Sometimes fat really is pregnant!

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Common etiquette suggests that you should never ask a woman if she’s pregnant, even if she looks that way.  I guess the same can be said for cows too. It’s been a good season, and all of our cows are fat.  But we can comfortably say they’re not preggers because we have no bull!

We lost a young purebred Droughtmaster bull to bracken fern poisoning about 9 months ago. He was too young to be working yet, and we were broken hearted.  Then just a few months later we lost our young working bull, a handsome and good-natured Murray Grey to the same thing. We’ve been without a bull ever since.

In recent days one of our cows has become flighty.  That’s her on the left in the picture above (taken before all this lovely rain!).  She wouldn’t come when we called and she hung back from the mob with one of her friends.  She was fat, but not that pregnant sort of fat; more the sort of fat-as-butter, all-over-rounded plush and shiny I’ve-eaten-far-too-much during this good season kind of fat.

Yesterday she went missing, so this morning Bert and I went to look for her! Of course looking for missing cows works better if you have a stick in your mouth.

2012-01-01 00.02.21

We found her all on her own, down in the river paddock.  She still looks fat.  But if you peer closely into the grass you’ll see evidence of something else.

calf new

Yep, that little underage Droughtmaster Bull left a legacy for us, in the form of a tiny fat red bull calf to carry on his line.

Yippee! I’m so excited.  Can you help me think of a name for him?

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  1. What about Bracky for a name ? Great story I had a friend who was so proud of her Paint mare and was looking forward to her having a foal. Was a big suprise when she gave birth to a mule. The donkey up the road had somehow got in first ” Where there is a will there’s a way !”…. Have a wonderful day Nicole enjoy your new addition xx

  2. Fantastic…how wonderful indeed…my name choice “Gobi” like the desert, even in the bareness of places life springs forth…and it is so majestic…just like your strong young bull…Happy Days for sure!

  3. Molly…. Not sure why this little calf looks like Molly? She just does .What a beautiful surprise. Enjoy your new family member. Love Lyn xxxx

  4. awwww cool! i like the name ‘kahn the bull’ (sounds like carnival if you play around with the way you say it). congrats and welcome to the new life at the farm. may he bear you many more lil treasures!

  5. First, so pleased that you are feeling much better Nicole. How about the name of a gem stone like Amber, about his colour? Is he a red poll? Very handsome!

  6. congratulationns with the new born bull. I hope he will bring you new generations of cows on your farm. I don’t know what time it takes to be full-grown with bulls.He looks strong and healthy. Love and light, Jetske 😀

  7. Screams at the cuteness!!!!! Congratulations and yes, I know……he’s going to be a proper working bull and I probably shouldn’t scream at his cuteness :).

  8. A friend has recently encouraged me to read your blog Nicole to help me out of the “blues” post radiation treatment. Today it has worked for sure. What a beautiful story about your new born calf and the way he has come into the world. I really like the suggestion of Phoenix for his name too. Look forward to learning when you and your hubby decide on his name. Lucky little bull to be living with you. Thank you for your blog. xx

  9. Just for fun, I thought of Aarushi. It’s sanskrit for “first ray of the sun”. He has been a ray of sunshine after the loss of your bulls and found after all the rain we’ve had. Sounded nice.
    Good luck with the naming Nicole.

  10. Seren – short for Serendipity “a pleasant yet unexpected surprise!”

    That’s an awesome story Nicole! Love it and love that your cows have a handsome young bull to ‘entertain’ them!! 🙂

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