The Energies of June, 2020

“Because true belonging only happens when we present our authentic, imperfect selves to the world, our sense of belonging can never be greater than our level of self-acceptance.”

 Brené Brown

Hello, Lovelies!

At the beginning of every month, I discuss the energies and gifts of the month ahead and how we can best use them to make our lives satisfying, meaningful and productive.

I also choose a card to support the energies of the month. The deck I am using this year is the Native Spirit Oracle by Denise Linn, and June’s card is GATHERING YOUR TRIBE.

June’s energies are all about relationships

This is a month for connecting or reconnecting with family, or for making a family of your own. Family is not just the parents you are born to. Family is your ancestral lineage, your soul group, the people and animals who become your family, and love you and accept you as you are.

On a wider level, all of humanity is your family. Every person. Everyone. Inclusion, acceptance, community, and belonging are big themes this month. How can you help others to feel included? How can you help others to belong – especially those people who have felt excluded because of their race, religion, disability, social situation, health issues, gender or sexual orientation.

It’s important that you find the right people and places to give your heart to. It’s time for collaborative energies and connection. Look for it in your family, your friendships, your work groups, your community groups, your interest groups. It’s fine to have sacred and solitary time, but there is also a time to come together, and that time is now. If you don’t fit in where you are, look for somewhere better aligned to your energy and values, or actively work to change the existing paradigm.

You need to find or create heart and community in the wider world of business, community, governance and politics, as much as in your personal life. Belonging heals us. Collective action is what will change our world for the better.

Spend time on important relationships this month. Listen to the stories of the elders of your tribes, and seek their wisdom. If it is your own time, step up and become an elder or guide for the younger generation. Create your own groups and tribes if you can’t find what you need. Know that June supports groups changing and growing, healing, coming together, and moving in new directions.

June shows you that on a soul level you must take care of your own needs first. A hungry heart cannot be ignored.

Listen to those whispers of your heart. Get clear about what your passions are. Own your needs. This might be a frightening thing if you have always put the needs and well-being of others before your own.

Find your people. Walk away from anyone and anything that does not offer you inclusion and belonging. Put strong boundaries up and protect yourself from anyone within a group who does you harm. It is fine to belong to more than one tribe. Not every person or group can meet all your needs. We are multi-faceted and complex beings.

Above all, live from your heart and your values this month. Choose kindness. Choose goodness. Choose inclusion.

Make 2020 The Year Where You Finally Honour Your Path As An Intuitive Soul, Here For Service

2020 is a year for chaos and change. In the midst of this chaos lie strong energies for reinventing ourselves and the world, for tapping into our intuitive wisdom, and for soul growth.

I’ve made a commitment to work with you through my online Journeymaker Academy Circle Membership to help you learn to tap into your intuition, honor your heart’s path and calling, and to use metaphysical skills such as meditation, mindfulness, journaling, self-care, intuitive card reading, psychic skills, hands-on-healing, energy work, ancestor work, connecting with your guides and energetic crew, and much more.

I won’t be running retreats or live events for the foreseeable future, so I’m moving all of my material online. That means no matter where you live you can work with me, without having to make the journey to Byron Bay, Australia.

Whether you are at the beginning of a spiritual awakening, already living as an intuitive soul or whether you are in the midst of a full-blown psychic awakening, I have teaching and materials to support you. And of course you’ll have access to me and my team to help answer your questions in our private Facebook membership group.

I believe that our lives become fulfilling and satisfying by honouring our soul’s need for connection and by using our potential to do good in the world through contributing our unique talents, gifts and knowledge. Let me help you honour these gifts that you have been given, and the intentions you have as a soul for your growth and contribution in this lifetime. 

The spiritual journey is necessarily one of healing. I’ll show you how to ask for Universal Help and create space within your life to allow connection, guidance and healing to happen on a physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual level. This helps you to deal with energetic blockages, resistance to your path, and to create positive flows of energy and spiritual guidance within your life. As you begin to connect with your inner wisdom, Universal Energy/God and your Guides, so you will become empowered in making choices more aligned with who you are on a Soul Level.

The Journeymakers Circle membership group is the place where I will lead you on that journey of change and transformation. Here you can access a wide and growing range of online courses, tools, videos, webinars, meditations, and our and very active private members-only Facebook page. The Circle is designed to help you to grow your intuitive, psychic and empathic abilities, and to help you be all that you came here to be in this lifetime. It’s the group and course I wish I had found to help me at the beginning of my own spiritual journey.

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Rebecca C

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Sending you all of my love and my intentions that this be a month where you find your people, where you connect to your heart’s desires and where you live from your values. All of that helps the world to become a better place, and we can all make a positive difference, starting with ourselves and radiating that energy out into the world. ❤ Nicole xx

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