Leaving the Nest

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“Don’t listen to those who say ‘you taking too big a chance.’ Michelangelo would have painted the Sistine floor, and it would surely be rubbed out by today. Most important, don’t listen when the little voice of fear inside you rears its ugly head and says ‘they all smarter than you out there. They’re more talented, they’re taller, blonder, prettier, luckier, and they have connections.” I firmly believe that if you follow a path that interests you, not to the exclusion of love, sensitivity, and cooperation with others, but with the strength of conviction that you can move others by your own efforts—and do not make success or failure the criteria by which you live—the chances are you’ll be a person worthy of your own respects.” – Neil Simon

It’s the last morning of my Channelling Intensive Retreat.  What  a crazy, wonderful, agonising, brilliant roller-coaster ride it has been.

To me it is still breath-taking that my students are brave enough to put themselves in my hands, even when they are fearful, even when they are filled with doubt, and then look at me with their shiny-bright eyes and say ‘show me’

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They have trusted enough to open their own connections to psychic gifts.  They have connected to all manner of Guides, Angels, and Light BEings. They have learned to work as healers, and to bring energy through their hands.  They have learned to gain insights from meditation and from channelled writing. They have learned to use shamanic tools, and to work with crystals. They have learned to trust their intuition in gaining insights and clarity for others.

I am so very proud of them.  It has been humbling to watch them grow before my eyes from frightened and confused students, to Souls who are wired up and ready to go.

Today I shall kick them all out of the nest. That’s as terrifying for them as when they first arrived, because now they go back to the real world, opened up and changed in ways that mean they can never go back to how they were before.

Without risk, we can never fly.

If you have a calling, then be brave and follow your heart.  We need more people to live strong.  Living strong and following your heart will change the world. That’s the world I want to live in – the world where we shine our Light, and live with authenticity and grace, freely sharing our talents and gifts.

You came here to BE the difference.

I have so much faith in you.  So go shine your Light.  Be brave, and stand tall.  You are magnificent, and the world is richer with you in it. Bless ♥ xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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7 thoughts on “Leaving the Nest

  1. absolutely beautifully written. Says so much in such a precise and concise way. You are always wonderful, but certain posts stand out especially. “You came here to BE the difference.” Love this sentence! 🙂 thanks once again for beginning my day so “thoughtfully”. 🙂
    much love light and JOY

  2. The past year has been a nightmare – a boss that I am so frightened of and a job I’ve held for 29 years – he’s about to take away just months before I could retire. Somedays, reading your blog is what keeps me hanging on. I have this dream of a small farm in upstate NY and this huge fear it will never happen. I keep clinging to the dream despite the naysayers and the nightmare of my life right now. Wish you were close enough for a reading –

    1. Oh Eileen! {{{HUGS}}} Much, much love to you. Hang in there, girlfriend. Wishing for you all good things.

      And you know, I do readings with people all over the world. All we need is skype or a phone line. (and then there’s the fact that I’ll actually be in NY next year for ten days or so…) Anyway, you can make contact for appointment information through my work website http://www.nicolecody.com My wonderful PA, Nicki, will look after you xoxo

  3. Oh Nicole.. What happens when your ready to leave the nest, things are just awesome all is going fantastic.. Then your kids throw you a curve ball so big that you just want to kill someone? My son was gang beaten on the weekend 10 people on one tiny 19 year old!! And you know what it ended up being a misunderstanding. Now even though I can forgive these idiots yesterday I had to be escorted from a shopping centre with my little kids because these dip shits came after me. Now only for Facebook photos ibrecognized most of them but there were over thirty guys and everywhere I looked women shouting I’m gonna kill you. Now I don’t know them, haven’t provoked them and they say they do it because they can. I’m not the only victim. I’m so sad for them at the same time wild.. nearly couldn’t meditate last night, can’t sleep, eat.. Crying on the inside.. When will people in this world learn to treat others with respect? How do I practice when there are so many haters? xxxxxxxxxxxx <3

  4. Luv the Eagle song! Since the full moon ceremony! I have been inspired to dust off all my Nicole Cody stuff and start practicing
    again. What treasures I have been blessed with.. I am never going to give up on myself and my path no matter how long it takes.. Can’t believe how the time has been slippen!! My first course with you was 2003!! Thank You Nicole for being such a great inspirational teacher for all of us on this path.. Luv xx

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