Five Australian Bush Flower Blessings for You

Gumnut Babies by May Gibbs

It’s Spring here in Australia, and the bush is filled with all manner of flowers.  Here are five different types that I came across during my recent road trip.  This morning I have channelled a message for each bloom, and I know that there is one that is just right for you!

All you have to do is scroll through the flower pictures, and choose the one that appeals to you the most.  When you’ve made your selection go down the page and look up the message that came with your flower.

Wishing you a magical day,

Love and Light, Nicole ♥ xx

Australian Purple Mint Bush
Red Grevillia
Pink Rice Flower
Flannel Flower

Each Australian Bush Flower has a message for you. I have also selected a crystal to best support the message and energies of your chosen flower.  You could wear or hold this crystal, pop it in your pocket, under your pillow or beside your bed. (If you’d like to know more about working with crystals click here) The Power Word is a word to remind yourself of the quality you most need and that you are strongly attracting right now.  You can turn it into your own personal mantra by saying “I choose ___________ ” (insert your Power Word). Your Natural Blessing is a place or activity you’ll find supportive and healing.

 Purple Bush Mint – Emotional and Spiritual Recovery. You are moving to the end of a difficult time, and now you must allow yourself some breathing space to come into a higher vibration.  You are well supported energetically.  Things will continue to improve.  You are making good decisions.  All is well.  ♥ Best Crystal – Charoite  ♥ Power Word – SAFETY  ♥ Natural Blessing – Breath Work.  Use your breath to calm and centre you, closing your eyes or sitting in natural and focusing on your breath as you breathe in and out, until your breathing becomes slow and calm, and you feel stronger and more balanced again.

♥ Hibbertia – Self Acceptance. Self improvement is fine, but sometimes what we need is to love ourselves right now, just as we are.  You become so critical of yourself, and demanding of yourself at times.  Hibbertia is encouraging you to be gentle and kind as you walk through life, especially with yourself. Look for the activities, people and places that uplift and support you, and that make you smile.  Include more of that energy in your life ♥ Best Crystal – CITRINE  ♥ Power Word – LOVE  ♥ Natural Blessing – Sunshine, space and freedom.  Get away from the hustle and bustle for a while. Try a walk on the beach, an aromatherapy massage, a swim in the ocean, or anywhere that has a feeling of space and calm.

♥ Red Grevillia – Inner Flame. You have a powerhouse of ideas, sensuality, and magnetic energy within you.  It’s time to reclaim your inner power and shine more brightly in the world.  Enjoy having a physical body.  Re-awaken your senses. Rediscover the magic within you, and your natural joy and enthusiasm.  ♥ Best Crystal – CARNELIAN  ♥ Power Word – PASSION  ♥ Natural Blessing – Movement. Get that body moving! Try dancing, a visit to the gym, yoga, walking, surfing or making love.

♥ Pink Rice Flower – Ready for Love. Pink Rice Flower celebrates connection to all, and the energy of an open, gentle and loving heart.  It usually heralds deeper emotional connection with self, as well as romantic partners.  If you are single, it is often a sign that love is on its way! If you are happy as you are, it invites special friendships or the love of a precious pet  ♥ Best Crystal – ROSE QUARTZ  ♥ Power Word – HARMONY  ♥ Natural Blessing – Heart Connection and Gratitude.  Hugs are healing.  So is time spent with friends and loved ones, or in places that make your heart sing. Don’t forget the love of animals, and the joy that comes from wild places too.

 Flannel Flower –  Spiritual and Psychic Connection There is a new sensitivity expanding within you. Trust that you are being well Guided, and that there is spiritual energy and connection opportunities all around.  Pay attention to your dreams, and live with a sense of awareness.  Cultivate a child-like sense of wonder and emotional openness.  A beautiful time is dawning in your life. ♥ Best Crystal – Selenite ♥ Power Word – CONNECTION  ♥ Natural Blessing – Moonlight, Starlight and the Night Sky  Look up at the stars, go a for a walk after dinner, eat supper at a sidewalk cafe where you can be outside under the sky, keep the curtains open so that the moonlight and starlight shine into your bedroom.  If you live in the city, plan a trip to the countryside where you can feel the space of the wide night sky above you.

Gumnut Babies in Wattle Outfits by May Gibbs
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26 thoughts on “Five Australian Bush Flower Blessings for You

  1. It never ceases to amaze me the gift that you have and how accurately you call things! Red Gravillia is DEFINITELY my flower – as soon as I saw it I knew. And the words that went along with this – about the creative powerhouse and the magnetic energy – its so how I feel at the moment. I even pulled a card yesterday that was all about the magnetic energy around me!! And the matching carnelian – well what a match made in heaven. My body is just buzzing with a passion for life. Thank you Nicole for sharing your gifts with us.

  2. All your blogs seem to strike such a cord with me Nicole but none as much as this one. I have such strong, happy, wonderful memories of reading the gum nut babies by May Gibbs as a child. To the extent that I use them here in France where I teach english at my daughters local school. The french kids love them and tell me how “exotic” they think Australia is and how happy they are when I read these books. Beyond adorable.

    As always, your writings for today have such a perfect, serendipitous almost, timing.

    Thanking you from across the miles.

  3. hibbertia…and it was RiGHT on! thanks. 🙂 This is THE issue I am dealing with for some time due to many health issues which frustrate me terribly. Have received many similar messages over the past couple of months, and this just strengthens my continued efforts to both flow with the now with acceptance but also learn from the issue and move past it in the best possible way for my Higher Good
    much love light and JOY

    1. thanks! things have been “fixed” in ways I could never imagine but that is how it always works if we remember (finally), to surrender. 🙂
      much love light and JOY

  4. Those gumnut babies are very cute! As always with these flower posts I have trouble deciding which I like best because they’re all so beautiful. Red Grevillia just edged it though, what a stunning flower, thank you for the message.xo

    1. I came back to pick a 3rd, one that stood out this morning was also the mint bush! also extremely apt, I feel such a goose when emotional at work. Cheers and thanks again

  5. Thank you Nicole. I’m off to a Bushflower and Astrology course in about two hours so very timely for me today – my message was just what I needed to hear too. Great to hear that your are feeling so much better after your road trip. Lots of love to you. Wendy xxx

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