Find Your Flow Challenge – Week One


May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back, the way it is with children.
― Rainer Maria Rilke

Hello, Lovelies.


Welcome to Week One of our free Find Your Flow Challenge.

September is a month about finding your flow, a month of connecting into the Blessings and support of the Universe, and for connecting more deeply with yourself, your gifts, your hopes and dreams. This month also helps set us up for the stupendously creative energies of 2024.

This challenge has been designed to help you to find that flow, or at least the first glimmers of what that flow could be, because that will make all the difference for the coming year.

Every Tuesday in September (which may be Monday in your part of the world) I will post some simple activities that will help you get better aligned with the flow already inside you, and with the flow of the Universe. These will include meditations, and tasks with journaling and tarot or oracle cards, as well as a few more ‘witchy’ things.

Here’s what you’ll need for this challenge:

  • A journal. Choose one that feels right for you. (It’s also fine if you prefer to type into a device, but a special magic happens when you use pen and paper.)
  • Pens and pencils.
  • A crystal or stone to use as a gratitude and focus stone. (If you work with the Journeymaker’s Planner feel free to use your 2023 stone for this challenge!)
  • A deck of oracle or tarot cards.
  • A sense of adventure and a readiness to explore your inner world.

It will also help if you join our free Facebook Group for extra support and connection. (But yes, you can do this challenge without joining if Facebook isn’t your thing).

NB: A note on choosing oracle or tarot cards – choose cards whose pictures and messages are meaningful to you. Avoid cards such as tarot decks that show only coins or cups etc. Instead choose a deck whose imagery really speaks to you. It’s the pictures that matter. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to use them. I’ll be showing you.


Do you feel like you need more flow in your life? This week we have a range of activities to help us slow down, meet our own needs, and be more mindful.

Flow is a natural state that we are all capable of achieving. When we are in flow:

  • we can deeply engage with tasks
  • we are aligned with our authentic self and we use our talents and gifts
  • we experience a sense of calm and satisfaction
  • we have a natural sense of our next steps.

No-one is in a flow state 100% of the time, but being able to experience flow on a regular basis helps us to reach our potential and become a better version of ourselves.

A lack of flow can often be characterised by any of the following points. The more points you can identify in your life, the greater the lack of flow. How many sound like you right now?

  1. Lack of fulfillment: Feeling dissatisfied or unfulfilled with the current state of your life.
  2. Procrastination: Struggling to start or complete tasks, even if they are important or meaningful to you.
  3. Lack of focus: Difficulty concentrating or being present in the moment, often getting distracted easily.
  4. Exhaustion: Feeling depleted and constantly drained, both physically and mentally.
  5. Constant worry: Having a persistent feeling of anxiety or unease, regardless of the situation.
  6. Lack of inspiration: Finding it challenging to come up with new ideas or feeling uninspired in your pursuits.
  7. Dissatisfaction in relationships: Feeling disconnected or unsatisfied in your personal or professional relationships.
  8. Settling for less: Accepting mediocrity and not striving for personal growth or challenging goals.
  9. Time slipping away: Feeling like time is passing you by, and that you are running out of time – without achieving meaningful progress or milestones.
  10. Inconsistent decision-making: Struggling to make clear decisions, frequently second-guessing yourself or being completely unable to decide.
  11. Loss of passion: No longer feeling excited or enthusiastic about things that used to ignite your curiosity or interest.
  12. Disconnected from values: Acting in ways that oppose your core values, leading to a sense of internal conflict.
  13. Lack of balance: Feeling overwhelmed or imbalanced across different areas of your life, such as work, relationships, health, or personal growth.
  14. Chronic stress: Living in a constant state of stress, often due to the demands and pressures of your daily life.
  15. Lack of pleasure: Life is grey, or all hard work and no fun. You may even feel guilty taking time for yourself or doing what you love.

Don’t panic if you selected more than one from that list – many people are feeling physically exhausted and emotionally burned out after the past few years of turmoil! Work with me over the next four weeks to invite flow back into your life.

Activities For Week One

This week let’s create space for more flow in our lives. These activities will slowly ease you into a space where flow can begin to happen.

  1. Start by finding one window of 20 to 60 minutes of quiet time for yourself that is not work and where you don’t have to take care of anyone else’s needs. If you can’t get alone time at home take yourself out for a walk or a swim, go to a park or a cafe or anywhere that feels right for you. Spend this time just resting, relaxing, looking at nature, walking, swimming, sipping coffee… Stay off your devices. Let your body and mind recharge. Do this once in the next 7 days. Feel free to do more than once if that works for you.
  2. Do five things over this week that nurture you. Spend at least ten minutes each time on the activity, but thirty would be better. This could include a bath, making and eating a home-cooked meal, reading a book, getting a massage, dancing to your favourite songs, or spending time on a hobby. Pay attention here. If you are struggling to spend ten minutes on yourself don’t give yourself a hard time. Simply note your emotions. Then be kind to yourself, and remind yourself that it is possible to change, and that you can change.
  3. Create a simple altar to support you during the challenge. *Details below.
  4. Tune in to your body several times a day. Do this by stopping, putting your hands over your heart, closing your eyes and taking three slow breaths in and out. Then ask yourself how you feel, and pay attention to your body, your thoughts, and your emotions. Record any information in your journal or on your device. Be investigative. Don’t judge. Have compassion for yourself. Ideal times for this activity are on awakening, a few times during the day, and just before you go to sleep.
  5. Answer any or all of these journal questions:
    • I could make more time for myself by…
    • Things I could stop doing or say no to that would be good for me include…
    • Honestly, right now I’m feeling…
    • The biggest things worrying me are…
    • Even though it is hard to imagine now, I know that if I found my flow I could…
    • A time I remember being in flow is…
    • Activities that make me lose track of time in the best of ways include…
    • If I could do or be anything in the world, it would be…
    • A small thing I could do to make life easier for myself right now would be…
    • Areas where I am currently stuck include…
    • My wise self knows that to be happier I need…
    • My main time wasters are…
  6. Join our free Facebook Group for extra support and connection.

*How To Make A Simple Altar

Think of the areas where you are blocked, out of flow, and in need of Universal help. With that in mind, create a simple altar.

  1. Choose a private space: Find a flat surface in your home or outside that feels peaceful and won’t be disturbed. It can be a table, a shelf, a space inside a cupboard, a windowsill, a large stone or tree stump. Just go with what feels right for you.

  2. Select meaningful items: Gather items that hold significance to you and your spiritual practice. These might include crystals, statues, photographs, symbols, candles, incense, flowers, feathers, found objects, or anything else that resonates with your beliefs. Add personal touches that hold meaning to you. This can include keepsakes, mementos, or objects that remind you of loved ones, teachers, or spiritual figures who inspire you.

    You can also include written notes or lists of things you need help with, or that you want to manifest in your life. Consider the elements of water, wood, air, fire and earth too  – incorporate elements of nature into your altar, such as a bowl of water, a plant, or a representation of the earth. Including these elements can help create a harmonious and balanced energy.

  3. Set your intention: Before arranging your items, take a moment to set an intention for your altar that it support you on your journey to return to flow. Call in your Guides, Angels, Ancestors and Universal Energy, or whomever/whatever energies are right for you.

  4. Arrange your items: Creatively place your chosen items on the altar according to your own intuition. You can display them in a way that feels aesthetically pleasing to you or in a manner that holds symbolic meaning. Trust yourself!

  5. Maintain and update your altar: Regularly tend to your altar by keeping it clean and fresh. Respectfully interact with your altar by lighting candles, meditating in front of it, or offering prayers. Feel free to update and change the items on your altar as your spiritual journey towards flow evolves. You may want to pull a tarot or oracle card for the week, or daily, and leave it where you can see it and reflect on it. Note: Please never leave candles unattended, nor leave them burning if you are going to sleep.

There are no real rules when creating a spiritual altar. The most important aspect is its personal significance to you. Adapt these steps as needed and let your intuition guide you on your spiritual journey.

Thanks for joining me on this journey. Feel free to drop me a note in the comments or over on Facebook and let me know how you are going. I’m cheering you on! See you next Tuesday for our next lesson. Much love, Nicole xx

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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5 thoughts on “Find Your Flow Challenge – Week One

  1. I am not surprised by my reaction to the list of things affecting flow…only two I left out! Showing me just where I am…and how delighted I am to be able to do this ‘challenge’ with your amazing self. Thank you.

    1. Let’s work on reducing that list for you! This week, just focus on creating some space for yourself. And if you get a chance, check in on our Facebook group. I recorded a live video there this morning and will be in and out of the group all month with help and support xx

  2. As we say in québécois, C’est parti!
    Feeling excited, inspired, with a dash
    of relief…knowing that this is just what
    I needed at precisely the right time.
    Happy challenge to all!
    And to you, Nicole,
    all my LOVE xox

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