Coffee Trumps Blogging

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“Are you ready?” Klaus asked finally.
“No,” Sunny answered.
“Me neither,” Violet said, “but if we wait until we’re ready we’ll be waiting for the rest of our lives, Let’s go.”
~ Lemony Snicket


Cafe Dog has had a hard time of it lately.

While I’ve been feeling so poorly there have been no cafe outings. None at all.

I’ve had a string of terrible days, with misery heaped upon misery. Infections. Drugs. Drugs that caused lyme herxing. More misery. Insomnia.

But last night I slept well. I mean really well. And Cafe Dog knew it.

He was bent over me this morning, waiting for me to wake up.

As soon as I cracked an eyelid open he began his happy dance.

“No, mate, we’re not going to the cafe today,” Ben said.

“Yes we are,” I said, getting out of bed. “It’s now or never!”

So I got up and dressed (in clothes closely resembling pyjamas but with a stylish jacket over the top!), and we now seated at our favourite table at our favourite breakfast cafe. The pain is manageable because all my fabulous drugs are doing a great job. I get to have a decent coffee, and Harry gets to say hello to all of his adoring fans. I get to write my blog from my travel laptop as I sip my latte. It’s a mental health win for us all.


7 thoughts on “Coffee Trumps Blogging

  1. Hard days and nights Nicole – but you found the ray of sunshine all the same. It takes guts to be unwell – who knew a champion lived in the girl at the coffee shop with the “pyjama” outfit.
    Cheers Sue Girl

  2. I’m so sorry Nicole. Herxing is a double edged sword; it’s a horrible experience but you know you’re giving them a run for their money. It’s evidence that something is working. Thinking of you. Xx

  3. Pleased you slept well last night. … And how nice to go out for a coffee and be ‘normal’ – whatever that means 😜 Xxxx

  4. But I don’t like coffee, so doesn’t trump it for me although hot coffee thrown at Trump would be cool and mean but mostly cool unless you like Trump or even worse if you are Trump I am sure he wouldn’t like hot coffee thrown at him just a thought though

  5. Hooray for the Warrior Princess – aka The Queen of Heart. Sending you love. Thrilled you got to the cafe! Sending love xoxoxoxo

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