Do You Need To Step Away And Take A Break?

Is there a place you can go to break away for a little while? If you haven’t yet built your tree house, it’s never too late to start.

 Gina Greenlee

Hey, Lovelies.

I just want to check in with you.

You doing okay?

One of my favourite coping mechanisms is to take a break.

If it’s going to be a BIG day, and I may end up at my desk long into the night, I will try to get an early morning coffee date with my husband. I’ll sneak away into the garden at lunch time. Or I will take a ten minute cup of tea break and sit in silence. Little breaks, and breaks away from a person, place, or situation are good for topping up our tank and helping us stay as our best selves. (Cos we can all deteriorate into less great versions of ourselves when we don’t get enough breaks.

I’ll take a short trip to the shops, or meet a friend for lunch. I’ll pop in and visit the fam, or go next door for a cup of tea, or if it’s late in the day share a glass of wine and a chat.

I’ll go for a beach walk.

I might even hide out in my treetop bedroom,with a good book and my magical view of trees and birds and sky.

Once, a long time ago, staying in someone else’s house, I sat in a cupboard with the door pulled closed, and hanging clothes above me, with their clean scent of laundry. It was quiet and dark in there and it helped.

Need more than a short break?

Try this.

Whole days off. Unplugged. That’s good too.

Or maybe you need to lose yourself for days. Pack up, head off, unplug and forget about the real world and all your responsibilities for a while.

In all honestly, I have solved some of my biggest problems and had some of my most epic realisations or breakthroughs on a longer break. Maybe that is why they call them break-throughs!

I dare you. Take a break today.

And then, go wild, and have another one tomorrow.

Soon, as soon as you can manage it, disappear for a while. Let your heart have some space. let your mind quieten, let your Soul run free.

Love, coffee dates, sand between my toes and woodsmoke campfires, Nicole xx

PS – Don’t you just love that quote!

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