Dear Empaths and Intuitives, Go Gently Right Now!

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“Sometimes I think,
I need a spare heart to feel
all the things I feel.”
~ Sanober Khan


Hello, lovely friends.

Empaths and intuitives everywhere will be feeling more tired and emotionally open (read fragile, emotionally hypersensitive, exhausted and possibly moody or broken) right now.

It’s not your fault. There’s nothing wrong with you. You’re just born more energetically sensitive than most. And there are factors at play which are ramping up those sensitivities more than usual.

The earth is currently experiencing high solar winds, seismic activity and solar flares. This bombards the earth with positive ions, making it hard for us to ground. The earth’s crust temporarily holds a positive charge rather than a negative one. This is a big deal for sensitive people.

Part of the way that intuitives, sensitives and empaths process information is through the aura (the energy field that sits around your body). You actually bring the emotional and thought-form energy projections of others right into your personal space in the form of positive ions emitted by the other person’s intellectual and emotional processes. Some of this is conscious as you ‘invite’ people to be close and share with you. Some of it is unconscious.

When we’re tired it becomes a more serious problem because we become more ‘open’ and can unwittingly be bombarded by the energies of others.

Usually we can ground into the negative crust of the earth and the build-up of positive ions is then discharged, but with all of the current solar flare activity this is impossible. Without the ability to clear these energies easily we end up processing them as if they were our own – usually during sleep. So then we wake up exhausted after having been hard at work all night!

On top of all of this we are also travelling through the tail-end of the Ursid meteor shower, and those energies will peak today. This meteor shower might not look very impressive in the sky, but microscopic particles of meteor debris are impacting the earth and will be for the next few weeks.

Meteor showers and dust ramp up psychic and emotional sensitivities in humans and animals. It’s a bit like how a sudden cold wind will raise goosebumps on your skin – meteor dust with its unusual electrical charge seems to raise the ‘psychic antennae’ in us. Petrified wood, jaspers, carnelians and hematite will all help to calm that energy down, and placing them in your pets’ bedding or water bowls will also help. You can also wear or hold black tourmaline or turquoise.

Lavender, cedarwood and frankincense essential oils will calm your limbic system and help you feel more calm and settled.

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Of course, it’s also Christmas, a time when we are expected to be more social and to mix with family and friends who might trigger us at the best of times…

What to do?

Put yourself first. Tune in and see what your energy level and coping ability is like before committing to invitations and obligations.

Rest. Withdraw. Go quietly. Surround yourself with people who support you or don’t demand from you. Know that it’s okay to say no.

Avoid noisy and crowded spaces if you are already feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. No choice but to be in that space? Wear or carry a supportive crystal to help shield your aura – choose intuitively from your own collection or pick from amethyst, smoky quartz, lepidolite, black tourmaline, carnelian, sugilite hematite, pearls, turquoise, tiger eye and larimar.

Know that it’s okay to honour your own needs. Come home when you need to. Move into a quieter space or another room if you need to.

Manage sensitive kids and teenagers with awareness for their sensitivities right now. Help them to make sound choices around their sensitivities and listen to them when they say they can’t do something or can’t go somewhere. Support them and support yourself.


There are some blessings with the current energies. It’s a great time for all forms of planning, self-awareness, creative work, meditation and spiritual connection. Use your hypersensitivity in positive ways and see it for the gift that it is.

This is a little video I recorded earlier this week. Perhaps you’ll find that helpful too.

Thinking of you and sending so much love, Nicole <3 xoxo

Hi! I'm Nicole Cody. I am a writer, psychic, metaphysical teacher and organic farmer. I love to read, cook, walk on the beach, dance in the rain and grow things. Sometimes, to entertain my cows, I dance in my gumboots. Gumboot dancing is very under-rated.
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16 thoughts on “Dear Empaths and Intuitives, Go Gently Right Now!

  1. Wow! Reassuring to know that other people have been feeling this as well. I didn’t know about the positive ions but I have certainly felt it! I too have been challenged and have felt the need to be quietly at home and rest. I have also felt the need to use Lavender and tigers eye. I guess the good news is that it is a sign that things are happening and all these wonderful changes are imminent. And at least we do have some idea what is happening and why and that does help. Hang in there everybody, keep calm and know that it is darkest before the dawn!

  2. What a great message, I usually try to listen to my heart and body and follow what it needs that said putting myself first isn’t something that comes easy for me, as you may know I am a giver and find it hard to say no to my family

  3. Bless you Nicole for explaining this to us in a way that reassures us that there is a logical reason behind our feelings. Both my son and I are aware that we are empaths but lately we have been struggling to cope with the things that we can normally deal with. My son is sensitive to the Earth and her inhabitants and he has been suffering so much lately that he barely wants to leave the house. As for me I have been experiencing so many feelings and tears that I know are not my own. Normally we have been able to shield from or shed these energies relatively easy but lately we have found our usual techniques have not been as affective. Guess we just have to ride it out as best as we can (with your helpful advise) until January 3, 2017. Love and Light Janine

  4. I feel everything you said I am so hypersensitive right now I can barely stand it like constant tingling all over my body . My own daughter turned on me yesterday and told me I was a bad grandmother because I have migraines every day and I don’t babysit enough. I live in severe pain every day of my life and right before Christmas she adds to my suffering. Sorry for sharing my personal problems but maybe what you said is influencing this bad situation. My grandchildren love me and I love them I can’t blame myself for being sick. Thanks Nicole I swear this website keeps me alive and hopeful .
    love and best wishes for the Holiday,

  5. You are so beautiful, Nicole… thank you! It’s 11:20 pm here in Montréal, and I just watched your video after a long day of errands and shopping for Christmas presents… and O How Soothing it was to see you, to be in your energy, to listen to your loving, calming voice. I’ll be going to bed now, mesmerized 🙂 Sending you LOVE xox

  6. Thank you Nicole. Much love back to you. We haven’t met but after reading your blogs for at least a year now, I feel I know you a little. I certainly feel your kindness and generosity. Blessings to you and your loved ones.

  7. Thank you SO much for sharing this. Have been feeling it, lack of sleep, pins and needles, body aches, feeling restless and unsettled but not sure why… like being hungry and not knowing what to eat… All makes sense xxx

  8. Thank you, Nicole. Really feeling this. I woke up this morning Knowing I needed to take a salt scrub bath. This helped tremendously. Another unusual thing is that for the past few nights I have been having nightmares. Real terror in my dreams. I rarely ever have fear in my dream time. Somehow I am very calm though, even peaceful. Mostly I feel relief that the actual shifting is taking place, finally and so there is a sense of pressure release. Lots of love and light to all, and yes to our selves. ♡

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