A Message for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

Image from www.cincinnatizoo.org
Image from http://www.cincinnatizoo.org

“The real warriors in this world are the ones that see the details of another’s soul. They see the transparency behind walls people put up. They stand on the battlefield of life and expose their heart’s transparency, so other’s can finish the day with hope. They are the sensitive souls that understand that before they could be a light they first had to feel the burn.”
~ Shannon L. Alder


Lovely friends, I just wanted to write you a little message of hope and reassurance this morning, because I know many of you have been feeling as I do. And this past month or so has certainly given us a buffeting.

As we near the end of 2016 many of us have felt completely drained. Not only that, the usual fixes haven’t worked. More sleep, better diet, extra supplements, caffeine, yoga – all the things we’d generally use to perk ourselves back up or keep ourselves going – none of them have restored us to and then kept us at a place of feeling energised and vibrant.

Dear ones, it isn’t just you.

And there isn’t something seriously wrong with you. Although it might feel that way…


There are a few things at play here that are affecting you:

1. Positive Ions and Changes in the Planet’s Energies

There is major shift within the Earth’s crust. This creates phenomena such as earthquakes and active volcanoes, but it also releases  a massive amount of positive ions into the atmosphere. Positive ions impact our capacity to ground, as they change the electrical charge of the earth beneath our feet from a negative one to a positive one. Being unable to ground is a serious issue for emotionally and energetically sensitive people. It renders us unable to discharge the energies we pick up from other people and places.

Positive ions also increase inflammation, disturb sleep patterns, impair brain function, suppress the immune system, cause anxiety and depression, generate huge fatigue, provoke asthma and breathing difficulties, and impair digestive and hormonal function.

Positive ions affect everyone negatively, but for energetically sensitive people the problem is magnified.

Image by Tom Pfeiffer at Flickr
Image by Tom Pfeiffer at Flickr


2. Massive Energetic Clearing

Many of us have come to this lifetime to be pattern-breakers within our family tree. These last months of 2016 are gifting us opportunities to break patterns within us, and within our family, that have been handed down through generations.

Ancestral healing, healing of relationships, healing of patterns within us – all of this takes huge work. First we need to become aware of the patterns. Then we must generate the will to change. Then we must make the change. It often takes a supreme effort to do so. The energetic cost is high.

Of course, when we break patterns there is often resistance in those around us. Situations and relationships can become tense and difficult. Lots of stress generation adds an additional load to the already overburdened empath or intuitive.

Image from www.geneartology.com
Image from www.geneartology.com


3. Ending of Old Cycles

We are in the last vestiges of that old energetic era which started before the birth of Christ, and which began its phase out in 2012.

That era was one of masculine energy, power, authority, domination and technology.

Often something that is on the way out kicks and shoves and makes its weight felt one last time.

Sensitive and intuitive souls feel that kick more than most.

As this cycle ends we are also letting go of those unbalanced aspects of ourselves. Lots of work is done as we sleep. Lots of work happens in our psyche and energetic fields. We might be consciously aware of it. All we’ll feel is exhaustion. And rightly so – because we’re working really hard to get this old cycle closed off for good. We’re levelling up. Shift is happening!

Image from www.requiemof.wordpress.com
Image from www.requiemof.wordpress.com


4. Holding Space at a Soul Level

Empaths, intuitives, highly sensitive people, lightworkers – all of us who are sitting in a place of higher awareness and connection to humanity and the planet – all of us are holding space for a more positive unfolding of Earth’s evolution.

We are hurting as we feel injustices and cycles of damage.

We are holding a vision of a world that is kinder, calmer, greener and more evolved.

That kind of space-holding is vital to the conscious unfolding of mankind. And it takes a lot of energy.

Image from www.soulalchemy.com
Image from www.soulalchemy.com

So, my friends, if you are weary to the bone, if you can’t work out what’s wrong, if you think it’s only you, think again.

We’re closing off the old. We’re birthing the new.

It’s a lot of work.

Right at a time when we can’t ground or gain the energetic support from the Earth that would more easily sustain us.

It will pass.

Until the earth’s energy stabilises again, there are things we can do to help ourselves become re-grounded:

  1. Drink water with 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon bicarbonate of soda and 1 teaspoon lemon juice or apple cider vinegar  – this will neutralise the static electricity in you. Don’t have more than 2 doses of this in a day.
  2. Hold or carry a red jasper or a black tourmaline – or both if you have them
  3. Make a grid of 4 stones for your bed – use hematite, carnelian or any jasper. No quartz! Activate with red light. Don’t know how? Go here – How to Build a Crystal Grid
  4. Rub Sesame Oil onto the soles of your feet
  5. Use Lavender oil for calming your limbic system – inhale or rub on soles of feet.

Keep doing the work! Plan, reflect, journal, meditate, take long walks, practice self-care and be aware of your own thoughts and behaviours. Now is the time for actioning these last big changes from the old energies. Now is your time to change the world, by first changing yourself.

Bless you. You’re so precious to me.

Sending biggest love and hugs your way, Nicole <3 xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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39 thoughts on “A Message for Empaths and Sensitive Souls

  1. Feeling all of this and the usual healing and grounding methods just not cutting it! Walking on the beach and floating in the beautiful lake Ainsworth usually magically calms and grounds me but I’m still so unsettled, anxious, sad and lacking in energy and enthusiasm. At least I know I’m not alone. Off for another walk on the beach along with your other suggestions! Thank you Nic, love you xx

  2. We are in the last vestiges of that old energetic era which started before the birth of Christ, and which began its phase out in 2012.That era was one of masculine energy, power, authority, domination and technology.Often something that is on the way out kicks and shoves and makes its weight felt one last time.

    well in that case let’s hope Brexit and the results of the US election are those last kicks and shoves and won’t last long. I certainly can’t see the effects of these nasty shocks ever leading to anything calmer and kinder in the world… it’s getting to the stage where i don’t even want to switch the news on anymore, it’s just too depressing!

  3. And the light goes on !!! The aha moment of clarity. Only minutes ago I added my name to your healing grid because of how I have been feeling. As an empath and a mother of an empath we have been REALLY struggling in this household during 2016 to hold ourselves up and now I know why. Your article made so much sense to me and it is sheer relief that it is not us (we are not losing our minds or our ways ) but we are in fact reacting to these shifts. and as such there is still hope. Thank you Nicole for these explanations because when you are in the middle of it all it is hard to see anything with clarity.. Bless you Janine

  4. So grateful to read today’s blog, Nicole. There were a few “ah-ha” moments and I look forward to the future with renewed perspective xx

  5. Wow Nicole, thank you so much for this explanation about why my life has become such a mess….and other lives around me. So many folks passing on in this last year!! And thanks so much for the helpful tips to deal with the energies. Been reiki-ing and diffusing oils regularly but have neglected my crystals etc Much gratitude to you and also loving, healing thoughts and energy to you, dear one.

  6. This past year has been a financial draining for me and my son .I pray that the shift will not only help us financial but in finding carding individuals to become part of our future.Blessings to you for your guidance

  7. Thank you for your timely message. I can breathe and know I’m not alone! Ordered some oils for balancing, starting December 24- January 6 th. Looking for to the shift

  8. Thank you for this, I hadn’t thought of myself as an empath before, but here in the US the campaign and election have been brutal for me. Knowing this is the ending of an old cycle making its last stand gives me such hope for our future.

  9. thank you Nicole for all the Love and Light that you bring into this world. You are loved. Your posts over the last few days have been EXACTLY what I needed at EXACTLY the right moment. Thank you for shining a light in the darkness.

  10. Thank you Nicole!!! I thought I was going crazy, could ground myself nor shake being depressed and sick. Will start with your tips right away and I know I will be better by 2morrow. You have always shown us the light and we are so blessed to have you in our lives. Many blessings your way!!!

  11. Thank you Nicole <3 <3 oh yes… that 'oh so kind and loving… sweet, wise and well wishing feminine self… being manipulated again!!! Depression and that oh so ghastly feeling overtakes… I lie down licking my wounds… " oh why oh why do I respond this way… what's wrong with me!'

    The blessing of sleep, today my strength renewed. My ancient powerful self stands erect palm extended with force… in that ancient voice I know but seldom hear ' DO NOT play with me'

    Yes I too have 'known' for some time… that something in my ancestral line finishes with me. These many years of abuse, of being the victim. Of being 'nice', understanding and caring… swallowed by the romantic illusion; losing my strength… becoming the victim of deceipt.

    She stood tall this morning… this ancient sorceress… she gave her warning ~ 'I am NOT your plaything. Get your shit together!'

    But yep… it's all starts with me. A big sigh… being a woman during this age of Patriarchy.

    Lotsa Luv Nicole <3 <3 <3

  12. Dear Nicole, I found you by chance while making a search on Google and started to follow you and read your posts. I believe that the work you do is amazing, especially with all the health issues you have.

    It’s incredible how this post came in the right time. I am one of those people that strongly believes in the Good things of the world, that we should all try to evolve as a being and spread love everywhere.

    I’m not psychic but I can feel when people are not ok and people have a tendency to need my company when they’re feeling down. I always try to lift them up and make them laugh and during these last couple of years, I’ve been trying to protect myself more and sometimes have the need to be on my own to restore my balance.
    Also, as a firm believer that love is in all little things and that we really should pay more attention to us and what surrounds us, I’ve decided to change my life. I left the company I was working for and decided to try and live from my art and handmade creations. I truly believe this is my path in life, I feel it in my guts but on the other hand, even though I’ve been working hard, I still don’t earn enough.

    And ladt month, while I was trying to participate in my first market fair, I broke my leg which forced me to think if this was a sign that I was on the wrong path ….

    Now, with your last post, I got happier, maybe my intuition wasn’t that wrong 🙂

    Sorry for the long email….

    Loads of love from Portugal, Europe, and please keep on the amazing work you do. Xxx

  13. Thank you, Nicole! The info on positive ions was perfect and explains so much. When we have thunderstorms, negative ions are released, which is refreshing to the body. Now we’re experiencing the positive effect and resulting physical strain. Fortunately, I am retired and can pace out my “schedule”, adjusting when I need extra rest. And I can exercise daily… going on long walks in the neighborhood and nearby parks. I will share this article with my readers!

  14. This really resonated with me. Thank you so much. It’s been a hell of a year. Starting in Dec 2015, i my hub of 25 years told me he found his soulmate (only knew her a handful of weeks) and he deserted our family. So much cruelty. I had no idea, I really thought we were happy! I’ve been in hell, not knowing how to survive, but I found Reiki healing and a shamanic practitioner who helped put me back together and showed me how to transform my pain into light. Every day is a struggle but I see that this is an important journey to remove his toxic world and uplevel. I love your blog, thank you so much.

  15. Bless you Nicole, I have never felt so drained and have spent time trying to restore my energy, and understanding what is changing 🙂 Will work on re grounding with your advise. Much Love <3 <3 <3

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