The Reading I Did For Myself


And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?

― Rumi

Hey, Lovelies.

Every year I do two card readings for myself that guide my decisions and actions for the months ahead. One of them is the 10 Card Helpful Energies Spread that you’ll find in my Journeymaker’s Planner. The other is my New Year’s Positioning Reading. I usually do these spreads late in the year, or early in the new year.

The New Year’s Positioning Reading starts with a spiritual overview of the year ahead, based on your soul’s energy and trajectory. Then it looks at your inner and outer journey for opportunities for growth and healing, and the main arenas of your life. Many has been the year that I have completely changed my plans based on the first three cards of this spread – the ones that show what energies and opportunities are available to me on a soul level. There’s no point focusing your attention and efforts toward things that are out of alignment with what your soul is telling you.

The New Year’s Positioning Reading is so valuable as a planning tool that I began to offer it for my Inner Circle members a few years ago. I do the reading in an online session with them and then my team turn the cards into a workbook that my members can use in conjunction with their recording to make informed and intuitive decisions for the year ahead.

Late last year got so busy with family members being unwell, Christmas orders to fulfil and client sessions that I put off my New Year’s Position Reading until 2023. Then I got busy with work, and family crises, and suddenly it’s mid February and I still hadn’t done my own reading.

Until yesterday.

I found some quiet time, got into my channelling space and pulled my first three cards – my Soul’s Becoming. I laid them out.

Then I stopped.

Ah, shit! I thought to myself.

Here were my priorities staring me in the face. My health. My personal writing. My relationship.

There was so much possibility in this spread.

But, also…

There was so much misalignment between these cards and how I was planning to set up my year, my business, my life.

I knew it. I KNEW IT. Relief and discomfort washed over me. I needed to think. I needed to make a better plan, to pull things up before they got really started, to change direction, to actually prioritise my priorities.

I would like to tell you that I then sat down, did the rest of my spread, journalled and worked out my life.


The neighbours wanted to discuss our dividing fence, which needs to be replaced, so Ben and I went next door while it was still light. We walked up and down the hill talking footings and heights and materials. Then we went upstairs with them, cracked open a bottle of bubbles, put some cheese and crackers on a plate and sat out on the deck until late, laughing and talking and having the kind of mental break none of realised we needed, but that we really needed. We’ve all been under so much stress, and a laugh and some good company is good medicine.

This morning I still have these three cards sitting on my desk, waiting for me to come back to them. I have an admin day today, and a lot of work to push through. I work tomorrow from 6am through til 2. Then I’ll be tired. So, Sunday I will sit with my cards. I’ll draw the remaining ones. I’ll do a 5 Card Focus for more information. Then, I will work out a plan. In a year where I am already ignoring my own health (I have a partially dislocated jaw and my doctor told me to talk less! I know – such a drag!) but where it needs attention, and where creativity, soul work, and love are major opportunities, I definitely need to change things up. I’ll let you know how I go.

Hugs, a sore jaw, and intense gratitude for good neighbours and laughter, Nicole xx



Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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3 thoughts on “The Reading I Did For Myself

  1. Hi Nicole
    There are physiotherapists who specialize in jaws. Mandibular physiotherapists I think.
    Good luck. Jaws hurt!
    Love to EVERYONE in these crazy days❤️

  2. Dear Nicole,
    I look at that spread and see the need for you to nurture and love yourself.
    I see sitting in stillness to do it.
    I see turning towards your soulmate – Ben to help you to change up your priorities.
    Initially I thought you need a life coach and then I thought you have the perfect person. The dependable steadying influence in your life – Ben. You and Ben need to sit down and maybe meditate together and ask him for guidance about what your year is going to look like.
    I know this might seem really obvious to you but maybe it’s not too.
    Much love to you.
    Jen 💞( I hope I am not out of line with what I said).

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