The Curious Case of Clothespeg Matching

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“Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work.” ~ Gustav Flaubert

Something interesting happened yesterday as I was pegging out the washing. Well, interesting to me, anyhow…

For all of my life I have shaken out each item, and pegged it neatly by corners or seams. I take a piece of laundry, dip my hand into the peg basket, and repeat, repeat, repeat until I’m done.

Yesterday was a big washing day. Five loads. And as I neared the end, clothesline groaning under the burden, I realised that somehow in the last little while I have become a peg matcher.

This is not something that EVER mattered to me. In fact, I wasn’t even aware that matching the colour of your pegs could be a deliberate act.

For decades I have simply taken random pegs. But yesterday I looked at the evidence. Here a pillowcase with two red pegs. There a sheet with two blue pegs. A t-shirt, two white pegs. Jeans, two more red pegs. And so it went. Not a single random allocation of colours.

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And there’s more.

Suddenly, after endless months (years actually) of struggling with strategic story ideas, editing, plots and timelines I am creating complex interactions, and jotting down page after page of notes and wild imaginings. I can see where things need to be fixed or worked on. I can feel the flow of words again.

On the one hand I have become orderly, structured and with a yearning for systems and neatness.

On the other hand I am experiencing a riotous explosion of creative chaos and expansive thinking.

I’m putting it down to my lyme meds. As all of these horrid bacteria in my brain die off, the old grey matter appears to be functioning better. Oh my goodness. My brain is starting to work again!!!

It’s been a hard road on this treatment regime, and there’s so much left still to do. But I can honestly see improvement. I have more energy. My balance is improving. My heart is beginning to behave. The vista of my life is beginning to widen in front of me and possibilities I thought closed to me for ever are opening out. So, I will stick to these drugs. I will stick to this diet. I will persevere through the awfulness. Because something is working – I am slowly healing and being restored to myself.

Hooray for peg matching! I wonder what other changes there shall be?

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20 thoughts on “The Curious Case of Clothespeg Matching

  1. fabulous you are feeling changes! I’m a ‘get the washing out as quick as possible’ type, but my sister is very organised and methodical with her clothes pegs all matching, and often matching the item of clothing hanging up as well!

  2. What an exciting blog – so glad to hear your healing news. Keep at it and we will keep you in our thoughts and prayers, dear Nicole. You mean there are clotheslines in Aus that don’t sport matching clothespegs? How do their owners cope?

  3. Our old solider of a washing machine has just gone to wonderful little helpers in the sky (owes us nowt) So the old pile is getting bigger and bigger . Having a new babe today so I count my blessings . Love your multicoloured pegs …want some . So glad you are feeling better.

  4. Great news Nicole…with the love and happiness you spread only goods things will come your way. All tho there is always some hurdles 🙂
    I use to peg match and everyone said get out of the habit, it wasn’t healthy. Wait till I tell them there is a club. Looking forward to washing tomorrow and peg matching.
    Love and happiness always xxxx

  5. I am so happy for you to hear you are feeling better, even just a bit, even with a long path to go yet. I hope you keep having encouraging results – how exciting! I have been known to peg-match and I sometimes I try to match the pegs not only with with other pegs, but with the colour of the clothes as well. I did worry about myself a little at the time, but reassured myself it was just a little bit of creative fun with a daily task. And the world is always a better place when we get to play with colour, right? 🙂 Never dreamt any other human would be mad enough to do the same thing! Seems there are maddies all over the place. What a great club 🙂

  6. This post fills me with such joy for you. To feel and see signs of the battle within working for you is, I’m just filled with happy joy for you.

    Must’ve been the week for laundry recovery (I did six on umm, Tuesday in a post BWF stupor).

    On the peg front, I have combinations I do and some I can’t bear to put together. The matching colours, rarely happens (or by fluke lol).

    Love and light xox

  7. Welcome to the peg matchers association. I was much maligned (in fun) by my ex-husband for matching peg colours! But I like the orderliness of it.
    So glad the meds are working and you are starting to feel better. Looking forward to the results of the renewed energy and creativeness.

  8. Oh well done Nic! Hurrah – there is light at the end of this very long and dark tunnel for you! Soo much love to you! xxx
    We are off farm hunting this weekend. Exciting!!!

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