Reclaiming Your Disowned Self – Monday Oracle 23 October 2023


As you get comfortable revealing who you are, you help others stop fearing and concealing the magical feelings of who they are.
― Curtis Tyrone Jones



Hello, Lovelies!

This Quarter I am using The Shaman’s Dream Oracle by Alberto Villoldo and Colette Baron-Reid with artwork by Jena DellaGrottaglia, for my weekly oracle readings.

Our card to guide us for the week ahead is 46. ROOT GIRL – THE DISOWNED SELF.



2023 is a year for change, creating solid foundations, and for spiritual journeying. It’s a year for personal growth, and for clarifying who you are, what you want, and why you are here.

October is a month for making friends with uncertainty, for exploring your creativity, taking risks, and putting yourself out there. It’s a fabulous month for love and socialising too.



This week ROOT GIRL brings you your unowned shames, pains and wounds, and all of your unexpressed needs that are digging deep holes in your heart. She places them at your feet and asks you to see them, to feel them, to heal them, to own them and nurture them back to health, acceptance or integration.

She kicks at the old beliefs – the one that tell you you aren’t good enough, and reminds you that these were never true, although you have lived as though they are.

She whispers to you the truth of being human – everyone makes mistakes, everyone hurts others (intentionally or otherwise), everyone has regrets for past choices. 

But you are not your past.

She reminds you that no-one is responsible for your happiness except you. No-one is responsible for the choices you make or don’t make, except you. These deep old pains, these deep old wounds, these deep old needs – it’s time to bring them back out into the light and give them the love they deserve. It’s time to move on from the past, taking only the learnings and leaving everything else that weighs you down behind.

It’s time to act on those dreams and needs.

If you don’t know how, reach out for help this week. That could be talking with a friend or mentor, finding a good counsellor, or speaking with a professional who can help you identify your next step. Above all, be kind to yourself, and hold your head high.


My Top Tip For The Week Ahead: 

Often, the only thing holding us back is our own thoughts. This week, choose to actively direct your thoughts and actions towards more supportive and positive choices. Be encouraging and kind with yourself. Don’t worry about what other people think. Celebrate your successes, and if you make a mistake or slip back into old patterns forgive yourself, think about what circumstances led to you choosing/ thinking that (i.e. were you tired, hungry, feel sad or unsupported, reacting to criticism?), pick yourself up and keep going. Don’t let yourself be derailed. Change takes time, but you can do this. Also, totally do something about one of those unexpressed needs or dreams. Go on – I have so much faith in you!!!


Want help creating a satisfying life for yourself or understanding your best direction forward? Maybe you need a session with me to bring some extra clarity and direction. Details here

Crystals to support you this week – Clear Quartz, Pink Opal, Labradorite, Mookaite, Unakite, Serpentine


Yeah, so that last week of mine didn’t really go to plan.

I ended up infected with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) during my hospital stay for routine tests to manage and monitor some of my chronic long-term illnesses.

That’s life as a severely immuno-compromised person. I pick up bugs that aren’t a big deal for healthy strong people, and they become a big and complicated deal for me. I went down and stayed down, so it’s bed rest here at the Treehouse for me for another week before we reassess.

I was completely bummed to be so sick with a chest infection after having successfully managing to avoid COVID, the flu and all kinds of other bugs these past few years. And the coughing is a nightmare. I’ve strained muscles in my back, seen stars as I gasped for breath, and lost bladder control a dozen times now. At least I have a comfy bed, good care, and a beautiful view. And I am quite entertained by my strange and feverish dreams. I feel like I turned a corner last night, so hopefully I am on the up again.

And for other news…

Right now the hard copy of The Journeymaker’s Planner 2024 is already available on Amazon Australia and Amazon USA and it will be available through Etsy and my new online store soon. The digital copy will also be available via Etsy and my online store soon too. Plus some other goodies. My team is working hard on that and I cant wait to share all of this goodness with you once I am up and about again.

Love, steamy eucalyptus vapors, warm blankets and comfy pjs, Nicole xx


Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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3 thoughts on “Reclaiming Your Disowned Self – Monday Oracle 23 October 2023

  1. Thanks Nicole ❤️. It’s not that I am not working on that topic but now and then someone triggers me. That is what happened yesterday. I already feel much better today but I wonder how often I have to go through it until I am finally healed.
    Healing ist what I am wishing you too. Sending much love back to you!

  2. This ist exactly how I feel.
    Things that happened when I was a child came up again and it makes me SO SAD how they seem to stuck in my dna and block me. Still, after so many years! I feel the pain and the helplessness in front of the surrounding circumstances when I was a child and it still affects me. All of my loneliness, my feelings of not being good enough, of not being worthy of not being lovable .. have their roots in the past and although it was NOT MY FAULT because I was a child, I have paid the price.
    I want to scream and I want to cry, but I do nothing of it. I suffer INSIDE.

    1. Caroline, I am so sorry to hear of your pain. It is my deepest hope that you reach out to someone who can work through these feelings with you so you can find resolution, hope and peace. There is no need to keep suffering in silence. You deserve to feel better. Much love, Nicole xx

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