The First Thing I Did In My New Home

And suddenly you know: It’s time to start something new and trust the magic of beginnings.

Meister Eckhart

Hey, Lovelies!

I am still traipsing between properties, not properly settled in any of them. There is still much to be done, but I have had time to consider the way I will live in this next home – our ‘treehouse’, and this staggered arrival has allowed me to begin mindfully.

Before I moved a single item into our new home, or spent a night there, I took the time to prepare it energetically.

First, I used my Tibetan Singing Bowl to cleanse each room with sound. I then used Eucalyptus Essential Oil in a spritz, to fill each room with that clean, sweet scent.

When the house was cleansed of old energies, and felt fresh and new, I constructed a crystal grid in the centre of the house, using stones and objects that were representative of my family, and my husband’s family, and of our shared history. I then included offerings for our Ancestors (unopened packets of shortbread, ginger biscuits, strawberry jam and sardines!) to represent our genetic heritage. These will be opened and shared with family at our first meal together in the new house.

I charged up the grid with my Singing Bowl, and then meditated and put my prayers and intentions into the grid. I connected with the land, and with the energy of the big old trees that surround us. Connecting to Country in this new place is very important to me. As my old Aboriginal Aunty taught me, I asked permission of the traditional custodians of the land, and of the Kabi Kabi/Gubbi Gubbi Elders past present and future, to live in this place, and to do my spiritual work. I called in my totem animal, and the totem of my Aunties. Then I called upon our Ancestors, the ones of my own family line, and of my husband’s – I called them all here to this new place, and asked for their blessings, guidance and support for our family members still living. I connected into the Zero Point Field and anchored my soul energy in this new place. Then I offered up my prayers and intentions for this new life we are about to embark upon, and gave thanks.

With this work was done, I quietly and respectfully exited the house, locked the doors, and left the grid to do its work.

When I came back 24 hours later, to throw open the doors for the removalists who were coming later that day, you could feel the energetic shift that had taken place in our new home. It FELT like home. It was warmly welcoming, and I immediately felt safe, cocooned, nurtured, connected and happy. I pulled down the grid, keeping all of the crystals and the singing bowl in one central place in the new home. They became our first possessions to be ‘moved in’.

I am looking forward to living there. Soon, soon, soon, we will!

Much love, eucalyptus scented hugs, and great optimism (even through my great fatigue!), Nicole xx

PS – my old singing bowl was the last thing to be packed at the farm, and the first thing to be unpacked and brought into the treehouse!

Nicole Cody Tibetan Singing Bowl
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7 thoughts on “The First Thing I Did In My New Home

  1. So thrilled for you and Ben’s new adventure in your tree home. Sounds like a mindful and wonderful way you have set things up. With all the too-ing and frow-ing – it sounds like you’ve always been where you’ve needed to have been. I’m excited for you both. May you create many wonderful memories and have the best adventures in your new home. Sending love xoxoxo

  2. Beautiful way to start out in a new home. Unfortunately, most times it is out the door of one place and in the door of the next all in the same day. It leaves little time for appreciating where we are and what we have. Blessings to you, family, puppies, and all the ancestors that will gather there. <3

  3. I feel like your new home ceremony could be used to refresh the homes we are living in now. I wish you much health, love, peace and joy in your new home.

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