Making Things Happen – Monday Oracle 31 July 2023


Don’t wait for things to happen. Make them happen.
~ Roy T Bennett


Hello, Lovelies!

This Quarter I am using The Sacred Forest Oracle by Denise Linn, with artwork by Scott Breidenthal, for my weekly oracle readings.

Our card to guide us for the week ahead is 37. Spirit Guardian of Summer – EXPANSION. 


2023 is a year for change, creating solid foundations, and for spiritual journeying. It’s a year for personal growth, and for clarifying who you are, what you want, and why you are here.

July invites us to gain perspective in our lives, to rise above our troubles, and to leave the past in the past as we venture forward to what lies ahead. August encourages us to acknowledge ourselves as energetic as well as physical beings, and to find and give thanks for the sacred in our everyday lives as we nurture our dreams and open our hearts to opportunity.

37. Spirit Guardian of Summer – EXPANSION

This week calls you to work towards your goals, to work on your problems and obstacles and to work on your dreams. Often these things are intrinsically bound together.

There is a part of you that always knows. An inner voice that whispers to you about what feels right and what doesn’t. About what your dreams are and what fits or doesn’t fit with that.

Most often, we ignore that voice. We make it even smaller, we shut it out, or we promise ourselves ‘later…’.

That wise inner voice is brought to the forefront of your mind this week. The more you have gotten yourself off track, the louder it will be.

There are things you won’t be able to ignore. Things you will just ‘know’ and knowing them, it will change everything. No matter how stuck you’ve been, or how afraid, this week you’ll find the courage to act.

Life’s short. It’s precious. It’s your one shot. Trust that inner voice this week when it shows you the way forward. Take that chance. It’s time to do things differently. If not now, when?

My Top Tip For The Week Ahead:  

Make that call. Submit that application. Ask that person out. Sign up for that course. Have that hard conversation. Get that professional advice. Do something about the thing that’s worrying you. Make space for your dreams. It’s time. Go create shift. That’s where the magic happens – not in the thinking about it but in the acting upon it.

Stuck with creating a satisfying life for yourself or understanding your best direction forward? Maybe you need a session with me to bring some extra clarity and direction. Details here

Crystals to support you this week – Clear Quartz, Tiger Eye, Turquoise, Polychrome Jasper, Sodalite, Orange Calcite


My team and I are working steadily (but I promise I’m working LESS!) behind the scenes right now.

As I restructure my life (remember, I promised my doctor that I would!) and my business, we are creating an upgraded website, an overhauled Academy, some new courses, and several new digital and physical products. They will get rolled out over the next 18 months, and I am excited to finally see some of my bigger visions becoming real. I can’t wait to share all this new goodness with you!

My boundaries around work are becoming much more defined. Come late afternoon I step away from my desk, no matter what I am doing. I don’t go back into my writing room again til morning. I have whole days off. I have more help at home and at work, and I’ll be adding more members to my team between now and January too. I have given the flick to a whole lot of time wasters and reclaimed time for myself in other ways, including stronger boundaries around some of my relationships. That was hard to do at first, but it’s paying off now as I reclaim more time for creativity, more time for rest, and more time for FUN. 

My bigger plan is to give myself a sabbatical year in 2024, where I can work on my books, travel, and spend time with loved ones.

Does this mean I won’t be working?

Mmmm, no…. but it does mean I will be much less available, and where I will disappear for chunks of time so I can adventure with Ben, or focus on BIG projects that I know will require me to live and breathe them rather than merely dabbling at the edges. I’ll be giving love to my Membership and a few special events and courses, and I’ll be opening my books to clients on a very limited basis on a select few dates. But that’s it.

The result of all of this?  My intention is for finished books, exciting new products to share with you, exciting new adventures for me, and a year of health and being loved up, relaxed and deeply connected to the Earth and my inner world.

This kind of soul replenishment is long overdue, and as I explained in an earlier post, I want to do what I can while I still can. I’m expecting to live a long life, but when you live with chronic and progressive illness you also expect to lose function over time. While I can still get around, while I can still hold a pen, see, type, think, move… my goodness, I don’t want to waste a moment of that.

And you know what? That’s true for ALL OF US. Tomorrow is never promised, for ourselves, our loved ones, our our dreams.

So, that’s a bit more of an update on me. When the plan is 100% locked in, you’ll be the among the first to know. 

Meanwhile, I have a 50% off sale over in my ETSY store for one more week. I want to make room for our new 2024 Journeymaker Planners, and other new stock (it’s a surprise so you’ll have to wait for details on that!) so jump in and grab a bargain for yourself, or as gifts. Click the link to go to my ETSY STORE:  Go here.

I hope you take some steps towards your own goals and dreams this week. If not now, when?
I’m cheering you on. Let’s do this!
Biggest love and hugs, Nicole xx



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