Healing Ritual For The July 5 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

“Do not relive that painful past. Release yourself from it. Rejoice in the present moment.”

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Hey, Lovelies!

Here’s a simple ritual to help you work with the upcoming Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse on Sunday, July 5, 2020.

The energies of this moon and eclipse will help you to let go of old hurts and traumas and begin to integrate positive aspects of past live experiences and wisdom. It brings with it a sense of release and a renewed optimism. You may also feel a surge of creativity or intuitive flow in the week ahead.

Everything’s being stirred up. What’s no longer needed and what is ready to be healed or finally seen and understood is being brought to the surface.

Just behind anxiousness is possibility. It’s a great time for clear insights, inspiration and breakthroughs which heralds a shift towards understanding and connection.

Some of you who’ve already done a lot of self-work will have felt excited this week. You’ll feel like finally you are back on track and able to gain some momentum for your projects, ideas and dreams. That’s wonderful. Thank you, Full Moon!

Remember to put your crystals out in the moonlight for a cleanse and recharge. And if you can, take time to sit under the night sky and simply breathe. Breathe and let go of all of that old stuck emotion. Cry if you must. Howl at the moon.


Then come back to calm and breathe in hope. Breathe in possibility. Open yourself to change.

It’s a great time for journalling and self-reflection.

Full Moon Ritual

Tools you will need:

A small stone or crystal that you are comfortable to discard. Ten minutes of your time.


Read through this first, and then perform the ritual. You can do this ritual at any time on Sunday or Sunday evening.

  1. Sit or stand somewhere on your own, where you won’t be disturbed. Take your stone in your hand and close your eyes.
  2. Offer up a prayer that all work be for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of All.
  3. Feel back in time, and begin to notice and become aware of all of your past lives. You might have this as a feeling, an intention or idea, or you may get images. Whatever happens for you, know that the ritual is still working.
  4. Feel how all of those lifetimes have shaped you. Don’t judge them. Simply be aware of them.
  5. Connect to the possibility of releasing old traumas and unhelpful patterns of behaviour from previous lifetimes – without having to know what they are, or the details of them.
  6. Think of how it would feel to let those energies go, and how freeing and liberating this will be.
  7. Visualise these traumas as colour. See that colour as specks in your body and aura. Flow all of them out of your body and into the stone.
  8. Say out loud “I release all trauma from my past. I love forward with love, carrying only wisdom.”
  9. Lock the energy into the stone.
  10. Now offer a prayer that these energies be released easily and effortlessly.
  11. Say out loud the words, “I AM, and it is so. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”
  12. When you are ready open your eyes. Lay your stone out under the open sky and the moonlight for the night. If this isn’t possible leave it on a windowsill where it can be exposed to the energy of the Moon and Eclipse.
  13. Tomorrow, after the moon has set, take your stone and bury it in the earth, or within the soil of a pot-plant. You could also cast your stone into the river or sea. Let it go. Let it all go now.

PS – If you’ve worked with my Lunar Eclipse crystal grid you can dismantle the grid at any time from 6 July onwards.

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4 thoughts on “Healing Ritual For The July 5 Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

  1. Thank you Nicole. I carried out this ritual last night beside a fire in our backyard, under the clear skies and the bright light of the moon. The whispy clouds and the rays of light from the moon were just totally incredible. I found the mediation very visual and powerful. I did not realise how many past lives I had had!! I felt totally immersed in the process. When I came outside again later to say goodnight and thank you to the fire and the heavens, there was the clearest and most enormous cloud angel looking down on me. Thank you so much🌕 xxSimone

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