Join Me for a Magical Carpet Ride?

Image by sunshine0
Image by sunshine0

“Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” 
~ Albert Einstein

I’m a firm believer in the power of imagination. Connecting in to pleasurable memories, imaginings or visualisations has a proven positive affect upon our mood, our creative ability and our energetic vibration. It reduces stress, inflammation and anxiety and helps magnetise us to further abundance and good.

(Note: Conversely, this also works with dwelling on negativities, worries and past pains  darkening our mood, increasing stress, thwarting our creativity and lowering our vibration – so try your best not to go in that direction…)

There’s a question game my friends and I like to play sometimes. It involves using our imagination to take us somewhere fabulous, and then sharing that experience with each other. In fact, hearing about someone else’s magical journey has often inspired the rest of us to make real life travel plans, or at least menu choices!

And at times when my life has been less than wonderful, this game has kept me thinking of a brighter tomorrow, and got me through some less than great days. Many of the things I’ve imagined have ended up coming true. How fun is that!!!

So, my lovelies, why not play this game with me?

Read through the questions, and if you feel like sharing, post your answer below or over on our facebook page.

Here goes!

If I had a Tardis…

Image from kootation
Image from kootation

Or a magical Carpet…

Image by creativeguy59
Image by creativeguy59

And a magical Wallet full of local currency…

Image from Ren and Stimpy Wiki
Image from Ren and Stimpy Wiki

And I lent them to you, so that tomorrow morning you could wake up anywhere in the world for a magical 24 hours where you had no worries, vibrant energy and zero food intolerances/medical conditions/other encumbrances, and only good could happen…

1) Where would you be?

2) Who would you be with?

3) What would you have for breakfast (or lunch or dinner)?


4) What would you do with your day?

Have fun with it!

Lots of love,  ♥ Nicole xx

Image from
Image from

PS – My 24 hours? While my puppies are being lovingly taken care of back at our farm I’ll wake up in a private bungalow right on the beach in a beautiful and remote part of Thailand. Of course my husband will be beside me! After my meditation we’ll go for a swim in the warm, tranquil ocean, enjoying the quiet and our own company. After a long walk along the beach we’ll dine on fresh papaya and lime, salad and a made-to-order omelette. Then a trip to visit some temples and local markets – lots of walking around and taking in the atmosphere, snacking on delicious Thai food and drinks. Later we’ll go for a massage and be completely spoiled with pampering. Perhaps another dip in the ocean. Then a romantic candlelit seafood dinner on the beach, before dancing the rest of the night away.

How about you?

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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18 thoughts on “Join Me for a Magical Carpet Ride?

  1. I would be in Bali, with pure-souled kind people, my family and my future husband [whoever he is] and could eat coconut+chocolate bonbons and seafood and passionfruit, and maybe hot peppers, too. But dinner would be salad made by my mom, chicken grilled by my dad, guacamole made by my brother, and moist chocolate-saturated brownies made by myself.
    All day we’d: frolic in the waves, do volunteering building things for people, make and listen to music, and take a wonderful tour of the unique architecture. And more ocean-swimming! I am a big fan of the water. And then, drift off to sleep on a padded and cozy hammock, listening to beautiful noises of bird-calls, waves, and ?
    Blessings. 🙂

  2. Nicole, that was delightful. My friend Rita and I took our magic carpet to Paris and spent the day at Musee Rodin to see the works of Camille Claudel and explore old bookshops and time for a café. And as always, when in Paris, a trip to Shakespeare & Company and the Montmartre!

    Greedily, one trip was not enough. My youngest son joined me for a day of kite surfing on the Mediterranean. Huge pots of steaming moules with plates of frites washed down with a beer for him and vin rouge for myself.

    Thank you so much. They were wonderful journeys. Hang on… oh well I may never be finished… 🙂

  3. I’ve always wanted to be whisked away by the doctor and be the next companion…… If I had a magic carpet I’d fly down to Burleigh pick up my soul sisters and spend the whole 24 hours catching up, eating, drinking, smoking and healing! A pocketful of cash I’d spend taking my 4 girls on the adventure of a lifetime cramming it full of FUN FUN FUN and making forever memories!

  4. I would like to gather my husband, family past and present, friends, animals and take them on your magic carpet ride (I’m a social phobic so it would be a novelty without the magic carpet…animals will be fine ) to a warm beach that hasn’t been discovered yet . I would like to be fed beautiful food served by mermen , gnomes, pixies, fairies ( like something out of Harry Potter) . Then I’d like to gather an orchestra and play piano ,guitar, violin etc ( can’t play anything) and serenade everyone . Then dance under the moon with lots of glasses of chilled wine laughing till i drop . Then all of us back on your wonderful magic carpet watching the stars and drinking hot chocolate in the cool evening air with a whole host of owls guiding us home …hey this is really good . Do I have to stop I’m enjoying myself.
    Thanks for a great post Nicole
    Cherry xx

  5. I lost my mum in April, and while she was in hospital I was in a wheelchair as I’d broken my back.
    My perfect 24 hours would be to go out for the day with my mum (didn’t get that chance for ages before she died as she was so poorly)
    I got married in July and she never made it, so I would take her out for a pampering and shopping day.
    We’d book into somewhere fabulous for lunch then go look for beautiful outfits for us both.
    We’d have pedicures, massages, facials, the lot. Maybe I’d book flights to New York or Paris and do it there, she LOVED to shop!
    I never got that chance.

    1. If I had the means to make that happen for you…I would.
      That is so beautiful.
      I wish you nothing but peace and happiness in your life.

  6. My best day ever would start before dawn onboard Tiata. I open my eye’s just in time to see a falling star out through the cabin window which opens up to the sky. Rudy is quietly sleeping beside me, I climb over (it is a boat) careful not to wake him up and venture outside to sit on the deck and watch the night turn into day.

    On Rudy’s awakening we jump in the tender and make our way to shore, the sand is white and we are the only vessel in sight. Time to explore this beautiful island and to do a bit of exercise then back home for a nourishing breakfast with some home-made bread we baked yesterday.

    The day gentle, A morning swim with the fishies up and down the reef and maybe a game of boules on the sandy shore, there are always chores but they are fun. I wash our clothes in a bucket and there’s always a bit of upkeep on the boat maybe a game of upwords, always an on-board favourite.

    As day draws to an end we sit on deck and watch the day turn into night and if we are lucky to have another boat around we join for ‘sun-downers’ and for a while they are our closest friends for there are only us 4. We talk and laugh.

    There is no where we have to go and no where we have to be surrounded by nature on our beautiful little boat on the sea.

    Now that sounds great to me…..

  7. Would love to go back to Italy and drive the Amalfi coast and drop into little fishing villages and eat the fresh food and then fly over to Sicily and visit the amazing temples and ruins as well as sample all the fabulous dolci and foods. I can’t wait to go. Would also love to stay in one of those iconic country homes with the winding roads lined with cypress in Tuscany, walk into the local village and eat the grilled local produce and sample the salamis and fabulous pasta dishes. Then of course onto Rome, the eternal city and walk through the streets and discover hidden passages and places off the beaten track. AAAAhhhh! Would so love to do this with my husband.

  8. The St Regis, Bora Bora, Tahiti. My husband arranged on the sly for us to be there for our 20th anniversary. He secretly flew my parents from Brisbane to Melbourne to look after our 3 boys and then whisked me away to paradise. The over water bungalows were jaw dropping, the water really is azure, a cloud circled the peak in the middle of the island but the sun shone on us and we lazed. You could spend your day soaking in the gorgeousness holding your book and not read a word and that was OK! We walked on the beach, we’d take long sighs then look at each and start laughing, we drank champagne, we swam, we held hands, we ate devine croissants without thinking about their calorie count! On our last night we ate on the restaurant boardwalk looking back at the island while the moon shone on the lagoon, Sigh.
    Would go back there with my man in tow in a heartbeat!

  9. I want to go back to the dreams I’ve had and talk to some of the people there. I often wake up and wonder what they decided to do now that I’m not there dreaming with them.

    1. I’ve often wanted to do that too! Well, my magical carpet can certainly take you there. Climb on board and off you go -imagination-land has all the answers! Don’t forget to tell us what happens next…

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