The Compromise My Husband Makes To Honour Fairy Wishes

“Even though the bee is small, there she is on the flower, doing something of value. And the value she creates there contributes to a larger ecosystem of value, in that mountain meadow, in that range of mountains, in the world and even the universe. And can’t you just feel how happy she is?” 
Jay Ebben

A few years ago, during a channelling session at one of my Pop-Up Shop events my fairy friend Sokli spoke about the importance of bees – and how we could help to support them by planting blue, white, purple and yellow flowers. She also asked us to let our lawns go a bit wild, because clover and other flowering legumes and herbs supported so many bees, moths and insects, which in turn supported the lizards and frogs and birds, and so on in the web of life.

My husband Ben was there that night recording the session for me. A few days later, home at the farm, I watched him drive the ride-on mower erratically around the house garden. Why? He was doing what Sokli asked and avoiding all the clover patches.

I’m happy to report that we have a thriving bee population now, of many species. And lawns filled with buzzy clover patches.

Please spare a thought for our bee friends and avoid using chemicals on your lawns and gardens. It would be terrific if you could plant some bee-friendly plants in pots or in your garden beds, and help to create some small habitats that can support a healthier happier planet. Plus you’ll get the bonus of nature’s beauty!

And if you’d like to come to my next Pop-Up Shop Channelling event in November you can find out more about that here.

Much love to you, Nicole ❤ xx


13 thoughts on “The Compromise My Husband Makes To Honour Fairy Wishes

  1. Lovely and so caring. I wish we all did this.
    Let Sokli know we are on an insect attracting plant drive here at Forest of Friends.
    The other evening we went out on to the veranda simply to watch the insects at sunset.

  2. So 🌀 I’m not the only one leaving flowers and dandelions …. And when I really have to mow them (house inspection) I say I’m sorry the humans want things a certain way and it’s a rule (I don’t follow the rules if I can avoid the silly ones) 🌺⚡️🌺🌻🍀 I also warn the faeries I’m mowing and ask them to tell all the little creatures to move ⭐️⭐️⭐️💜

  3. Thank you for your lovely story about bees Nicole. Coincidentally I just watched the wonderful doco about bees, “More Than Honey” and would recommend it to anyone interested in learning about the importance of bees in our world. Eye opener.

  4. Thank you Nicole for sharing how we can support our bees, great post.💐
    Ben fantastic job👍
    Lots of Love Helen🐝🍯

  5. I too plant for the Bess (and us) and was watching a few having fun in my huge Borage plant. They also loved to visit my elderflower when it was flowering.

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