coaster… Have a wonderful time. I do hope that you are able to take advantage of your time to nurture yourself have the break that you need. Intuition would be my topic of choice, please. Thank you for your generosity and taking care of us all (even while you’re away… Sending you lots of love xoxoxo (If you need any cruising tips – let me know – I was a production singer on ships for over a decade – it’s been a while but I don’t think much has changed… Then again, look who I’m offering advice to – you’ll work it out!!!)

    1. LOL – I’m so looking forward to this break away, Jo-Anne. And I promise that whatever I create for you will work with building your natural intuitive skills. Hugs and love xx

  5. How to stop my mind wandering when I am trying to meditate.
    Have a fantastic cruise. Rest and recharge. Love and hugs. M🌈💝🌞🐳

  6. I’d love a financial improvement Nicole. I’m not saying it will buy happiness but it would sure remove a lot of stress and buy time and freedom to breath, live, fly and lend a hand to struggling friends.

    1. If you need some ideas about that just let me know, Elle. Money flow is a powerful antidote to many of our biggest stresses. Much love xx

    1. My cruise is only a week too but I am having a couple of days either side of that to decompress ❤️ Enjoy your holiday xx

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