Are You Ever Slow To Take A Hint? I Might Be…


“Signs. Senses. Synchronicities. Connect the dots. Follow the breadcrumbs to your destiny.”
~Anthon St. Maarten

Hey, Lovelies.

I was having a Facebook Live chat with my Inner Circle members yesterday, discussing the energies of the month, and how it’s a great time to pull a card for yourself to help you see the bigger picture – the kinds of things you truly need to focus on right now that can have a positive impact on the way that the rest of your year, and perhaps even your life, might unfold.

Of course, I then demonstrated.

This is the card I pulled, (asking the question as I shuffled ‘What do I need to know about my life right now?’), from The Green Witch Tarot:

Okay, I got the message. It’s one I already know. I need to rest.

I know I need to rest more. I’m still recovering from a major flare of my cardiomyopathy. Things have gone a little haywire in my body. Also, I’ve been under a lot of stress. Yep, rest is good.

(And I’ll be honest now. This is a message I have gotten OFTEN over the past twenty years…)

I don’t know why, but as I was talking with my group I felt compelled to pull another card from a different deck about this same question of what I most need to know. I have plenty of decks on my desk right now, so that was an easy thing to do.

This time I chose a card from the Work Your Light deck:


Oh, yada yada! Alright, already!!!
I get it, okay? (Although secretly I was hoping for a card with a whole new message.)

Same message, slightly different perspective, and it refined the first card. Great. It was useful, for me, and as a teaching point.

Still, something urged me on. I chose another deck, shuffled and asked the same question again.

This card is from the Angels and Ancestors deck:

Seriously, can you hear my eyes rolling?

I mean…


Yep. This was getting quite repetitive. Three different decks. Same-same cards.

So, I tempted fate and drew one last card.
Here is my selection from the Nature’s Whispers deck:


I had to laugh.

Also, Universe, I received my message LOUD and CLEAR!

I know, I’ve been slow to take a hint. Slow to act.  But there’s no ignoring this.

I’ve already spoken with my team, and we’re keeping my return to work as a VERY slow and graded event so that I can maintain my rest.
How about you? What message have you been ignoring or resisting? Maybe it’s time to embrace the wisdom and do something about it. Just like I am! 😊

Love, a pile of books, a comfortable chair and some afternoon naps, Nicole xx


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