Dare to Love…

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Love. It’s what we all want.  It’s what we all need. I urge you – dare to love. It’s not hard to do – the act of loving is hard-wired into us.  All we need to do is be brave enough to open our hearts…

Open Your Heart - by Helen Green

Love is the greatest feeling in the world. Love is intoxicating, love is all-consuming, love is the greatest fuel for creativity and acts of kindness and compassion known to mankind. Love lights us up and lifts us up, and brings out the very best in us.  When we know love there is a strengthening inside us, a softening inside us, an opportunity to grow into more than we have ever been. We can thrive under the harshest of conditions.  We can bloom on barren ground.

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Love can be so wonderful, but it can also bring about the worst feelings in the world.  That doesn’t matter.  Choose love anyway.

People often forget, when they think about love, what real love entails.

Love hurts. In good ways and bad ways. But it still hurts. Real love endures.  And anything that endures will know many seasons.

We can know so much love and expansion that our heart aches, and our face hurts from perpetually smiling.

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We can feel sadness or loneliness if there begins to be a drift apart; whether that is the nature of the time in our lives, or a fork in the road. Many times the roads join up again, and we come back together refreshed and understanding more about ourselves, each other, and life.  The difficulties strengthen and deepen our love.

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Sometimes love leaves us in the most terrible of places. Cracked open and bleeding, hurting til we almost cannot see through the tears, or breathe through the pain. We get to a place where we don’t know how we’ll go on…

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And even in the presence of more pain, all caused by love, we do, eventually find our way from grief and despair…

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…back to a place of hope, and renewal, and we find that our hearts have expanded, even with their scars and holes and hurts.

We find that loving creates the capacity to love more.

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Dare to love. Dare to reach out. Let loving define you. Live from your heart in the most reckless and carefree of ways.  Despite the risk. Despite the inevitability of pain. Nothing will ever fill you up, or open you up, or give you more joy and satisfaction than love.

♥ Love is worth it.  You are worth it.  Choose love. ♥

Let your love for self, others and life illuminate our world.

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Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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24 thoughts on “Dare to Love…

  1. I just ♥♥♥♥♥♥ each and every snap, but a few are making me too emotional.
    We forget one thing and that is:
    Love is ALWAYS unconditional.It doesn’t even expect love in return, it doesn’t demand, nor does it depend upon achieving and conquering it.When we start to expect love in return, its just a reminder that we are not ready for love yet, because love doesn’t make promises of paying back.It puts you through trials and tribulations, tests, and a heart selfish for gaining love instead of giving it can never bear the pain these trials bring.Only those will become victorious who are selfless in love.Love teaches us patience, sometimes we have to wait, maybe wait forever till it comes to us, it also teaches us to sacrifice.Another name for love is probably ‘sacrifice’.
    God is the the greatest example of unconditional,& purest of love, because He created us with love, this whole universe with love, He loves us unconditionally, so much so that even when we are unthankful he blesses us with food, breath, sleep, shelter, clothing everyday.
    I believe nowadays people are desperate to love, just because they want to be loved.In the process, some are just fooling around with the word, and are flirting undercover.Some are only loving to find out it’s one-sided and then they cease to exist.There will be no pains in love if it’s UNCONDITIONAL…
    Oh no,i have written so much, nice topic!

    1. I’m happy you wrote so much, because what you had to say was valuable and wise. Love is an incredible teacher, and in an age of instant gratification and that sense of entitlement, we forget that love can be hard, that it is a journey, that it is a risk, and that it grows us over time. Thanks so much for sharing. Bless xx

  2. This is just beautiful. Can you imagine how empty life would be–meaningless–without love and all that goes with it? I wouldn’t miss the love journey for anything! xoxox

  3. Love is everything we need, everything I ever needed and was looking for. I lived all my life trying to feel the love of my mother. I did just before her death. That is what i wrote about on my Blog yesterday.
    About the pain that comes with love, I liked the fact that my face might hurt from smiling, as I always say I love so much that it hurts. Love is positive and if it hurts, its in a positive way. when love is associated with pain, we forget that our pain comes from losing love, from fear, and not from love itself.
    Love this post and love you Nicole. Thank you

  4. The first email I opened yesterday was a channelled posting about love, and now here are your beautiful words too just to ensure I get the message!
    I had recently been thinking that sometimes love just hurts too much. I have lost so many wonderful people that I loved and sometimes the pain is overwhelming, but on reflection, given the choice, would I choose not to have loved and been loved? Hell, no!
    For all the pain, the heartache, I wouldn’t have missed a minute of the joy that love brings.
    Another brilliant heart warming post, thank you so much xx

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