Renewal and Rising Hope – Monday Oracle 20 January 2020

“For within your flesh, deep within the center of your being, is the undaunted, waiting, longing, all-knowing. Is the ready, able, perfect. Within you, waiting its turn to emerge, piece by piece, with the dawn of every former test of trial and blackness, is the next unfolding, the great unfurling of wings, the re-forged backbone of a true Child of Light.”

~ Jennifer DeLucy

Hello, Lovelies!

January is a month for moving past limitations, for reinventing yourself, and for planning, possibilities and creating a sense of purpose. Keep that in mind as we explore the gifts that the oracle card RENEWAL brings us this week. RENEWAL is from the Sacred Earth Oracle by Toni Carmine Salerno & Leela J Williams.

RENEWAL’s Message

RENEWAL brings a message of hope. This is a week of gentle beginnings. It’s a week where tender new growth can emerge, fledgling ideas can be birthed, and what has been planted or wounded can begin to emerge in a new form.

On a personal level you are encouraged to pay attention to your health. Do you need more sleep? Is it time to change your diet? Would you benefit from a period of detoxification, or from beginning to move your body more? Is there a health check or procedure you have been putting off? Could you work with a therapist or practitioner for body, mind or spirit to bring healing and rebalance? RENEWAL suggests that you attend to these things, beginning now.

On a wider scale RENEWAL reminds us that life consists of many cycles. After acts of destruction, damage, wounding, trauma, death or desecration there will come a time when life returns, when hope returns, when movement and flow and beginnings become possible again.

It’s a time for creativity, for opportunity, for luck and for good fortune.

One of the most optimistic aspects of RENEWAL is in relation to the environment. (As an Australian, and in the face of our current bushfire crisis, I find this week’s message comforting.)

It’s also a week for taking back personal responsibility and holding yourself accountable for making change happen. Yep, that might feel odd if you haven’t sat in that space for a while, or if you’ve become used to letting everyone walk over you or take care of you. But ultimately to be able to trust yourself and your ability to look after your own needs will be empowering.

Supportive crystals for the week ahead

Rutilated Quartz is great for helping you to see the best of yourself and your potential, and giving you self-confidence. Chrysocolla (pictured) helps you to release negative energy and old patterns, bringing love, light and healing into your world. It is a gently positive and reassuring stone that promotes self care.  Aquamarine helps you to let go of emotionally painful experiences, keeping the learning but releasing the rest. Amazonite helps you to live bravely and from your heart, especially in regard to your creative projects. It will boost self-confidence and self-worth.

Helpful Essential Oils

Oils that gift us compassion, nurture and release are what’s need this week.

RoseGeraniumCypress and Wild Orange will support you well in the days ahead. Rose is the supreme heart nurturer and will help you recover from trauma and upset. Geranium helps alleviate feelings of sadness and distress, and re-centers you, ready to start again. Cypress helps shift old emotions and reduces stress and anxiety. It’s great for fresh beginnings. Wild Orange helps you move from despair back to optimism, and encourages creativity and flow.

These oils can be used alone or in combination in your diffuser.

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This is our time now. Sending love and sparkles, Nicole xx

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