Celebrating Rufous and His Five Year ‘Freedom Day’ Anniversary


Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely for that one dog, the world will change forever.

~ Karen Davidson

Hey, Lovelies.

Yesterday I received a wonderful message in my inbox from Janine, a woman who works with the rescue and fostering of cattle dogs. She had just found pictures in her Facebook feed from April 7, 2017 – the day she rescued a small red pup from a kill shelter.

Only a few hours after that, my friend Monique posted pictures to my Facebook page of this same young red cattle dog pup who was in need of a forever home. It wasn’t the kind of thing that Monique would normally do, but she felt compelled to share.

I took one look at that puppy’s face and knew we had to try to bring him home. I immediately contacted Janine, and then Sharon who runs Australian Cattle Dog Rescue. After many messages and phone calls over several days it looked like this boy could be ours.

When Rufous was cleared for adoption our friend Carly went with Harry Dog and Ben on a nearly five-hour drive (and then back again in the same day!) to meet this rescue pup and see if he could be a good fit for our family. Of course he was! So they brought home to us and he became Harry’s younger brother.

I often think of the dogs we have had in our family over the years, and what a different fate they could have had if we hadn’t given them a forever home. I also think about what gifts they have brought to our family. When you have a dog, you are never alone. They are loving and constant companions. Each of our dogs have brought us joy, laughter, funny stories, more than a few tears, and hearts stretched wider to fit all of that love inside. They have each had their special quirks and personalities, and sometimes their own special challenges – but that’s life, isn’t it? And it’s amazing how love, kindness, patience and a sense of belonging help all of us to grow and thrive.

I feel blessed to have become mum to young Rufous; the happiest, cheekiest, most cheese-obsessed dog you’ll ever meet.

If you’re ever thinking about adopting a rescue dog or cat, and you understand the size of the commitment in being able to provide a forever home, I encourage you to go ahead. It has made our lives so much richer. I am grateful every day that our boys have a chance to live and to thrive.

Proudest dog mum ever!

Hugs, love and puppy-dog eyes, Nicole xx

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