New Moon Manifesting Ritual For December 2020

All journeys meet crossroads. Where the river ends, the ocean begins. We must have the courage to embark on these journeys, to choose our paths, and to let go of the boat once we are across the river.

Thomas Lloyd Qualls

Hey, Lovelies!
Today we are under the influence of the New Moon in Sagittarius and the total Solar Eclipse. These gentle energies invite you to feel life fully, to live deeply and from your heart, and to let the world around you be a source of beauty, wonder and replenishment.

This moon also invites you to go deeper into your truth, and to acknowledge the yearnings of your heart. There is always a Knowing within you, and this New Moon and Eclipse will help you to tap into that knowing. This energy will be around you for the next five days, giving you plenty of time to use these energies to replenish your inner peace, sense of direction, and to connect you to a positive dream for your future self.

It’s a wonderful energy for journeying into the future, and for restoring you in your current space.

Journal Activity

Some time today, or in the next five days, take your journal and write a letter to the Universe outlining what you intend to leave behind in the past.

After the difficult and clarifying year that 2020 has been, allow yourself the time to really feel into this activity. What is it that you are ready to let go? This could be behaviours, attitudes, situations, relationships or any other thing that weighs you down or makes you feel bad within yourself. Start with the words ‘I now release…’ and then add your list. When your letter to the Universe is finished sign it with the words ‘And it is so’. Then sign your name and add the date.

Begin again on a new page.

Sit in reflection, and then write down what you want to have, create or do, especially those things where you have previously been blocked by fear or insecurity. This is a powerful activity for manifesting as we move towards 2021.

Words that can be useful to help strengthen that state of creating or manifesting include the action words: claim, invoke, manifest, intend, believe, draw to me, welcome into my life, create, become, do, transform, embrace, love, adore, cherish, make, construct, transform.

Write a second letter to the Universe, beginning with the words, ‘As I step into my Future Self I desire to draw to me…’

Then list the things you wish to have, create, do or be. Be as broad or specific as feels right for you. Conclude your letter with the words. ‘I claim this and more, for my Highest Good. And it is so.’ Then sign your name and date it.

Keep your pages somewhere safe, although there is no need to read them again unless you are drawn to do so. If it feels right you can also burn the letters to release their energy to the Universe.

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